Wish 2022 core strategic plan: will focus on video shopping, comprehensive upgrade platform

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Recently, the cross-border e-commerce platform Wish held the 2021 seller conference, at which Wish announced and analyzed the platform’s annual strategic plan for 2022.

It is understood that the next Wish will focus on the development of video shopping function, improve the quality of the platform’s products, build brand stores, improve the global logistics system, and other aspects of the platform for a comprehensive upgrade.

1. Wish will end the “weak store” era

At the conference, Wish announced that it will officially launch Wish Standards program on Nov. 18 to improve store services for sellers. After the launch of the program, Wish stores’ traffic, order revenue share, payment, and other core operational data will be changed, which also means that the era of “weak stores” in Wish will soon end.

It is understood that, as an important part of Wish’s annual strategy, in the new Wish Standards program, Wish will measure merchants in terms of user ratings, order fulfillment rates and speed of fulfillment, effective logistics tracking rates, refund rates, Wish policy compliance and other indicators.

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Sellers will be assessed and rated (Banned, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum), and those who meet the criteria will be awarded the “Wish Premium Merchant” badge.

This badge will be prominently displayed in the core and will be used throughout the user’s shopping process, which means that merchants with good performance will be given exposure (including displaying products in the waterfall or other recommended sections of the Wish homepage), commission discounts, and faster payback.

2. Platform revision and upgrade

According to Tarun Jain, Chief Product Officer of Wish, Wish users prefer to browse the interest-oriented waterfall rather than product search.

So Wish will also continue to develop discovery shopping, enhancing the personalized shopping experience through a discovery shopping homepage, a new promotion display, an exclusive section for premium merchants, a live video feature, and a second version of the “merchant brand store” to help merchants build their brands.

On the newly upgraded Wish homepage, merchant banners, promotions, trending products, category stores, and brands will be displayed to users, and more merchant display opportunities and exposure will be given to store merchants.

The first version of the new program is scheduled to go live during this year’s holiday season.

3. Focus on video shopping features

Wish’s upcoming short-video shopping feature is called SHOP FROM CLIPS Short Video Shopping and will be available in nine countries simultaneously.

The platform will showcase videos on each user’s home waterfall, and each video will have an embedded purchase feature, and soon merchants will be able to include multiple items in a single video for purchase.

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Notably, products sold exclusively on the Wish platform with high-quality videos can be displayed in a special spot on the Wish homepage and marketed exclusively to Wish consumers. In addition, this feature will also be upgraded to live shopping in the coming months.

4. Support sellers to create private domain traffic

Wish revealed that next year the platform will go live with the Brand Store project. The project is not just for brands, but for most quality sellers can enjoy the function, sellers will be able to customize a “storefront” for all their products on the Wish platform.

That is, through this feature, sellers can design and decorate their own stores and cultivate their own private domain traffic.

5. Merchant promotion platform opening

Allows merchants to create promotions ranging from simple discounts to buy one get one free, to multi-buy multi-discount items.

At the same time, merchant promotions are also displayed in conjunction with user-side badges, and enjoy a special “promotional product waterfall”. The platform also provides a comprehensive analysis of promotional activities for merchants to help them plan future promotional activities.

6. Improving the global logistics system

Wish will be pushing three programs on the Chinese seller side.

The first is IBW, which now exists only in two destination countries, the United States and the Netherlands. Wis is currently developing overseas warehouses in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Brazil in parallel to be able to perform more widely on IBW orders.

Another is the joint warehouse, joint warehouse is currently mainly for domestic and Hangzhou warehouse, Dongguan warehouse, and will soon be replicated overseas, Wish hopes to use third-party overseas warehouses to create joint warehouse and overseas local inventory fulfillment Wish order capacity building.

In addition is the intermodal transport, from China to connect the FBW warehouse and overseas intermodal warehouses, will be completed in China will collect goods, the platform hopes to protect the merchants with a reasonable freight structure and mode, their inventory accurately delivered to overseas warehouses.

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It is understood that improving the quality of the platform’s products is also the next main focus of Wish’s direction. In 2022, Wish will focus on quality products and merchants to improve the quality of the platform’s products and the platform’s trust.

After the launch of the Wish Standards program, the platform will focus on rewarding honest and reliable products, high-quality products, and products with clear and concise images, titles, and descriptions, as well as improving policies related to product content.


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