These 4 pants are so trendy in 2021!

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In the New Year,
Be sure to keep up with the latest trends,
Trouser suits are definitely worn all the year round,
The highest single item, want to wear and fashion coexist,
Today, we introduce 4 pants that will be popular in 2021,
They are stylish and practical,
Can show the style of personality, so that your demeanor temperature two,
Easily deduce a casual and advanced feeling.

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“Shark Pants”

Shark pants,

The most popular items for autumn/winter this year,

It is made of “oxygen-proof elastic yarn” and “nylon yarn”.

Made of tight pants for more flexibility and shape,

Because the surface of the fabric resembles the structure of shark skin,

Note: Due to the slightly reflective surface of shark pants,

It will make it look more advanced.

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Hoodie + Shark pants

Thick sports wind, leisure light,

Note: Full marks for fashion when paired with stockings.

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Sweater and shark pants

Any style and color can be held perfectly.

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Short coat + shark pants

Easy interpretation of the trendy street style.

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Collocation suits

There is a charm as strong as it is soft,

Note: black and white, simple and advanced.

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Long coat + shark pants

Full momentum, black shark pants,

It elongates the legs and makes them look taller and thinner,

Note: Shark pants can eliminate the puffy feel of a heavy coat.

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Shark pants + middle boots

Can decorate leg model, appear agile and relaxed.

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Wide-legged pants

Wide leg pants,

The overall shape of the pants is loose,

Compared to wide-leg pants, they are the same width up and down,

To the ground or just above the foot,

Whether worn alone or worn inside, to show the lazy style and fashionable feeling,

Elegant and yet unrestrained handsome woman style,

Can definitely contract the fashion for the whole winter.

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Short coat + wide-leg pants

Simple lines and neat clipping,
Perfect for hiding leg imperfections,
Make your legs look straight and thin,
Easy to switch from one style to another,
Advice: Choose the high-waisted, follow the “top short, bottom long”,
It’s going to look taller.

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Pair with flats

Free and easy.

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Long coat + wide-leg pants

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Beam foot trousers

With the wind of motion,

And the prevalence of genderless fashions,

“Leggings” are 2021’s hottest tie-ins,

With its loose crotch and belted legs,

Not only can it improve the shape of legs and make them look comfortable and handsome,

It also tightens and pulls the high waist line, wears in a free and easy style,

Has a high rate of exposure in hipster street shoots,

Note: especially for fairies with bad legs,

Not only the shaping effect is strong, but also very versatile.

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Long coat + corset pants

Stylish and warm, and especially slim.

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Pair with sneakers

The most youthful vigor, comfortable and fashionable.

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Paired with short boots

Cool and flirty, with a lot of personality,
Note: Choose to tuck your pants into the boot,
It will be more fashionable.

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Leather pants

Leather pants,

High and cold, full of royal style,

This autumn/winter leather pants are in the style of slacks,

Casual, free and easy, not to pick the figure and the shape of the legs,

Note: With the same color coat, coat,

It is particularly harmonious and stylized,

Tip: Choose tapered leather pants that are “wide at the top and narrow at the bottom,”

Will be better harnessed, can highlight a neat sense of handsome.

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Leather pants and a jacket

Sa and spontaneous, especially fascinating,

Bright leather pants, which will also light up the winter look,

It’s amazing,

Note: Short jacket with high-waisted leather pants,

Not only neat and cool,

It also looks tall and stylish.

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Womens Pants 55.webp

Leather pants and a long coat

Fashionable, no sense of bondage,
It looks relaxed and casual.

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