Practical & Stylish Straight Leg Jeans

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People love wearing straight leg jeans in the street. It has taken over skinny jeans as it is a more relaxed style, plus it flatters the body. Looser fitting styles have become a favorite of women, whatever their body types are. French women love straight jeans for the style and casualness it provides, especially in autumn.

French women prefer wearing practical straight leg jeans. It is the most prominent style these days. If you think you want to consider wearing a pair, here are some style inspirations for you.

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Clothes manufacturers cut straight leg jeans, well, straight. The width of the hem is perpendicular from the hip to the ankle. The waistline is a cross between the relaxed fit of the boyfriend jean and the tight fit of the skinny jeans. It also gives the ankles and knees more breathing space, while the slim-fit version is either tight or too loose. Because they are entirely flattering, any woman in any shape will have slender and longer-looking legs.

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Also, French women wear straight leg pants made of casual and stylish denim fabric. This material perfectly balances the straight hem while giving them a casual look. The sweater is a good partner of straight leg jeans. Two different attributes of single products constitute the collision of soft and strong, rich French style.

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High waist straight leg jeans make the body appear thinner, thus improving the figure. These jeans sit at one’s natural waist or around the belly button. Pairing them with a tucked-in T-shirt or crop tops is the best option.

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Besides different patterns, the knitwear can vary in color and make a different look on the top. For example, camel, apricot, or light khaki have a low-key texture. Striped styles are casual and durable. And a bright but not strong red sweater paired with high-waisted denim straight pants is more retro and chic.

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In addition to the cropped cardigan, various fall/winter jackets are a good match for high-waisted straight-leg jeans. This attire includes cropped denim jackets or cropped leather coats.

Clothes manufacturers use tough denim fabric in making short denim jackets. It is, however, comfortable to wear. When worn with high waist straight leg jeans, it can be an alternative to suits. This outfit also makes someone appear taller, slimmer, and legs longer.

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Moreover, cigarette pants are also a popular French classic style. They are slimmer than straight leg jeans. As it can flatter one’s body, it makes someone thinner. But they are slightly more restrictive to the body and are not suitable for women who are too chunky.

Short suits and straight jeans or pipe jeans have the same attribute. They all have a neat cut and crisp version. They are very visually stunning. After combining, jeans with a sense of street leisure can end the cold stiffness of a suit. This will allow you to switch between the workplace and daily life at will. You will also get a high-level of feeling anytime and anywhere.

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Besides unique striped suits or retro plaid suits, you can also combine basic solid suits with high-waisted straight-cut jeans. This combination offers French minimalism and haute couture. It is layering without losing freshness. A Black, gray, or dark blue suit above or below the crotch may affect your appearance.

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The winter coat is one of the most favored outfits, both in the workplace and in daily wear. It is indispensable. To avoid looking big in a coat, a pair of straight leg jeans are your best choice. Colors such as dark blue or black will blend well with any coat, whether it earth color, plaid, or plover coat.

The long plaid jacket is stacked over a light-colored undershirt—the crisp pants and overcoat, when paired with brown ankle boots and an orange and brown beret, gives a slimmer appearance.

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Although you can wear various colors during autumn and winter, black is still the “evergreen tree” or the almirah for all women. What women want is to try different styles. They demand practical styles where they feel comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

If you’re not sure what to wear in the winter, try straight French leg jeans for a slim, stylish look.


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