International Wool Bureau Fall/Winter 2022/23 Wool Trend Forecast

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Cozy Living

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Home is a small world that allows us to feel peaceful and free from the outside world. Home wear and delightful living room accents are carefully selected to blend harmoniously with the materials and the atmosphere of the home. Today, health and personal care are more important than ever, and exercise activities need to be performed at home, so the comfort of the home space is a fundamental and essential requirement.

Wool is used to create soft blankets, rugs, handmade accessories, or upholstery with which to create a whole new piece, with the option to stay on the sofa and concentrate fully on it, slowly and gently for a few hours of peace and quiet.

Home wear

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The awakening of our sense and need for home stems from the clothing we wear, and as the amount of time spent at home inevitably increases, clothing worn at home has recently been given a new lease of life, and the emphasis on the quality of home wear is at an all-time high.

Wool loungewear exudes a timeless classic appeal, with responsibility as well as good quality, made of soft and sustainable eco-friendly materials and a softer, looser silhouette that gives the body all-day comfort and companionship, whether worn at home, out to the grocery store or wherever you’re going. Made from merino wool and wool blends, loungewear is your best companion, embracing you and bringing you peace of mind.

Home Space

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With the new crown epidemic pandemic, the function of the home has changed radically. People are spending more and more time in their homes, and at the same time, there is a new awareness and re-evaluation of the home spaces we live in and the things we use, and how they are made.

Using natural materials, handcrafted style décor, and design elements to create the perfect home space on top of that. We also note the theme’s push for a minimalist aesthetic, a focus on quality rather than quantity, and adherence to the core concept of sustainability. Wool is the ideal fiber for creating extremely cocooned spaces; it is comfortable and environmentally friendly; it offers more possibilities for creativity; from home gyms to home studios to creating a relaxed home atmosphere, wool can meet all the different new needs and rejuvenate you.


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This theme explores the various possibilities of workwear styles, starting with formal wear and protective clothing, two types of clothing that are worn at work. The formal wear we wear every day is changing as the world changes, try to reinterpret it in a different way and find new solutions, using one of the most versatile and adaptable natural innovative fibers in the world: merino wool, either 100% pure wool or combined with the latest developments in new materials and application technologies.

Explore new applications for wool in workwear like trucker jackets and work pants, but also use it in the workshop and laboratory as well as in the wider world of life, where wool can play an important role in flame and heat resistance and abrasion resistance, enhanced flexibility, and flexibility.


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The combination of technology and the latest generation of fibers brings a new dimension to formal wear, with a new weave that meets the needs of contemporary dressing styles and adapts to the rhythms of life, with smooth lines that move with the flow, and a new look that is soft and comfortable while maintaining the original style, making wool ideal for office work or café wear.

Taking the usual weave structure of cotton and reinterpreting it with premium fibers, blending it with cotton, Dyneema®, or nylon to create a more modern and stylish look with a more striking three-dimensional surface, making it a great choice for new clothing. These denim-look fabrics appear lighter and more compact, making them suitable for tighter tailored suits, with more stretch and a more comfortable fit.

Protective clothing

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As a result of the new crown virus pandemic, new practical and versatile garments featuring versatile technical fabrics and practical details are becoming increasingly important, encompassing a variety of different categories and redefining garments that are less focused on fashion and aesthetics and put more attention on protection and safety.

Often people think of work clothes and uniforms as garments that are purchased by companies and issued to employees to wear while working. The durability and safety of such garments are very important due to the nature of the work environment and business. The complex organization of wool gives it many advantageous properties that meet the needs of manual laborers. The advantages of this type of workwear include insulation, comfort, wearability, and fire resistance.


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