Non-compliance will stop sales! Amazon off-site diversion is also sanctioned, false reviews or face huge fines!

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The policies and rules of the Amazon platform are arguably the most stringent among many cross-border e-commerce platforms, which makes many sellers feel the headache. But there is no way out, sellers want to nab gold on the Amazon platform, it is only according to the rules of the platform.

Amazon crackdown on off-site traffic violations

On November 3, Amazon U.S. issued a clarification announcement about the off-site promotion incentive policy, especially by providing cashback, coupons, discounts, and other policies. The cause is that Amazon has recently received a number of sellers on the policy questions, Amazon also said that it will crack down on off-site illegal attraction operations.

Amazon’s off-site promotion incentive policy allows sellers to advertise product discounts, coupons and Deals, and other activities in off-site channels, but only for specific products open. This policy is designed to help sellers promote new products and increase sales through discount activities.

However, if sellers use coupons, Deals, and other means to promote products in off-site channels that are not supported by Amazon incentives, they are considered to be in violation of Amazon’s seller code of conduct.

This practice may affect many sellers because it may result in inflated search rankings, false-positive reviews and generate artificial traffic and conversions, undermining market competition.

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Amazon’s announcement stated to the effect that “two-step URLs”, “super URLs”, “funnels”, “treasure hunts ” and other ways to manipulate search rankings or misleading behavior is a violation of Amazon’s seller code of conduct. Any operation that artificially improves search rankings is a violation.

There are revelations that the reason why Amazon is heavy-handed on off-site attraction, perhaps with the seller Facebook violation of attraction has a relationship.

Many sellers in Facebook often manipulate the behavior of comments, such as in the Facebook logo “buy one get two free on Amazon”, and even indicate that after providing good reviews and then free a j.

For this behavior, Amazon stressed that the above violations of the seller need to be immediately discontinued.

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Throughout the days of Amazon’s various actions, it is not difficult to see that it is increasing its efforts to crack down on illegal off-site promotion. Although off-site promotion is a channel allowed by Amazon, with the increase in the number of illegal diversions, false-positive feedback sellers, this clean slate is gradually caught in the whirlpool of false-positive feedback.

Amazon is “linked”, or face huge fines for false reviews!

Previously, a number of foreign media exposed the proliferation of fake reviews on Amazon, triggering an uproar in public opinion. Recently, the U.S. government has also officially cracked down on fake online reviews!

A few days ago, according to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) official news, has issued a warning to more than 700 companies, including Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, reminding them that they may face huge fines of up to $43,792 per time for allowing false reviews or engaging in other deceptive practices.

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According to industry sources, this means that third-party platforms such as Amazon and Facebook will be held “jointly and severally” liable for violations by platform users. The FTC says the rise of social media has blurred the line between real content and advertising, leading to a surge in deceptive endorsements across the marketplace.

Samuel Levin, director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, said:

“False reviews and other forms of deceptive comments deceive consumers and hurt honest businesses. If advertisers engage in these deceptive practices, they will pay the price.”

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If, according to the official words, once the deep investigation continues, Amazon will inevitably face government penalties and huge fines. As sellers, in addition to eating melon, should be aware of the risks behind it.

A senior analysis, because the third-party sellers of the single act, once Amazon is “implicated”, the platform is bound to risk transfer, the policy is significantly tightened, the sellers will also face greater problems.


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