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Contemporary men are becoming more and more fashionable.Rich market choices provide all kinds of convenience for men’s different needs, no matter it is the appropriate shirt and suit “always necessary”, or the fashionable T-shirt and hoodie “exclusive to fashionable men”, or the daily casual windbreaker and sweater, with different accessories and makeup, you can present different feelings.

The appearance of vogue can have a thousand kinds, but for the Chinese man that advocate sedate and pragmatic, modelling 10 thousand change cannot leave its live — decent, have simple sense, ability shows a classic male glamour.

New business

Mention business clothes, the impression is rigid, serious, regular style or uniform black and white gray, but in the CHIC scene, the texture of business clothes and tailoring has an all-round innovation, the price is close to the people and fabric texture is superior, cutting simple and sharp, can be said to be a clear flow of business clothes.

For example, esquel group’s own men’s wear brand, Shirushi, attracts audiences with its pure and simple design and perfect version.Although there is no too much pattern design, can compare with ordinary shirt, it more win with simple sense, contracted and free and easy however won’t be buried.

The shirt of Tianchi clothing takes “DP free ironing technology” as the selling point. The use of all-cotton material can not only maintain the texture of all-cotton, be skin-friendly and breathable, but also obtain outstanding free ironing performance, which is the best choice for business men to wear in daily life.

Johnson’s clothing is also made mainly of shirts. The tailored versions are very impressive, especially the cuffs and necklines, which can perfectly decorate the neck lines and face shapes, which can not only highlight the body shape, but also show the spirit of men.The whole process fabric and the active washable label make the shirt soft and not easy to fold, resistant to dirt and deformation.The exhibition hall is always composed and quiet colors, from the details to the whole, all show a harmonious style.

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Light fashion

In addition to business wear, there are also some fashion brands in this exhibition.
The most impressive thing is shirt fun.From the design of the exhibition hall to the display of products, all reflect the designer’s unique fashion attitude.Mirror, silver flash, tie-dye, cartoon patterns and other youthful elements are reflected in unshirt fun products. Loose version and simple design make people forget the shackles of gender, which is exactly the design concept unshirt Fun wants to express, showing the visual trend of interest through gender-neutral fashion design.
Skye clothing focuses on fur and down. Instead of the dull dark tones of traditional men’s wear, colors with high saturation, such as fluorescent green, rose red and dreamy purple, are applied in men’s wear down jackets, bringing a different visual experience.In addition, a variety of garden flowers, jungle green leaves and animal patterns with strong natural style elements are also applied on the fabric, making people feel as if they are in a tropical rain forest.
May be affected by neutral doctrine in recent years, the men’s clothing exhibition also appeared a lot of partial feminine on Jane elegant color, yellow, pink, avocado green for the use of partial morandi department, due to reduced the purity, not as vulgar as originally abrupt in the men’s wear, it will much more concise and pure and fresh, foil gives men different charm image below.

Quickly supply

In the era of consumption upgrading, more dispersed and personalized market demands have made the pattern of “bulk supply” of clothing supply chain become a thing of the past. In contrast, the pattern of “quick return on small orders” has become popular.CHIC men’s wear exhibition area, there are many enterprises hit the “15 days of shipment”, “small order fast reverse” and other advertising language.

The “special” down jacket, which has been focused on down jackets for 18 years, has conquered the audience with its flexible and fast anti-supply chain.About 30 days of shipping capacity, coupled with lower costs, let him become the backbone of the industry, more become bosideng strategic partner.

Beckman, who focuses on shirt field, can develop more than 10,000 sample clothes every year, with the delivery date of 15 days at the earliest, and reserve 1 million meters of fabric, which can meet the demand of brand owners for continuous replenishable goods, becoming a leading enterprise of men’s shirts.

Dongqi Group’s men’s wear brand, Shei, has been focusing on the direct supply of sweaters in stock for many years, with adequate yarn supply throughout the year, and supports small batch order testing. It can achieve rapid replenishment in 5-7 days without production cycle, thus realizing efficient asset-light clothing operation mode for customers.

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The classic is the most practical.Perhaps living in the current era, we have more and more choices in the face of a wide variety of men’s clothing, but it is also a style to return the essence of men’s clothing to the classic style, showing the true connotation of men’s unique and enduring personality charm.No matter how the environment changes, there is always a piece of clothing that can survive the passage of time and have a permanent place in your closet.


Business Director at Shanghai Fumao Clothing Co.,LTD

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