A Good Scarf In Autumn And Winter Is Just As Important As A Good Coat!

The Scarf 29

It is believed that every woman has several scarves to dig out from the closet. But, which one is the most desirable to buy?

The Scarf 1

Is your scarf not fashionable? Maybe because it’s not big enough.

As regular scarf buyers know, a “shawl” scarf measuring 70 x 200cm is pretty big, but it’s still hard to get the look you want.

The Scarf 2 1

This question bothered me for years until I bought an 80*220cm scarf last winter. Shawl enthusiasts know what these two numbers exactly mean. It’s not just an additional fashion visual. It creates the desired “wrapped in a scarf” effect.

The Scarf 3 1

If it also happens to be a cashmere scarf that matches your skin tone, the texture screams perfection. And the joy of having one is about the same as buying a coat.

The Scarf 4 1

It looks fashionable in the same color as the coat.

Before, the suggestion is to pair a coat and scarf in different colors to have a contrasting effect. But this year, the trend is wearing items in the same color. And pairing a scarf and coat in the same shade is more popular these days.

The Scarf 5 1

Such the same color ensemble makes someone’s presence more noticeable. Often, with “suit,” imposing manner is stronger because of this fashion sense.

The Scarf 6 1

While “all in one color” is popular, all in black is still nothing new. Try Aimee Song’s all-in white or all-in camel, red, purple attire.

The Scarf 7 1

Or opt for a patterned scarf with the same base color as your coat. This look will give you a little sparkle. But you won’t have to worry about making a laugh-out-your-face color match. It’s perfect for the office, too.

It would be best if you still bought a basic scarf, but make sure it’s attractive.

What is the “best scarf to buy?” Indeed, that is the question at the beginning of our article. I think it’s a basic cashmere scarf.

The Scarf 8 1

Why cashmere, you ask? Because it’s warmer, more comfortable and more classic. In Sex and the City, Carrie uses a glass of wine and some time alone to prove that single women can have wonderful lives, moments like this, and a Cashmere. Cashmere doesn’t necessarily make you feel trendy, but it certainly makes you feel protected and worthy.

The Scarf 9 1

Black: For the first cashmere scarf, it’s recommended to start with black (since you’re likely to wear it the most), especially in the fall and winter months, when it works best.

The Scarf 10 1

Even if every year has a different outerwear style, the black scarf is bound to endure every fashion trend.

The Scarf 11 1

Camel: This color itself looks expensive. Cashmere texture is more superior. If you’re not ready to buy a camel coat, start with a camel cashmere scarf.

The Scarf 12 1

A lovely bag and a camel-colored scarf can sometimes add more character to an outfit.

The Scarf 13 1

Camel scarves have been popular in China in recent years, but there’s one downside: they don’t match Asian skin tones. But it can be balanced by wearing a bright knit like the one in Korea, such as camel and light pink, or a pair of faded jeans.

The Scarf 14 1

Grey: Gray is the high and low-key color, and because of that, it is regarded as the hottest color.

The Scarf 15 1

If you are a big fan of “European-American style,” then you know that nothing is more European-American than a grey scarf and black leather jacket.

A bright scarf works as well as a big-name bag

The Scarf 16

Why do you say that? Because bright scarves are so eye-catching. A black suit and a bright green scarf ensemble are eye-catching.

The Scarf 17

There are definitely brown coats in your closet, but you probably don’t have an aroma-purple scarf that can completely transform any outfit.

The Scarf 18

The same goes with a camel coat, only this time with a fruit-green scarf. Again, the color is richer, making it a perfect pair this autumn.

The Scarf 19
The Scarf 20

The above two colors represent the favorite scarf colors of supermodels — bright blue. Just imagine that without this scarf, even the figure and appearance level of supermodels would feel “less than a breath,” so the most direct function of a bright scarf is to lift air.

The Scarf 21

The most elegant bright color is red. Michelle Williams is so beautiful in this photo of a woman wandering around enjoying herself, getting cold, pulling a scarf out of her bag, putting it on, and smelling her perfume. There was a sense of satisfaction in that moment of “I’m enjoying my life right now.”

Two years of fashion – Blanket Scarf

The Scarf 22

Acne has also produced many hot style scarves, including a monogram printed “blanket scarf” that was so good at Oversize that it became a favorite of bloggers.

The Scarf 23

Then came a plaid version with a more furry texture.

The Scarf 24

Balenciaga has also released a blanket scarf that our editor spotted. With letters and plaid and Oversize, it’s a hit!

The Scarf 25

In these two years of street photography, the occurrence rate of blanket and scarf is very high. Its bulky feeling is solid. Better choose the color that suits your skin color only. You will be the center of attention in the street.

After talking about the scarf you should buy, the next step is to solve the “how to wear” dilemma. Keep in mind that the more casual a scarf is, the better it looks.

The most basic way to wear it is to wrap it around your neck

The Scarf 26

If the scarf is narrow, tie it tight at the neck, but spread it at the end.

The Scarf 27

If the scarf is heavy, it can be looser at the neck like this.

The Scarf 28

Do you notice that everyone’s hair is combed up when they tie the scarf like this? Because it will look neater, and the effect is better.

The most artistic way to wear: draped on one shoulder

The Scarf 29

There’s an unspoken rule on how to wear it with a suit. A short or narrow scarf can be worn by draping it on one shoulder. It is functional as well as stylish.

The Scarf 30

Therefore, this style is very suitable for those scarves with brand logos and patterns.

Most feminine dress precaution – tie a knot

The Scarf 31

This style is a prevalent way for French women to wear a scarf. There are no twofold scarf legs that swing in the wind, just a neat look.

The Scarf 32

French women are very fond of “Y-fastenings,” which are scarves tied in a loop and then tied in a knot. The introversion and delicacy of French women can also be seen in the way they tie their scarves.

Lazy people’s favorite: hang around their necks

The Scarf 33

Especially if you buy a scarf with a unique color.

The Scarf 34

Or a logo-covered scarf, which you can hang around your neck when you want it to be the highlight.

The Scarf 35

Asian girls who wear scarves like this also have a more artistic character.

The most temperamental dress method: draped in the back

The Scarf 36

A shawl, casually put on the shoulders, can keep you warm. It’s also a very stylish way of layering your clothes.

The Scarf 37

You can leave a short side hanging down like this and then wrap the “long side” around the shoulder and wrap it over the other shoulder for a “draping” effect.

The Scarf 38

Alternatively, use the long + short + long method, which will add layers to your scarf.


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