Jeans are stylish if you wear them right!

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No matter what the annual trend is, jeans will always be a classic.

For example, jeans with small feet can make your legs longer and slimmer, which is definitely a must-have item for every girl, versatile and suitable for all seasons.

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There’s also wide-leg pants, which have a silhouette that gives them a retro feel, not only to hide the flesh from the legs, but also to avoid problems such as legs that aren’t straight, thick or short.

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Easy to wear versatile jeans, not only ordinary people like, even stars love it.

Jassica is a jeans-crazy.Whether it’s for personal clothing or at the airport, jeans are definitely the most worn item of clothing.

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There is “pony” Kim Hyun A, want to thin straight legs, small hips, according to her wear on the ~

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LISA, the “human Barbie”, is also a big fan of jeans, which look casual and slim when worn casually.

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While jeans are easy to wear and easy to wear, it can be hard to choose a pair of jeans that fit the bill. After all, a bad look can be a disaster in just a few minutes.

And you often wonder why fashion bloggers, even on the street, see other people looking so good in jeans when we’re just plain plain and show a lot of leg weakness.

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In addition to the cold weather now, sneaking long Johns into the jeans is to keep warm, but wearing out the appearance is radish legs, bucket waist, jeans and layers of wrinkles at the end of the day, really difficult.

So, in order to let everyone can wear good, good-looking and warm jeans, small make up found this autumn and winter “super crafty” you shirt Qi plus velvet high-waisted pants.

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With velvet inside, wearing only one pair of pants in winter won’t freeze your legs.

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What’s more, the jeans are perfectly tailored and tailored, giving a sense of elongated proportions behind them.

And the elastic foot, the high waist design and the fitting degree are completely OK, after wearing the movement freely, does not have to walk the stomach all the time.

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There are black and dark blue options.

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Recommended reasons:

1, add velvet inside delicate and warm, winter must!

2. The elastic is not tight and fits the figure well;

3. Waist and buttocks slimming curve design, instantly with thin legs and small hips;

4. Well-tailored trousers make legs more slender and slender visually;

5, joker all autumn/winter clothing, shoes and boots, do not pick leg, do not pick the figure!

1.The elastic is comfortable and not tight Slim curve design, fit not loose

When it comes to jeans, the most important thing is the shape.
If the version is not the right shape, it will be easy to wear legs short, thick legs, or even exposed the problem of leg shape, a careless will become five figure.

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Therefore, this pair of jeans optimizes the cutting design of waist and trouser legs on the basis of slim-fitting small-legged pants, which makes the legs more slender and slender visually, creating a pair of eight meters of long legs in one second.

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In particular, the high-waisted design and the cut of the hips hide all the proud flesh at the waist, so that the legs look super straight from the front and the side, and also outline the curve of the hips so that you don’t have to pull in your stomach when you walk.

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In short, I just want to say that even if I don’t have long legs, At least I have this pair of jeans to make them look longer!

It’s not enough to pass the cut, but the bounce of skinny jeans is also important.

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After all, high waist and tight design, if the elasticity is not good, it is easy to choke the stomach, if eating too much, you will feel uncomfortable all day long.

And these jeans are super elastic, bouncy, not tight, and don’t have to worry about loose-fitting.

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After wearing the movement freely, squat high lift legs are completely sharp, and fit is also very excellent.

Jeans will not cut flesh after taking off, super comfortable.

2.Inside the pile warm lock air permeability is strong, not bloated

Buy a pair of winter jeans, and the most important thing is, of course, to stay warm.

A layer of short velvet was added to the small leg pants of You Shangqi, which can keep warm in cold winter.

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When the body heat passes through the suede, it is reflected back to the body, forming a constant insulation layer.

So in the process of wearing will not feel cold, very comfortable and skin-friendly.

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It keeps you warm, but you don’t have to worry about being airtight. It’s so uncomfortable to have your whole leg stuck in your pants.

You shirt Qi’s small foot pants, no matter it is jeans fabric or short velvet, have very good air permeability, let the skin breathe freely.

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But!You really don’t have to worry about thickening your legs after adding fleece. They will look slender and long after wearing.

3.The details are in place, selected fabrics, no fading and deformation after washing

The buttons of the jeans are sewn very stably, so there is no need to worry about the button being broken when you buy them and put them on. The zipper is also very smooth and does not lag.

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The jeans are made of cotton denim with high elasticity, smooth feel and clear lines.

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And it has been wear-resistant test, will not pilling, and will not be damaged by daily friction.

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The underside of the jeans is also very snug, with fine workmanship, tight threading and no hair.

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No matter how brush, stick, pull will not drop hair, nap are firmly sewn in the pants.

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Moreover, the color will not fade when washing, and the fabric and quality are completely qualified.

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4.Wear “crafty” pants in autumn and winter to keep warm and stylish

We all wear a heavier top half in the winter, and the best way to avoid getting crushed is to wear skinny jeans with a high waist.

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And small or the leg body proportion is not very good girls, wearing high-waisted jeans will feel the body proportion is elongated.

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When it comes to styling, not to mention wearing knee boots for fall and winter, skinny jeans are an unmistakable classic.

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No matter wearing a windbreaker, suit jacket, down jacket is completely OK.

Combine them with ugg boots and Martin boots, not to mention boots that don’t make you look bloated and short on your legs, and they’re all very stylish.

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There are black and blue to choose from, which are both useless and error-free colors!

Add velvety on the back of the fabric is not bloated, do not show the legs thick, elastic!


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