Spring is the season for plaid shirts.

Plaid Shirt 10

When it comes to plaid shirts, many girls are very resistant, saying “this is a programmer’s exclusive style, I do not want to wear it!””If you put it on, you look like a tech boy.””It’s too androgynous to show off the girl’s femininity.”

In fact, the plaid shirt itself is beautiful ah, as long as you can match, it looks good to wear!Just look at how these fashionistas pull off a plaid shirt.

Plaid Shirt 1

First of all, from the choice of color on this blue really super beautiful, with a sense of texture and aura.Blue big lattice is given top place to tonal and cream-colored stripe collide each other, harmonious feeling is dye-in-the-wood, won’t appear disorderly.The first button on the neckline, pure and young.

Plaid Shirt 2

The collision of black and white small grid is simple and advanced, and the cuff of the suit jacket reveals a little grid. It has a tone and personality. Pants suggest matching the western pants of the same style or wide-leg pants.The pearl necklace as ornaments adds some grace and atmosphere, a complete set of collocation does not pick age.

Plaid Shirt 3

A camel-dominated plaid shirt has a gentle, intellectual feel, yet it’s comfortable and versatile.This plaid shirt goes well with almost any pants.When the weather is cold, I add a windbreaker, navy blue is the classic color in the windbreaker, and a little camel color collide with the color of our plaid shirt, so I put a little thought into the whole outfit.

Plaid Shirt 4

Autumn milk tea color is also the main color, milk tea color is the main tone of the checked shirt, choose to do pure white collar, get rid of the design of the buckle sleeves directly wear, instantly look very formal, have the feeling of the workplace.Bookmark Office Lady.

Plaid Shirt 5

Compared to close to the solid color of the plaid shirt, a variety of color collision on the feeling of more lively personality.Red itself represents energy and enthusiasm, blue is melancholy, purple is romantic, yellow is bright wealth and honour.So what does it mean when all these colors collide?Represents a unique plaid shirt!Match with short checked pants and boots, and show long legs and fashion.

Plaid Shirt 6

In addition to being an undergarment, plaid shirts are also very fashionable as jackets.Inside wear an all-purpose white T-shirt, set a plaid shirt can go out, comfortable and breathable, give a person relaxed and casual feeling.

Plaid Shirt 7

Vintage khaki shades collide with small blue squares.Short before and long after the irregular design personality and clever, the figure looks super good proportion.

Plaid Shirt 8

Blue and white grid collides clean and contracted, as if saw quiet sky and limpid stream water, the design of drapery is modern and romantic, wavy skirt is placed tender and charming.

Plaid Shirt 9

This plaid shirt is designed as an exterior.Although it is the collision of three grid colors, but because the color contrast is not big, it does not look abrupt at all. The design of the belt protrudes the waist line, and it has large long legs easily.Match pure white long skirt to have holiday amorous feelings.

Plaid Shirt 10

Another super classic look for a plaid shirt is to fold it over a pullover.Simply wearing a solid color sweater is a little boring, and a crewneck doesn’t look new.But when the cuffs reveal a bit of plaid, and the collar reveals a cute plaid collar, isn’t there something creative?

Plaid Shirt 11

The splicing design has its own fashion style, and the grey grid has a strong sense of style, which looks formal and handsome.The face of the woman on the right side shows the tenderness and charm of women.They look pretty and stylish together, and guess which one is the real me?


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