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More and more outdoor clothing brands have gone social.
For instance, REI closes its doors on Black Friday and urges consumers not to indulge in shopping.
The North Face’s “Walls Are for Climbing” campaign, on the other hand, is against the growing restrictions. They also oppose the deportations of immigrants in our society.

Propagandas such as “stay away from the crowd” and “scale great heights” have declined. We should instead no longer stay away from social topics. In line with this, outdoor clothing brands have established a closer personal connection with the public. They now revealed their desire to join the public’s daily awareness.

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In fact, there are now more requests for everyday functional outdoor clothing. From mountaineering, skiing to hiking, and other professional sports, the people engaged in these activities need clothes that provide both function and style. And it is something ordinary clothes can not give.

From Functional Underwear to Tough Outerwear

The standardization of functional outdoor clothing does not mean compromising the quality. However, clothes manufacturers do careful research, develop and adjust to ensure they meet the demands of consumers.

As the main source of producing functional clothing, manufacturers rely on scientific research. Compared with past products, today’s companies pay more attention to using raw materials. One of these is fiber, which makes a product more flexible and more durable.

Shanghai Fumao clothing Co., LTD. is a firm that offers the production of clothing materials, from underwear to outerwear. As they have accommodated the demands for more functional clothing, their firm now specializes in outdoor clothing and activewear. “Originally, the request is for the creation of underwear. Coats and underwear use different materials. Since underwear is worn on the skin, we use elastic, soft materials to keep someone warm or fresh. We are trying hard to create functional underwear products. We have developed comfortable articles of clothing with added benefits. The firm’s output value reached 10 million products this year,” Elaine Zhou, sales director of Shanghai Fumao Clothing Co., Ltd., said.

Fumao Clothing started with producing thermal underwear. In 2016, the company began to develop functional underwear products. These products have the following features: they provide warmth, absorb sweat, can cool off the body, and quick dry. In 2018, the company developed all-in-one comfortable wear. From the innovative production of underwear and outerwear, the company has developed functional activewear.
The firm is also involved in the whole process of clothes production. This includes yarn selection, fabric research and development, dyeing and finishing, product design, and garment sewing. The company is committed to synergistic research and development. They thrive to provide functional underwear and outerwear.

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Recognizing everyone’s needs

Elaine said, “There are a lot of sports casual pants with blank appearance, and they don’t meet the need for easy movement, nor they are comfortable to the skin. Considering these shortcomings, Fumao designed and launched our version of quick-dry pants.”
Men’s usual quick-dry pants are “one trouser with one material.” However, each consumer has different functional requirements for the front and back parts of pants.
For example, a man may sweat more whatever he does. Afterward, sweat stains will be visible. So pants with fast-drying material are what he needs. The fabric should be wrinkle-proof, stay crisp, absorb sweat quickly, and non-sticky. Hence, his needs for functional wear are met.

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In addition, to come up with lingerie made of soft fabric without restrictions, Fumao Clothing has launched a “hard outside soft inside” close-fitting T-shirt. With the selected yarn and design, they have created a stylish and comfortable product to wear. As the company employs experts in clothing technology, the possibilities of creating more innovative products in the future are endless. Fumao will continue to expand the research and development of functional outdoor clothing. And by 2020, it will form a product pattern adhering to the “all-in-one” feature.

Fabric development follows the “user’s thinking” concept

“When technology meets fashion,” it happens in “modern lives.” As clothes manufacturers acknowledge “outdoor thinking,” consumers are given a better clothing experience. “The boundary between outdoor sports and urban daily life is no longer visible. The combination of functionality and design is present. An outdoor clothing functional product must meet all the needs of consumers. Whether it is for indoor or outdoor wear, day or night use, sunny or rainy days needs, the all-weather product concept of elegant textile now exists,” Fang Jiayan, marketing director of Fumao Clothing Co., Ltd., said. She added that the company had been committed to “Design your fabric. Design your all-weather.”

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In addition to product breakthroughs, there should also be cooperation in the pursuit of industry development.
“Since the transitional period, we will often hear that industrial chain in each link in the business is not good. We rely on the information asymmetry in the initial period of development to achieve the firm’s profit. As we aspire to obtain sustainable development, there’s a need to break the barrier of information and technology. Make the good upstream technology eventually become a consumer product by letting the consumer demands be known to the upstream r&d.”
“Fortunately, years of OEM experience has laid a good technical foundation for the entire Chinese outdoor clothing industry chain,” Fang said.

Developing innovative materials

In 2012, our company established the “Borderless Cooperation Organization. “Since then, we have committed to breaking the industry boundaries, forming a closed ecological loop around the needs of products and users, and enabling the effective implementation of good technologies.
Iwarm® was born with this in mind. It combines new materials such as carbon nanotube film, electronic components, procedural algorithms, textile materials, clothing design, and production in a body. Finally, it becomes one after another fashionable, intelligent temperature control outdoor clothing.

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Now outdoor clothing manufacturers want to win the market. But they also need to know what the users are thinking. Hence, they will produce products that suit the users the best.
Our company has a patent fabric T8®. It is a special polyester fabric that does not contain spandex. Its own fully rolled special fiber structure can bring high elasticity, cotton feel, full color, and fast-drying function. Our research and development process fully shows we give attention to the way “users are thinking.”

Our company constantly think of ways to bring the clothes that are comfortable to the feeling. As such, our clothes offer a degree of range at the same time. The technology uses the traditional polyamide containing spandex fabrics and polyester fabrics targeting problems. “We are in the process of materials research and development. We visualize what type of clothes you want. Hence, our clothes are suitable with integrated function as we ultimately promote T8 ® fabrics in garment form.”

Fang Jiayan said, “Today, we are still iterating and extending the T8® fabric series according to user needs.
We are very pleased to see that the T8® has generated a wave of enthusiasm and other similar products have started to be introduced on the market, which proves that this is a product that meets the market demand.”

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Outdoor style infiltrates everyday life

Many consumers know that functional outdoor clothing is not the first choice of daily purchase. They believe that they only need these essentials only under certain circumstances.
In fact, functional outdoor clothing has already “moistened things silently” into daily life. Uniqlo, a favorite brand, is a super brand that uses outdoor clothing functions for civilian use.

In Korea, outdoor clothing has already emerged as a trend even in daily wear.
“Outdoor clothing brands are gradually moving into everyday sports and will grow in tandem with urban casual apparel in the future,” says Kim Do-Yeon, president of Hue Design Studio (HDS).

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“Take The North Face as an example. In recent years, The North Face’s products have become significantly more casual and vibrant. In addition to the development of functional fabrics, these outdoor clothing brands are also more focused on fashion and style. They are into the development of more aesthetic sewing techniques, etc.” At the same time, there are also more youthful men’s wear and sportswear brands that favor functional outdoor clothing and seek collective evolution with outdoor clothing companies to tap into new demand.”

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HDS is just such a company. With over ten years of development experience, it is now a top functional and everyday professional outdoor clothing supplier.
“We have many years of experience in the production of outdoor wear and golf wear. Our production base is mainly in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries with a tariff reduction policy. And in terms of quality and price, it has strong competitiveness,” he added.

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Business Director at Shanghai Fumao Clothing Co.,LTD

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