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As we spend more and more time watching the world through our screens, technological features explore the real and the virtual borders. Each day, life pushes to its limits, and technology becomes more tactile.

For instance, in fashion, innovation brought technological textures to clothes. And here are some design points and retail market applications to show how tech clothing is dominating fashion.

Artificial Gradient Color

The presence of gradient colors has increased on global and local runways. For a modern look, match a gradient base style with a knit jacket, jacket, and solid color base. As a result, the outfit provides a fashionable tech clothing style.

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Christopher Kane
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Giorgio Armani
  • Use fine pearlescent wax color to have color-changing fabric effect;
  • Also, try gradient stripe tulle and pad jacquard streamers for the ultimate tech clothing look.
  • In addition to ecological viscose fiber, use metallic soft polyester fiber, modal, pure silk fiber to create lighter fabric, supplemented by a soft foil surface effect.
  • Use marine gradient with sun fading effect because it can create casual nostalgic pieces.
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House of Holland
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Each x Other

Glossy Shine

With the increasing demand for high-tech fabrics, metallic fabrics are attracting attention.
The tech clothing theme was prominent in 2019 runways. While glossy fabrics walk the runways, there was a huge focus on metallic coats.

Because young consumers are into what’s trending, they look for fashion items with glossy coatings. Some finishes are in matte, shiny, and watery effects.
Suits also have a glossy feature. And as for dresses, they use glittery yarns.

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F**king Young!
Tech Clothing 9.webp
Christian Dior
Tech Clothing 10.webp
Oakley by Samuel Ross
Tech Clothing 11.webp
Tom Ford
  • Metallic fabrics are used to create the whole tech clothing, from activewear to personalized coats and accessories.
  • Because of the popularity of artificial intelligence, casual streetwear now has a retro-futuristic look. 
  • To avoid looking dull and looking like a mirror, blend silver fabric with gold fabric for a more avant-garde look.
Tech Clothing 12.webp
Vogue España
Tech Clothing 13.webp
3.1 Phillip Lim
Tech Clothing 14.webp
Isabel Marant
Tech Clothing 15
Carbon 38

Key Functions

Consumers these days seek less but better products. As a result, companies now offer tech clothing that is durable, wear-resistant, and versatile.

Tech Clothing 16.webp
Jil Sander
Tech Clothing 17.webp
The Dyneema Project
Tech Clothing 18.webp
  • Functionality becomes more and more important in menswear. Hence, the future commuter style focuses on urbanism. In addition to ensuring the functionality of tech clothing for outdoor activities, ultra-lightweight portable fabrics that seamlessly connect the city and the outdoors will emerge.
  • Waterproof, windproof, UV resistant, antibacterial, and antifouling are key features of tech clothing. As a result, the focus is now on functional polyester and nylon and functional cotton base cloth recovery.
  • To stay and feel cool, use fabrics with new breathable materials, laser-cut vents, and sustainable fillers.
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Tech Clothing 20.webp
Dries Van Noten
Tech Clothing 21.webp
Tech Clothing 22.webp

The second skin

In tech clothing, the carefully crafted fabric looks, feels, and works as a second skin.

Tech Clothing 23.webp
Maison Manila
Tech Clothing 24.webp
Lucy McRae
Tech Clothing 25.webp
Matin Zad
  • New fabrics have great market potential for tech clothing production, which can be used for cellular structure fabrics. They can also be used for hot-embossed surface, ergonomic mesh surface, soft or rubber latex effect.
  • Science and Technology Gauze is light in texture and has the properties of motion elasticity, showing a translucent result, both protective and can expose the bottom layer.
  • Light layers also work by interacting with transparent and opaque elements.
Tech Clothing 26.webp
Tech Clothing 27.webp
Tech Clothing 28

Avant-garde psychedelic prints

You see psychedelic patterns, alternative flowers, liquid animal skins, and futuristic tie-dye in tech clothing. These styles are perfect for the younger market because they have the delusion-like effects that cater to consumers’ social media obsession.

Tech Clothing 29
Paolina Russo
Tech Clothing 30.webp
Erin McQuarrie
Tech Clothing 31
Tech Clothing 32.webp
  • More wavy patterns and jacquards mimic the interaction between digital and analog. An avant-garde aesthetic that also benefits flat knitting and knitted pieces.
  • The twisting technique is used to update the animal skin patterns. The abstract, artistic effect makes the tech clothing designs seem to be immersed in water.
  • Flowers are combined with stripes, pixels, and geometry to create strong image contrast and a variety of inspiring core items in a dreamlike fantasy landscape.
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Tech Clothing 34.webp
Tech Clothing 35.webp
Fengyi Tan

Business Director at Shanghai Fumao Clothing Co.,LTD

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