Let me see who’s not wearing a knit vest yet?

Knitted Vest 10

Knitted vest can be said to be a very classic and versatile clothes, basically fashionable everyone will have a few pieces of knitting vest fondly.Even the school uniform of the little girl in the kindergarten is a shirt with knitting vest. Wearing it, the little girl looks lovely and clever. No wonder knitting vest is so popular!

Knitted Vest 1

Wearing only a white T-shirt is a little boring, and a knitted vest is immediately up.Although it’s just a simple match, it makes others feel like you spent a lot of effort.

Knitted Vest 2

A short T-shirt is a bit chilly when you go outside for afternoon tea in spring, so wrap it up with a knit vest.Warm and even save the coat.And the V-neck elongates the neck and frames the face. Add a black and white checkered fisherman hat for a casual, retro look.

Knitted Vest 3

Avocado green is really super beautiful, always give a person a feeling of vitality, looking at the mood will be better.Some of gentleness was taken again in collocation black leather pants cool, fashionable.

Knitted Vest 4

Knitted waistcoats with buttons are granny chic.Cowboy wide-leg trousers here are a bright spot, as if the lazy and casual nature of knitting vest itself was weakened, but look more graceful atmosphere.

Knitted Vest 5

In addition to wearing it with a short T-shirt, you can also wear it with a shirt!The feeling that white shirt itself gives a person is very duty field and capable, knitting waistcoat just neutralized this a little, languid is lazy along with sex wind to build come out at a drauke.

Knitted Vest 6

Also paired with a white shirt, this one looks ethnic.The red plaid style gives a warm feeling, and the pants are a warm coffee color, paired with a beret for an exotic feel.

Knitted Vest 7
Knitted Vest 8

In addition to the solid color knit waistcoat, a little floral decoration style looks more youthful and beautiful.Match loose grid languid is lazy and comfortable, go to the library to read a book or drink a cup of afternoon tea.

Knitted Vest 9

It’s a bit like the editor’s sister’s uniform, a white shirt with a knit waistcoat and pleated skirt, a classic English preppy look.School uniforms all choose such style probably because it is clean and refreshing to wear, and youthful vitality.

Knitted Vest 10

In addition to the vintage, preppy, casual look, knit vests can also be worn to look sexy.


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