Numerous European brands adopt new clothing insulation materials

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About HD ® Wool Insulation

About HD ® Wool Insulation is the innovative division of international wool supplier H. Dawson Wool, founded in 1888 and a global leader in supplying the finest to coarsest wools from 35 countries. Products include precious fibers, raw fat wool, washed wool, wool strips, and wool nets that are transformed in strategic locations around the world with carefully selected processing partners.

The fourth generation of the Dawson family that runs the business leads an experienced team that provides customized solutions to suit supply needs to a wide range of customers in over 75 countries. A global network is utilized to ensure a consistent supply of quality wool for end-use applications in apparel, upholstery, soft furnishings, carpet, environmental, engineering, and industrial applications.

Purdey, 7L, and Hajk are a few of the leading European brands that have partnered with HD Wool to use the new insulation material in their branded Fall/Winter 2021 jacket collections.

Designed with the lowest carbon footprint in mind, HD Wool temperature control materials are manufactured with maximum waste recycling and without the use of plastics or harmful chemicals. 100% renewable and biodegradable, durable, with excellent temperature regulation and moisture management properties, developed specifically for outdoor apparel.

HD Wool supports farmers in beginning the process of regenerative agriculture by subjecting their land to an annual verification of ecological outcomes developed by the Savory Institute to facilitate the demonstration of progress from land to market goals. The wool used to make HD Wool insulation can also be fully traced back to its growing farms.

Simon Whitmarsh-Knight, managing director of HD Wool, said: “Consumers are thinking more about how the products they buy have an impact on the environment and are therefore becoming more aware of the ingredients in their products. We are therefore delighted that prestigious brands such as Purdey, 7L (Seven Layers), and Hajk have adopted our natural HD Wool garment temperature control material as an alternative to the synthetic insulation in key pieces of their Autumn/Winter 2021 outerwear collections.”

Purdey’s luxury heritage clothing collection is built on the British sporting roots of connecting people, nature, and tradition with the launch of the AW21 Men’s Pangbourne Vest, made with Drywax wind and rain resistant cotton and HD Wool garment temperature control material.

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7L is a function-first performance brand that combines fashion, function, performance, and style. The brand is inspired by the U.S. military’s Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS), which consists of multiple layering options that can be worn in combination to provide adequate protection in temperatures from +40 to -60°C. For AW21, the brand introduced the Detonator Insulated Pike Coat, inspired by the British Army’s combat field jacket, in HD Wool garment temperature control material. The rest of the garment’s materials are also sourced and made in the UK.

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Hajk is a modern Swedish men’s clothing brand designed to complement the outdoor lifestyle; balancing fashion, performance, and sustainability. For AW21, the brand introduces the ARV, a three-layer lightweight jacket made from fully sustainable materials and HD Wool garment temperature control material.

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