Have you changed your pajamas with the fall?

Pajamas 9

Summer pajamas have been unable to meet the north of the morning and evening temperature difference, choose pajamas, of course, can not be careless!And it’s hard enough to work every day. When I get home, I put on my nice pajamas for a change of mood.Even if a friend suddenly visit, see you at home can be so delicate.

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Autumn pajamas inside, what I love most is the silky shirt suit style, do not know why, put on a set of pajamas will feel that there is a special sense of ceremony at home, to create a “delicate to shine” happy home time.

And silk material is the best advantage, put on how to roll, feel will not pull to the skin, will not increase the burden to the skin, even the time to sleep have to pay attention to!

Pajamas 3

And they were stylish enough that for a while street photographers were wearing them!Add a few accessories and a pair of cycling pants for the perfect outfit to wear out on a day when the temperature is just right.

My recommendations:


Dark green long sleeved embroidered pajamas can be worn over a jacket

Dark green is taken naturally “high feeling”, with the simple sense of silk is united in union, very elegant is right!This coat is smart enough to wear.

Not Just Pajama

Not JUST PAJAMA for women’s spring and autumn home dress new two-piece set can be worn outside

Not Just Pajama is a brand I’d like to talk to you about. It’s a niche silk brand from London.These two years with the young design and its fine quality, coupled with the cost performance is beyond imagination, now is also the dark horse of pajamas.Let’s say I picked this one. It makes me feel like a princess!This top can be worn out perfectly with a pair of jeans.

Pajamas 4

Some girls like cotton pajama suits very much. They have a feeling of breathing when they put them on. The soft material makes them feel like hugging themselves!

Especially after washing through the fragrance of laundry liquid, autumn nest in the bed to think about all feel super comfortable.

Foley girl

Foley girl pajamas female autumn winter home dress tribute satin suit new two can be worn outside leisure

Foley girl this brand of underwear on the test is very good to wear, the key is the price is also very appropriate!

Pajamas 5

Victoria’s Secret

The Mix Comfort cotton shirt-style loose gown set

Pajamas 6

Now the weather turns cool, but also want to recommend this kind of velvet pajamas to you, warm of course, not to mention, and wear up super lady’s feeling.

Leah Leah designer lingerie

The new winter imported diamond velvet pajamas set French elegant wear fashion chic retro

LEAH brand is a designer underwear brand that focuses on “global design combined with Chinese version”, with strong sense of design, high quality and reasonable price.

Pajamas 7

There are also some girls who don’t like to have too much burden to sleep and like to wear a nightdress all the year round.So, the satin nightdress is suitable for you but comfortable at the same time, can also be elegant and intellectual.Do not want too complex, can choose the design of a few condole belt, wear on the body as his skin.

Pajamas 8

Of course, if you want to wear it out, you can fold a sweater inside when the weather turns cool for a chic and feminine look.

Pajamas 9

Girls who are afraid of the cold can choose to have a nightgown suit, or directly to a long sleeve nightdress, in line with the needs of “health girls”!

Lucia Berutto

Patchwork suspender nightdress

Lucia Berutto is a pajama and home wear brand co-founded by Lucia and his wife. The brand originated in Milan in the 1950s.Think of the Italians, how romantic!Pink nightdress is also very gentle.

Lucia Berutto

Patchwork long sleeved nightdress

Another recommended one is a long sleeved nightdress. Makarons are also very vibrant.It won’t be too cold in autumn.

Pajamas 10

All right, that said, go change your pajamas!


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