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Nowadays, dressing up in layers is not just to protect ourselves from the wind and cold but also to ensure we stay warm and comfortable. Besides these reasons, people now pay more attention to looking in perfect shape.
A stylish and eye-catching outfit can make a person look more attractive. It can also change the appearance of height.

Usually, an outfit that can improve the look of one’s body shape is desirable. Clothes that cover our body and make us look thinner and taller are some of the features people want. Especially in the winter, short people avoid wearing sloppy clothes. A jacket and straight pants ensemble are suitable and can make someone look taller.

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Winter season means wearing thick clothes. In the process of what to pair with coats or jackets, there are some details one must consider.
But to achieve looking taller, you don’t need to put a lot of effort into choosing clothes.

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A suitable outfit must be a combination of the right style, colors, and other factors. There must be at least one single item that’s overpowering. Then concentrate on other items of clothing to complete the perfect look. A jacket and straight pants are your best bet to make your style unique.

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Jacket + Straight Pants = Relaxed Style

For short men who want to look taller, the first choice is, of course, a jacket. Jackets come in different materials, colors, and styles. Find one that matches your taste and one you are comfortable wearing.

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1. A classic jacket is a must-have for men

For some people, owning one classic jacket is enough to show one’s fashion attitude. Take this man in a classic denim jacket as a great example. Indeed, the tough shape and straight cut of the jacket make him look confident enough.

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The touch of confidence that comes with wearing this item is very helpful in showing off masculinity. Pair it with straight tube trousers again improves figure proportion. The man in the picture looks calm while showing his excellent fashion taste.

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In addition to a denim jacket, a black one is also a good choice. The shorter version complements someone’s height. Pair it with light color straight pants for a simple and elegant style. Showing that you are comfortable with your height in that outfit can make people notice you.

Short Jacket Straight Pants 7

2. Bomber jacket and straight pants to look younger

For many trendsetters, the relaxed and stylish nature of the bomber jacket creates a rebel-type vibe. At the same time, the shorter version can help achieve a perfect figure proportion as it provides a better effect—all types of men, whether the rebellious or conventional ones, will look cool in a bomber jacket.

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A bomber jacket is a good match for straight pants. They are usually designed to give the appearance of “ridiculously long legs.” On the other hand, the bomber jacket provides a nice girth to the hem, invisibly accentuates the waistline, and makes people look taller.

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3. Thicken jacket and straight pants for a more practical style

In the cold winter, especially when outdoors, keeping warm becomes a problem that people have to solve. Instead of wearing the same jacket, you might as well try a thicker version. Pairing it with straight pants and a pair of canvas shoes make the style practical and chic.

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If you want to ensure feeling comfortable while wearing a thicken jacket, finding what to pair with it is easy. Add another layer of a jacket like a hoodie to create a simple style with black straight pants. This attire not only keeps you warm but also does not make you look larger.

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Down Jacket + Straight Pants = Comfortable Casual

When it comes to the warmest items of winter, the down jacket is high on the list, especially short ones as they are light, comfortable, and warm. It can be the one essential item in winter. Many people worry that the down jacket is too fat to wear, but it actually is not.

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1. The “upper dark and lower light” color scheme is also easy to pull off

Short black down jackets, whether they are glossy or matte, are very delicate to wear. It should be noted that the black down jacket also has a major advantage. It can play a visual shortening effect where you will not appear too fat. So when it comes to straight pants, you can choose a light tone to neutralize the look. Try the combination of the “dark on top and light on bottom” color scheme, which anyone can be easily pull off.

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Because the light color will give people a sense of visual expansion, the dark down jacket with light straight pants is a simple color pairing that makes people look fashionable at any age. The outline, design, and casual look are also very suitable for daily wear.

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2. Bright color short down jacket and straight pants, the deeper the color, the more versatile style

The type of the short down jacket plays a big role in how your shape will appear. Pairing it with straight pants is the best match to appear taller and slim. If you want to look tall, the color should also match well, creating a captivating look.

Short Jacket Straight Pants 15

If you prefer a bright-colored short down jacket match, match it with darker straight pants for a more apt look. As bright colors command more attention, dark colors are a great match for a more subtle look.

Being short in height can be a problem. But with the right styling of clothes, one can appear taller. Always have a jacket and straight pants around and pair them with something unique that matches your taste. This attire will make you look attractive, that height will never be a problem.

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