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The year of 20120 is still a year of rapid changes and transformation and upgrading of China’s textile and garment industry. The relocation of urban capacity expansion production base, small single fast anti-flexible production, channel optimization and supply chain upgrading, e-commerce live broadcast, and the development of garment enterprises in the park have become the core keywords of the industry.

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In an era of openness and diversification, the only constant is change. China’s garment industry is now standing at a new crossroads, thinking about what to do next: the next decade is particularly critical for the large front end of the garment supply chain and the production enterprises.

“Want to settle down, don’t move like a migratory bird.”

What is his expectation for the next decade? After much deliberation, Lao Wang, a clothing manufacturer from Hangzhou Qiao Si, has only one word — as long as it is stable.

Moved three times in five years, Joe company locate in hangzhou, now will soon face to move again, wang said now is a first two big: “big down the whole city, such as environmental policy requirements, result in factory always move passively, rent, rent the east side to the west because of unstable, workers do not leave, leading to human, rent, operating costs than a badly, really too much!”

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Stable root to form scale, service agglomeration and cost reduction are the most fundamental needs of almost all clothing enterprises.

In the past few years, some people simply moved to Southeast Asia, but now it is not the best solution. Instead, they are faced with problems such as backward development model, lack of industrial support and poor environmental atmosphere.

Now with the gradual improvement of urban construction, a large number of garment and fabric enterprises in Hangzhou, Keqiao and other places are more willing to choose Zhuji, Haining, such as the city of Ronghang, close to the core city, mature supply chain, all kinds of supporting facilities.

At present, nearly 5000 garment factories have gathered around Haining Xucun, and Zhuji Fengqiao has also become a destination for more and more garment enterprises to relocate and gather with mature industrial precipitation and supporting facilities.

“We have to adapt to market demand and take more orders.”

“Factories are no longer crossing their legs waiting for the big orders to come to them and picking and choosing;

Some are sold off the line, while others are sold on the line. The assembly line has to be timed by the minute, and the delivery is required to be fast and efficient. How to change the mode to adapt to this pace and make more profits is a difficult problem facing us.”

Some people simply understand that flexibility means that if it sells well, it will produce more, and if it doesn’t sell well, it will produce less, which is relatively one-sided.

Flexibility is actually the inclusion of orders, 50 pieces or 1000 pieces, as long as you want, order can be done, and do it quickly and well, demand and supply match, production and sales harmony.

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It would be fatal if manufacturers continued to churn out large quantities in the same way as they did in the past.

In the new era, garment factories must boldly overcome the obstacles of small orders and urgent orders and enhance the timeliness of supply chain so as to have a long-term development.

Since to achieve flexible fast reaction, it must be inseparable from the support of a strong supply chain, raw material supply – design and development – trade sales – logistics distribution and other links of cooperation is indispensable.

In this regard, the garment industrial park with resource integration, high verticality, strong business performance and professional operation team has become the most popular garment project at present.

“It is an irresistible trend for garment enterprises to enter the park”

As the largest emerging garment cluster park in the Yangtze River Delta, Zhejiang Fengqiao Hangpai Garment Industrial Park, covering an area of 2,600 mu, provides the best platform for many garment factories to step into the next decade.

In the case of scarce land resources, this project has become an aircraft carrier-class garment industry town with large scale, convenient transportation and concentrated industrial supporting facilities in the Yangtze River Delta, which is unique in all aspects.

“Upstairs is the tailored clothing factory, downstairs is the store exhibition hall, there is a rich supply of raw materials at the door, surrounding washing and dyeing, e-commerce live streaming, logistics, warehousing, financial loans and other services are complete, within five minutes to reach the boutique staff dormitory, you can experience the life of eating, drinking and playing.”

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As a highly comprehensive, highly professional and highly efficient garment industrial park, the project will not only rely on the leading product planning, but also rely on the endorsement of the government and the power of the supply chain to provide a variety of business support and preferential environment for enterprises entering the park, so as to realize the ecological integration of production, supply, sales and service and help merchants to do business.

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Send dress maple bridge in zhejiang province hangzhou industrial park, vice chairman of the HongWei added that the move is the most important step in place, gathering cost reduction, brands in the future, business, service providers, designers and other textiles face will gather in the park, enterprise need not run around as much as in the past, also need not worry about don’t get the order, can not find workers, earn profits, to ensure long-term, stable and sustainable development.
“This kind of industrial park, not hot just strange”, Hong always confident way.


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