Coats Can Make You Look Like A Star

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How to become a star? Or at least look like one? With a charming personality, cute face, and fashionable clothes, the new generation idol Zhou Zhennan amass a huge fan circle. And the teen star really has good taste in style as he looks chic in a gray coat over a black ensemble. And the black and white plaid coat with heart-shaped sunglasses shows an avant-garde style.

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Another star who has a large fan base is Wang Yibo. He recently donned different kinds of coats, and each look makes him more handsome. The combination of corduroy coats and retro outfits shows a unique style.

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You see, everyone can look like a celebrity with a coat. As one of the most classic fashion items in men’s wear, coats provide masculine appeal with its simple design, classic details, and crisp shape.

1. The rebellious young generation

For young men who want a modern street style, expensive coats are unnecessary. Simple coats will do. One should just add a personal touch, perhaps like the model in the picture. A baseball cap and a big scarf are all he needs to achieve fashionable men’s wear.

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Avoid knee-length coats if you want to look taller. Overlong coats not only make you look shorter, but moving can also be difficult.

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Indeed, short coats are wise men’s wear choice. Because of the length, it’s easy to move around. This outfit makes you look chic and still keeps you warm. If you think that coats in solid color is too dull, you can opt for vertical print stripes or woven fabric. This attire provides fashion and substance as it can also make you look taller.

Regarding the “ronin fashion” collection, this style is fascinated by the British new romanticism of men’s wear brand. We do not sell a so-called lifestyle. We just want to make clothes for men. The whole collection of clothing is described to be rebellious, fashionable with a youthful attitude. The brand provides a new generation of consumers with the choice of loose clothing.

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2. Calm and confident men

For adult men, commuting to work and going to meetings and business trips is a part of life. If the weather is cloudy, rainy, windy, or there’s a sudden cold, an overcoat over an expensive three-piece suit is the best men’s wear solution. Of course, you can also use long coats instead of a blazer and fold it directly out.

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Although honey color has become popular, stone color is still the classic color for coats. However, the light color has become less common. The newest designs of coats now come in gray, black, deep blue, green, which are all easy to match with suits.

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Of course, if you’re tired of woven fabrics, an all-leather coat is also a good choice. Or you can add a leather jacket underneath your coat for a more impressive style.

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Men in the urban area usually favor wool and cashmere coats. Other men look for a design that is people and nature-oriented. Since one can express himself with what he wears, consumers who look for fine craftsmanship seek the harmonious coexistence between clothing, humanity, and nature. To them, the clothes’ aesthetics depends on texture, simplicity, and nature. It highlights the fashion taste of men’s relaxed and carefree character.

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For the autumn and winter seasons, the coats are the indispensable fashion item in each man’s wardrobe. In terms of fabrics, colors, and designs, what do modern men seek from the coats? What kind of coats should men of different ages wear? Find the answer at the Shanghai International Men’s Fashion Fair. They offer various men’s wear, from the most classic style to the latest trend.


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