During the busy daily production process, we keep track of everything from the production of fabrics, printing, and embroidery, to the sewing process of the garments and the shipping process of the finished garments.

Orders for garment processing come in droves, and since the fabric is the basis of garments, it must be prepared well in advance.

In the production of waterproof fabrics for waterproof jackets

Processing of cuffs

Many factories in Southeast Asia have received many orders from American customers with our samples.

Rush production of down undershirts for US customers.

Fabrics are in place and a new garment order begins to be prepared for fabric cutting.

Orders for down jackets are coming online for production

In fabric dyeing, take a tour of the dyeing workshop

New children’s clothing fabric, customers who need it can contact us

It’s late at night and the jeans are still in production

Women’s skirts in production

We went to the workshop after lunch. At present, there is spare capacity, so customers who have orders can confirm orders with us as early as possible to seize the capacity.

Visiting the garment processing equipment exhibition to update some of the equipment in our factory.

The new fabric printing and dyeing workshop equipment installation is completed and is in the process of equipment commissioning.

The Latest Dresses

Immediately after receiving an order from a customer to make a sample garment, our colleagues in the sales department spend a lot of time going to the fabric sample warehouse to select a fabric that meets the customer’s requirements (if we can’t find one, we will make a custom fabric).

On weekends there are many young people with dreams of learning how to make a pattern to make a sample garment.

Our sewers can complete the process with one hand and eyes closed

Automatic sewing of kangaroo pockets for hoodies

Take a look at our latest baby diamond plaid fabric, which is soft and comfortable and suitable for making all kinds of baby clothes. We welcome new and old customers to ask for sample fabrics.

New fabric, suitable for making women’s tops or jackets

Rearranged one of the sample rooms, the effect is much better than before

Samples of children’s clothing developed with the latest printed fabrics

The most popular new fall fabric this year: is air layer fabric. The style is three-dimensional, and the twisted stripes are clear and comfortable to touch. Suitable for sweatpants, casual suits, wide-legged pants, etc.

New fabric for fall and winter, suitable for children’s wear, wide-legged pants, and dresses.

Daily records of garment production

Do you know how beautiful lace dresses are made?

In China’s garment manufacturing industry, automated equipment is already very common. However, it is still a novelty for foreign customers when it is displayed at exhibitions.

We are developing jacquard fabrics for spring and autumn sweatshirts.

The dyeing workshop was shut down for a few days due to environmental inspection, so now we have to hurry up and dye the fabric for our American customer’s garment order as soon as possible, hoping to make up for the delayed delivery date. Once again, we say sorry to our customers.

Fabric warehouse of our garment factory

Automated sewing machines that are only used for high-end casual pants and jeans

Yesterday, we shipped 4 containers to the U.S. in one day and worked from morning to night.

In addition to being able to process various styles of garments for you, we can also supply you with various styles of fabrics. We provide you with a one-stop service from making sample garments – producing fabric – printing – embroidery – purchasing accessories – producing garments – inspection – packing – shipping – customs clearance – shipping to your warehouse.

Large embroidery machine

Installing a back pocket to jeans, 15 seconds to complete a pocket.

Is there a buyer or designer who likes the effect of this print? Contact us.

The production process of seamless sweatpants

Production of a batch of fabrics for an African customer

Yoga pants cutting sheet processing

To receive a variety of clothing processing orders, we need to be equipped with a variety of machines.

Today, we will first inspect the embroidery workshop

Children’s thermal underwear fabric production in progress, after which cutting begins.

Digital reactive printing technology

Digital printing in progress

Good morning, all you professional and dedicated clothing buyers. It’s a brand new week. Let’s work hard together!

Have you ever seen fabric cut with a laser

A batch of the fabric of tie-dye craft yoga pants exported to the United States is under inspection.

Show your clothing buyers the latest model of sewing machine

Fish scale pattern embossing process

We welcome professional apparel buyers in North America to cooperate with our factory and are happy to develop sample garments for you.

A mechanical device for automatic storage of semi-finished garments

Garment sewing line

Suit production process

Suit pocket cutting process

Finished men’s suits await packaging

Garment automation sewing

We can manufacture and export anything that needs sewing

Automatic cutting of garment cutting pieces

Suit collar shaping equipment

Various styles of women’s casual suit sets

Cut fabrics with templates for greater efficiency

Custom production of all kinds of uniforms and school uniforms

Automatic alignment sewing machine for pants

Spring new children’s clothing

Automatic cutting machine for printed garments

Garment fabric washing process in progress

The Fabric for the Next Big Order is Ready

Digital reactive printing

Automated garment production

Garment Ironing

The last process of garment production packaging

Round screen disperse printing

Automated sewing equipment that is both gentle and tough

Suit pocket cutting process

Garment production workshop, no weekend off

Suit production workshop

Automatic pocket-making machine

Suit pocket cutting process

Fabric cutting for the production of suits

The final process of suit production finished product inspection

Garment production workshop

Screen printing process demonstration (1)

Gum paste printing process demonstration (1)

A busy day at the factory begins again

Zara and LanzaTech Collaborate on Recycled Carbon Capsule Collection

Demonstration of the process of pasting diamonds

Since we do not speak English well, we asked two foreign friends to be the anchors and introduce products that might be of interest to our European and American customers live.

Pantone announced the popular color of 2022 – periwinkle blue Do you like this color?

Shanghnai Fumao Clothing Co. , LTD

A steady stream of garment fabrics are brought in for printing

Fabric dyeing workshop

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