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As a timeless classic in the fashion world, jeans can be said to be a must-have item in the wardrobe of the fashion elite in four seasons.Some people say that the people who love to wear cowboy, must have a Bohemian love free soul.Today, let’s take a trip to “Cowboy costume World” to unlock the new season of fashion!

1.Colorful cowboys are full of energy

Traditional denim blue has not been able to meet the tide people wear experience, colorful, to bloom personality.The active color match is much loved, the color cowboy has added the rich and colorful modelling to the life.This season continues on the season tonal, make public bold color will become the key color of 2020/22 qiu Dong Danning market.Core colours will continue to be the basis of the palette, while fresh powder waxes, new neutrals and bold brights are all fresh and innovative for the denim pieces.SMAGLI (Foshan Shunde Chuanyuan clothing) is particularly dazzling in its colorful jeans, with a prominent tie-dye style, and Benhong clothing’s pale denim wash series, which is particularly in line with the lightness and brilliance of summer.With the promotion of environmental protection technology and technology, more socially responsible ways are explored to create more expressive washing effects. Combined with laser washing technology, more technological innovations are brought to jeans. Meanwhile, pickling has become the focus of technological design.

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2.Fashion and comfortable

With epidemic affect consumer and comfort on clothes wear more seriously, this women’s wear cowboy profile to focus on practical and comfort, flares, tall waist, wide-legged pants type restoring ancient ways to return to the public such as vision, straight leg replaced leggings as joker sheet is tasted, color matching, flanging, beam foot mouth refresh cowboy profile details such as design, sen’s companies such as orchid, baina lates lang day showed their latest women’s wear cowboy series, ms jeans become more fashion, high-end, the cowboy also gradually attract more women in the workplace.

This season’s core tannins for men include environmentally sustainable, retro and retro silhouettes that are versatile and comfortable, while the design details, wash and finish are refreshed.With the unique design for the classic denim style into a new creative, the same color suit and single product has a strong cross-season appeal. 

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3.Retro ecology, green jeans

Complying with the revival of style restoring ancient ways, designer of the late 70 s and 80 s of forthright and sincere attitude, restoring ancient ways through tone for unsold cowboy, new recycling jeans annotation elements, with the more primitive elements increase the indigo denim texture, using a laser and new progress of the technology of ozone, to back under the nature original cowboy charm, close to the natural environment of aesthetic perception, injected modern elegant aesthetic feeling to the new era of female temperament and lasting vitality.

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4.The finishing touch, the details win

The birth of a finished garment is not only the perfection of style design, but also the foil of clothing accessories.This season’s classic accessories have been upgraded in both technology and appearance.The patterns with a strong sense of design are presented externally in the form of sticking cloth. Environmentally friendly materials are mostly selected in terms of materials and presented in combination with various technologies.Dynamic tassels and blingbling chains add to the style’s streetwear attitude…With a little ingenuity, your jeans can stand out in the crowd, cool and cool!

Jeans after more than 100 years of transformation, as a timeless fashion design elements, interpretation of fadeless fashion.Any season, any occasion, any class, jeans can always play a different style of melody, attracting countless followers to sing forever……Experiencing the development and evolution of the modern personality trend, catering to the amorous feelings and expressions of various shapes, cowboy clothing has already become a fashion weapon to detonate the personality charm.

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Love denim, you can’t miss the generation process of our factory, of course, the cowboy world, here, not only to be able to unlock this season most the tannin IN trend, still can feel the cowboy bring us eternal spirit – that is brave, persistence, take the bull by the horns, indomitable and when we were IN leisure and comfortable jeans, also can try to feel the spirit of the meaning behind it!I guess that’s why cowboys are so popular.


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