Pangaia and Unspun Collaborate on Hemp Denim Collection

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About Pangaia

Pangaia is a DTC eco-minimalist brand that brings together scientists, technologists, and creatives from around the world to provide innovative and eco-friendly solutions for the fashion industry, using bio-based, recycled fibers and discarded plastic bottles as raw materials.

Pangaia has announced a partnership with Unspun to launch its second new material, PANhemp.

Pangaia, a materials science and apparel company with a focus on sustainability, has once again partnered with denim designer Jonathan Cheung to develop this denim in collaboration with Orta, a sustainable conscious denim mill in Turkey.

The entirely plant-based fabric is made from rain-fed hemp and organic cotton, and pieces in the collection are dyed with natural indigo, then the PANHemp fabric is reverse-woven to create Pangaia’s signature left-handed twill and treated with PPRMINT oil to make it soft, strong, and durable.

Beginning November 11, Pangaia will offer its hemp line on unspun’s new artificial intelligence-powered app, which allows customers to produce custom jeans through a 10-second iPhone scan and proprietary software. And, the brand is the first partner to utilize the technology-enabled platform.

The app utilizes the TrueDepth sensor on the phone’s camera, allowing the sensor to capture measurements by projecting and analyzing thousands of invisible points. This infrared image is then converted into a personal 3D version, which allows the customer to select the color and length of the product once the style has been selected.

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Beth Esponnette, co-founder of unspun, said:

“We think PANGAIA means ’embracing Mother Earth’ because unspun’s partnership with PANGAIA brings inclusivity (through the customization of each body) and sustainability (through zero inventory and new-age materials) to the main stage. It’s a powerful collaboration between beautiful products made from fantastic eco-friendly materials and technology that will take fashion into the next century. unspun could not have found a partner more in line with its values of protecting the planet and saving humanity than PANGAIA. Pangaia and unspun have partnered to make the UN Sustainable Development Goals 12 and 13 possible.”

Previously in October, Pangaia launched its first denim collection using wild Himalayan nettles, which was also created with Cheung, a former jeans designer at Levi.

Cheung, Pangaia’s denim designer, says, “The unspun technique doesn’t care about your gender, race, age, body type, etc., it just focuses on the individual itself. From the very beginning, we called this project ‘jeans for everyone. And we’re proud to be working with unspun,”


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