Which keeps you warm: a mauntaineering jackts or a down jacket?

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In the cold winter, when you go out, the storm jacket and down jacket is the choice of more coats.So, which one is warmer, the mauntaineering jackts or the down jacket?This should be from the principle of their heat preservation and the use of different environments to say.

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First, the principle of mauntaineering jackts to keep warm

The reason why the mauntaineering jackts is warm is that it uses exquisite outer fabric, which is windproof, waterproof and scratch-proof, which can ensure that moisture does not enter the body.Moreover, the outer layer adopts the structure of elastic and Velcro, and the inner layer is thermal insulation layer. The elastic cuffs are used to double guarantee and effectively prevent the cold wind from filling into the cuffs.There are windproof feet at the hem, which can prevent cold wind from pouring into the hem.Still have in joint place press glue processing, hot gas leaks very hard, cool air enters not easily, natural warm.

Of course, the part of the hat is also not necessary to pull the design of the elastic, the collar also increased the standard design of the windproof stand collar, so that the cold wind can be seamlessly entered.These seemingly small designs are the necessary conditions for wind protection, warmth and cold resistance.

Second, the principle of warm down jacket

The fabric of down jacket is made of high density coated fabric, which can keep more air in the coat and has good thermal performance.Goose down and duck down are the most commonly used fillers for down jackets, which are natural thermal materials.Feather has a star-shaped structure, each filament presents the shape of fish scales and countless tiny pores, not easy to occur the phenomenon of fiber compaction.There are mutual gap between feather and implied a lot of still air, its transmission coefficient is the lowest, and cause the intervening air convection effect is bad, can form a layer of heat preservation layer, with the outside world was separated by the cold air outside is not easy to achieve, and the inside of the hot air outside is not easy to cause gas thermal conductivity is bad, can’t form convection, so as to achieve heat preservation effect.

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Three, the difference between the mauntaineering jackts and the down jacket

Mauntaineering jackts and down jackets can both be used as warm coats.The corresponding air permeability, moisture permeability and waterproof performance of down jacket is poor. Sports will make the body wet and lose heat, but in terms of insulation, the advantages of down jacket outweigh the disadvantages, and the insulation efficiency is undoubtedly the highest.
Mauntaineering jackts is one of the necessary equipment for outdoor sports, and it is the first choice for outdoor enthusiasts.The jacket is designed to reduce the air-cooling effect, waterproof, breathable and moisture-permeable, keep the body dry, and combine with the fleecy and other thermal materials in the middle layer to achieve dynamic thermal effect.Especially in rainy weather, mountains, canyons and other cold conditions, the cold and temperature loss of the body is very dangerous, so good air permeability of the jacket is very important.
Poor quality down jacket seam, there will be a gap, the cold air will drill into the inside.Mauntaineering jackts is more pressure glue windproof fabric, there will be no problem of drilling wind.The zipper of the down jacket is not as good as the link of the mauntaineering jackts. The zipper of the mauntaineering jackts is waterproof and windproof.

Four, how to choose a mauntaineering jackts and down jacket

The key to choosing a mauntaineering jackts and a down jacket is to look at the occasion. Both are warm, but for different environments, natural selection is not the same.Because down jacket generally poor air permeability, so, living in the city recommended to wear down jacket;It’s better to stay outdoors in a mauntaineering jackts.Mauntaineering jackts keep you warmer in stormy weather;Down jackets provide better warmth and comfort in calm or breezy weather.
Mauntaineering jackts has the characteristics of jacket, wearing both warm and fashionable, very popular with people;Down jacket filled with down, large round shape, not suitable for female lines, so multi-purpose bright colors to reflect aesthetic feeling.Ultra – thin down jacket come out, will give urban women to bring new beautiful.

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Five, the summary

Mauntaineering jackts and down jacket wear on the body heat preservation principle is different, alone said the warmth performance of the word sure down jacket is better.But the down jacket will be taken away a lot of heat in the wind, rain and snow weather that is not to mention, wet there is no warm role.The mauntaineering jackts has the functions of windproof, waterproof and breathable. The outside wind will not enter the body, and the sweat in the body can be discharged easily through the air vent.They all have advantages and disadvantages.


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