The best fashion editor in a suit, but Julie Pelipas!

Suit 1

It is said that the autumn suit season, but the suit is chosen to choose so a few styles, it is difficult to wear the right, how can stylish and not monotonous?Learn from Julie Pelipas, editor in chief of Ukrainian Vogue, the most suit-wearing of fashion editors.

Suit 2

The missing clothes are tailored for autumn collocation, warm is not too low, slightly with a bit of thickness of the suit with cycling pants, just right, taking advantage of the last time to quickly show the beautiful legs, do not show really no chance.

Suit 3

All White is very safe, add a pair of loafers, walk with cool.Just remember not to fasten all the buttons on your suit, leaving a little space for longer legs.

Suit 4

Suit and colored silk scarf. Even if you are wearing a full set of monochrome suits, just one silk scarf will be eye-catching enough, and not overly exaggerated colors will be enough to ornament.

Suit 5

Next, the first step of the tie-in formula: complete suit + shirt, the necessary way for workplace girls to match everything without making mistakes.The shirt seems to be a classic match with the suit, formal enough.But there is a little trick, the shirt sleeve can be longer than the suit, revealing a section and the open button of the inner match more echo.

Suit 6

For the more advanced version: fold a knit vest between the shirt and suit.This year, the “granny vest” is very popular, but it seems to be on the point of being “out of the street”. If you want to be fashionable, you need something different, which is better to wear with a suit.Knitted patterns can also add richness to a solid suit and, more importantly, keep you warm!Who says good looks and warmth can’t go hand in hand?

Suit 7

If one shirt underneath is too boring, go for two.Button must not fasten well, had better show the shirt of the most inner layer and the sleeve echo that show, the shirt that untie at will still have languid lazy feeling more, effortless fashionable so simple.

Suit 8

If you’re afraid of folding too much and you can’t handle it, opt for a design-inspired, shaped shirt, like this one that’s shorter in the front and longer in the back, to add something new.

Suit 9

For cooler days, add a knit underlay to your shirt that is soft and snug, with a gentle filter.

Suit 10

Black turtlenecks and suits are the norm, but an oversized suit with shoulder pads is especially important. With a little waist tuck in, a supermodel body is no dream.

Suit 11

Again boring collocation, again drab basic money, more fold wear a few can beautiful many.Black turtleneck sweater do bottom, add shirt, thin knit cardigan, who saw not to say a good look!(Key point: although the single product is enough, the color can not be too much, the same color system is enough, advanced and all-match)

Suit 12

Even if you don’t wear suit, jeans with wide-leg pants will be more casual. Girls who don’t have confidence in their legs don’t have to worry, wide-leg pants can cover all kinds of small flaws and reveal slender ankles. Couple with a pair of high heels, boyish can also wear sexy style.

Suit 13

If you ask what item keeps you warm the most, a cotton jacket is probably on the list.The cotton coat, which is often used as a coat, was put inside the suit by Julie this time, which is less bloated, but looks more capable under the straight lines of the suit.

Suit 14

In addition to the pants, the skirt is also completely appropriate, the strong suit meets the feminine skirt, balance.
With so many styles, you can wear them for half a month without repeating them, so follow Julie Pelipas and get your suit on.


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