How to choose and buy a down jacket in deep winter? It’s too fashionable!

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In cold weather, a warm down jacket is like sending carbon through the snow.But down jackets don’t seem to be a fashionable item in our minds.

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It’s time to ditch your stereotypes!

Once synonymous with “bloat,” the down jacket is now a common sight on fashion shows, and many designers have given it a new upgrade interpretation.

Wear A Matching Down Jacket 2

Now it has long abandoned the previous stuffy image, with a more novel patchwork posture, the pursuit of fashion and personality.

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As eiderdown and cotton-padded clothes modelling is on this season catwalk revive, as well as the change of trend of autumn winter tide, no matter be version model, material, colour, detail or each respect such as sewing craft, appeared a series of the eiderdown modelling that has a hotspot extremely.

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Today we are going to give the down jacket its proper reputation. If you choose the right style, the down jacket can be stylish and good-looking.

Short down jacket

After experiencing the break of a few seasons before reorganization, the expressive technique of today short down jacket presents with a variety of forms profusion.Be like detachable type, belt type, irregular type to wait to add new bright spot to down jacket.

Bright color pattern and different materials also bring a new visual effect, so that the new woman’s personality and soft beauty can be presented completely.

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Material material on short down jacket is also more and more inclined to use luster to have the new fabric of simple sense, the style is more and more fashionable and thick.
The sense of quantity created by overfilling cashmere, combined with color and material, makes it easy for young consumers to create a brand new down jacket style.

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But the shape is too inflated, does not fit the body type or to choose carefully, far will become a ball, then slim will let the clothes completely “eat” out.

So how do you choose?

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Recommend commodities

1.If by Land pearl-black velvet jacket

Even if you don’t care about fashion trends, you will notice that in the past two years, more and more people have been wearing “plastic”, PVC and glossy materials.

Try this “pearl black” that ordinary people can also manage. A little bit of pearl sense will make you more individual and avant-garde, and make you instantly become a trendrider in the season.

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This down jacket is made of this year’s new custom polyester fabric, which is soft, thick and tough, and feels good.The slightly matte pearl black is also very special.

This is in the past down jacket fabric is not seen, I believe a hand will let you fondle admiringly.

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The fabric is filled with 90% white duck down of the national inspection standard, with large hair and few pedunks.If you press it with your hand, it will quickly return to its original shape.

You should know that good velvet has resilience, so you can keep a larger air layer for heat preservation and heat insulation, as well as a certain windproof, waterproof and breathable function, not easy to touch ash, better care.

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The down jacket is also a classic hooded style to keep it warm and stylish.The cuff part has a hidden button which can be adjusted and tightened.Front flap zipper with a hidden button design, warm and windproof;

With simple square buckle belt, silhouette waist, beautify proportion, decorate waist curve.Not only suitable for any body shape, feel is very soft and delicate, not stiff and strong.

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2.Remove the HEYDRESS scarf from the down jacket

The second one recommends this large white goose with BGM, which is not only warm but also elegant.White also can appear very luxurious in the depressed environment of qiu Dong, wrap type design also can give a person ineffable comfort feeling.

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This down jacket continues the trend of bread wear, and integrates more feminine lines and curves on this basis, and disseminates the design skills of fashion from the concept of practical wearing to the letter.

The combination of down and scarf collar alone has attracted numerous likes.The large down neck slay is detachable, easy to pick up, handsome and warm.

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It is also very interesting to take off the scarf, and instantly change it into a neat and handsome small stand-up collar and shoulder-falling style down jacket, with a graceful and graceful curve.

Simple and classic transverse twist stitch technology makes the overall silhouette more fashionable and stylish. The cuff is equipped with a clasp that can be closed and wind-resistant. It is also convenient and easy to move, so that you will not shiver in this winter.

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Selected 90% white duck down, with large, fluffy and soft down, comfortable and breathable, high down content, more soft and warm to wear.The minimum S size is up to 160.5g.

To sum up, it is a rare treasure that can be elegant or small and sweet.

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3.Ira&yanng and a down jacket

As a fashion brand that specializes in the style of “modern retro”, Ira&Yanng has been committed to exploring the trend and retro in every corner of the world since its establishment, hoping to bring girls a more texture lifestyle through the different clothes of each series.

So with this vintage modern, textured down jacket, how can you not have one in your closet?

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This once-in-a-lifetime design has a large v-neck and a detachable fur collar at the neck, which will not irritate the skin when it comes in direct contact. It is gentle and expensive.

A soft creamy white that matches well.Micro-slim design, coupled with the original unique belt, has always been boring down jacket fashion sense immediately.

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The hem that puts gradually, not only present the waist line that gives fine good-looking, still can cover small belly.Young and stylish, it keeps you warm without getting too bloated.

Down is evenly distributed, not easy to shift and intercept, and has heat storage capacity Max.The design of small sliding shoulders weakens the expansion degree of down and makes the upper body appear thin and slender.

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In addition to its superior design, the down jacket is made of polyester fiber, which helps prevent rain from getting wet inside and makes outdoor travel easier.

Anti-fleece technology, long fleece fiber, light and fast dry, superior warmth.

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4.Elopement Two-color multi-method white eiderdown down jacket

Want to look effortlessly stylish?Take a look at this amazing two-color down jacket.

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There is a loop of stuffed collar at the left front of the collar. It feels very soft and can be passed through at one end of the collar.The scarf can also be pulled up from the sides of the hem to your favorite position.

4 ways to wear and change as you wish.Detachable design is simply the Gospel of matching manias, inspiring more inspiration to wear.

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Two diagonal pockets are secured with a black buckle.The pocket and the door cylinder use the copper bottom alloy black buckle, the cost is high, the surface, the bottom is round and smooth, very advanced.

Inside the cuff is elastic band, which can evenly tighten and keep warm.

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The whole lining adopts the back and middle retention space, which is more inclusive.

The scarf collar is fixed in the back center by the zipper, leaving a margin of 1cm for easy removal.This cloth belt can be detachable, sports wind impact color resin buckle, fashion age reduction.

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90% white duck down is light, warm and environmentally friendly. It is easy to wear. The higher the down content is, the higher the fluffiness is and the better the warmth is.

Bright color, no skin irritation, advanced fabrics no odor.

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Medium length down jacket

When the length of the down jacket extends from the short to the medium length, it means that your body will be wrapped up more warmly, but with it will be more lumpy.

The solution at this time is to try to choose slim or belt money, it will not look so bloated;The second option is to choose A flat side or A small A shape, which can also look slimmer.

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Among them H edition model is the simplest and agile design, very inclusive to any figure.Small girls should pay attention to the length of the best in the hips, this is the least pressure on the height of the choice.

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5.NewYogO white duck down medium length down jacket

A down jacket with a big fur collar is always a must-have in winter, but when the collar is too big, a mid-length jacket is a safe bet for all heights.

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NewYogO’s down jacket features a hooded design and a removable fox nap collar, which gives it a rich soft undercoat and a smooth feel that keeps it warm and textured.
The fabric is selected solid and wear-resistant brocade cotton fabric, quite wide and not easy to deformation, comfortable to wear and take care of.The inside is filled with 90 white eiderdown, with strong warmth and high comfort.

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In addition to the windproof fabric, this down jacket also has several three-dimensional bags with large pockets, which add a little style of work style color;The lantern sleeve can also be folded into a variety of wear.

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Add in just enough length to cover the hips, and both the waist and bottom have been fitted with a drawstring design that tightens them up and is friendly to small people.

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6.Newyogo simple medium long down jacket woman

With the rapid development of practical economy and the pursuit of simple and convenient life rhythm, the simple fashion sense has become the first choice of down coats.

For example, niu Yuguo this year launched a simple, dynamic down jacket, which is very everyday but wearable and versatile.Don’t pick people, especially for small people.

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The two styles of collar and windproof cuffs make this down jacket comfortable to wear and warm to the cold.Selected texture resin buckle, warm feel, soft color.Pocket design is convenient and practical.
The sleeves did not fall off the shoulders, but the version is still more suitable, so some adjustments have been made in the amount of charging, it looks slimming effect is obvious.

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The clothing body is loose straight tube version, so the inclusiveness is also stronger.

The quilted design does not look overstuffed or puffy even if it is filled with enough down, and the upper version is more fluid and slim.

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The surface of the fabric is matte matte texture, low-key delicate and natural;The texture of the grid is just right, 90% of the white eiderdown filled inside is light and warm, together to create a simple atmosphere of the overall feeling.

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Long down jacket

Of all the down jackets, the best one to buy is actually a long one that covers the whole body.After all, not only is it the most warm, but it can be worn with any style inside.

Looking at the trend of recent years, it is not difficult to find that the enlarged version of down jacket has dominated several seasons as a must-have item in autumn and winter.

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But does a long down jacket that is too long and loose create a pinching effect?Wouldn’t you be a little unkind to small people?

To avoid this risk, simply choose the side of the calf as far as possible and make sure that the length of the smallest ankle is visible.

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The neckline of a long down jacket is also an important choice.

Small lapels are more upright than large ones.A hoodie that is too big is even more flattering for girls with wide shoulders and thick backs.

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7.Fano Studios Raccoon feather collar long down jacket

First of all, I recommend this kind of parker down jacket with rope pulling, stitching and irregularity. It is suitable for girls who pursue comfort, nature, enjoy life and pursue themselves.

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This down jacket adopts the style with its own sense of tooling, which is straightforward and efficient. The H-shaped silhouette is very tolerant to the figure.

The waist specially designs the drawstring detail, may adjust present two kinds of modelling at will;The waist shape shows more curves, shows higher and thinner, and the loose shape is natural, relaxed and leisure.

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The cuffs are loose and comfortable, and even if you fold and wear a thicker inner pair, you won’t feel too tight or uneven, which makes your wrists feel more slender.

Simple diagonal bag is comfortable and practical, always warm your hands, the back fork is humanized and convenient for activities.

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The selected fabric is not only comfortable, the colors are often used in red and black nowadays, two kinds of colors and two kinds of temperament, classic and novel.

Dressed with a full raccoon hair collar, it is warm and expensive.

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8.Under the banana series down jacket thick long style

Fabric and version is always the focus of the new season, the use of new fabrics and the popularization of intelligent filling down technology also makes this year’s down jacket more functional sense.

Finally, we introduce a black tech down jacket, which can keep the down dry and fluffy even in rain and snow.

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This full-length, high-density shuttle knit down jacket has a moisture permeability of up to 3000G+(g/(m ·24h)) and uses black technology silver ions for heating.

The ring waist uses hot silver ion printing technology heating fabric, through infrared thermal reflection to achieve radiation heating, warm waist and warm palace.

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In the fabric, the ironing film process of the compound machine imported from Germany is used to form a mild water-repellent effect on the surface, and the occasional contamination is also convenient for cleaning.

At the same time, the high-quality down of the breast and abdomen of the self-white duck was selected, with a velvet content of up to 90% and above.The content of velveteen is about 90%, with 520+ elasticity, soft and comfortable touch.

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The hem lengthens to the calf nearly the whole body wraps the wind and locks the warm;Concise and generous micro arc, clipping is agile, loose and comfortable H outline can lengthen body proportion, also slim body show waist line.

The double-end and two-way zipper design makes it more convenient to open and close up and down, and the hidden button on the hem side is also more comfortable and convenient to open and close, which can extend freely and move freely.

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In addition, the high-neck neck circumference is splicing anti-pilling wool fabric, with double-breasted neck guard front and removable large cap shape, to further upgrade the warmth, care for the neck skin, and improve the warmth and comfort of the neck.

The fleece inside the pocket is like a warm baby. The outer zipper closure is convenient for storage, but it also provides a warm and comfortable space for hands.

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Originally developed to resist the cold and bad weather, the down jacket is gradually changing in appearance and performance, which not only gives us more choices, but also gives us a sense of security like a boyfriend while being fashionable in winter.

Enjoy the snazzy and warm winter days they bring you.


Business Director at Shanghai Fumao Clothing Co.,LTD

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