A “magic” fabric!After the development of a textile printing and dyeing enterprise, the annual increase of profits over ten million!

Hemp Blended Knitted Fabric 2

Recently, Fujian Fengzhu Textile Technology Co., LTD. “hemp blended knitting fabric development key technology and industrialization” project, was awarded China Textile Industry Federation knitting underwear innovation contribution award.

Phoenix bamboo textile technology director Zhang Xin told reporters that in recent years, the global demand for “green” environmental protection is growing.Therefore, people gradually realize that the development of renewable biomass resources, the development of biomass economy has become an inevitable need.The comprehensive research and development of industrial hemp fiber meets this need.Zhang Xin, textile technical director of Fengzhu, said, “Industrial hemp fiber is mainly used in clothing in contact with human skin, known as’ the second skin of human body ‘.While hemp fiber has good comfort, it also has excellent functions such as anti-mildew, anti-bacteria, moistening skin, etc., and it can also avoid the tingling sensation caused by static electricity.

Hemp Blended Knitted Fabric 1

As hemp fiber wet gas absorption fine, fast heat moisture, good drapability, antistatic, anti-ultraviolet, soft and smooth with no tickling feeling, therefore, in the hot summer, wear hemp clothing, will not feel hot like in chemical fiber fabric, also won’t feel like a natural raw materials such as cotton, silk dress sweat sticky body when the feeling, but let a person feel cool body.”

Hemp Blended Knitted Fabric 2

Zhang Xin expresses, in advocate nowadays “return to nature, return uncut jade to return true” consumption tide falls, develop a kind of underwear that has good comfortable sex, function, health care sex, certain meeting get the favour of broad consumer.

In order to solve the problems of poor cohesion and difficulty in spinning industrial hemp, the fine processing process is complicated and the textile dyeing and finishing process is difficult.Fujian phoenix bamboo textile co., LTD cooperate with donghua university, textile institute of science and technology, using their knowledge of patent research and graduate thesis, joint development of excellent antibacterial performance wet absorption, air, soft, comfortable, healthy ecological hemp blended knitted fabrics, for industrial hemp knitted fabrics in the civilian market promotion.

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Zhang Xin tells us, the project adopts the cotton, viscose, hemp yarn as raw material, skillfully combined with the characteristics of the three types of fiber: excellent natural antibacterial properties, good wet gas absorption, soft and comfortable, and other functions, the optimization of the production of fabrics make full use of the dyeing and finishing of cotton, viscose, cannabis characteristics: wet absorption gas well, good drapability, antistatic, uv protection, soft smooth, anti-mildew, sterilization, etc.The fabric has the appearance style of natural and primitive hemp fabrics, but does not produce the itchy feeling similar to other hemp fabrics. It is comfortable to wear, soft, beautiful, generous and excellent wearing performance, especially suitable for the choice of underwear clothing fabric.

Zhang Xin, technical director of Phoenix Bamboo textiles, said we have improved the strength, wool efficiency, whiteness and feel of fabrics by changing the pretreatment of traditional processes.The selection of dyeing dyes has solved the problems of uneven color of cloth surface and white magnitude in production, improved product quality, saturated color, quietly elegant and solemn color and natural simplicity, thus achieving our design requirements of ‘return to nature and return to nature’.”

Hemp Blended Knitted Fabric 4

The project was approved and developed in June 2017. With the active cooperation of all departments, the project fabric development and fabric performance index testing will be completed in 2018.

At present, Fengzhu textile has achieved mass order production, fabric design can be widely used in indoor, outdoor and children, middle-aged and elderly all kinds of underwear, leisure, sports and health care and other clothing fabrics, and two consecutive years bring economic benefits.Among them, the profit increased by 14.5 million yuan in 2019 and 10.6 million yuan in 2020.

In addition, the project has great social benefits.

Zhang said that the cotton/viscose/hemp fiber blended fabric developed by the project can replace some high-end underwear knitted fabrics, and solve the problem that high-end underwear fabrics are too expensive for ordinary consumers to afford, so that more people can enjoy the comfort, functionality and health brought by high-end fabrics.To promote the sustainable and healthy development of China’s textile industry is also of positive significance to social and economic development.During the research and development process of this project, the problems encountered are constantly tested, verified, and solved. Finally, the best process of cotton/viscose/hemp fiber blended fabric is obtained, making certain contributions to the progress of science and technology.


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