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Down Jacket

The young gens nowadays pursues fashionable make public, individual character expresses, the fabrics that contains functional sex to have high-tech feeling becomes times new bestow favor on.Especially in the long winter, a shiny and light down jacket brings color and temperature to the dull and monotonous winter, in which the fabric carries an important role of “soul”.Our company subverts the traditional down clothing with fashion design and creative ideas, and provides more possibilities for the evolution of fashion by integrating the international fashion trend and innovative fabrics with exquisite technology and technology.

Down Jacket

High-tech bright color coating, fashionable and cool custom pattern, antibacterial and protective skin-friendly…Our company relies on many years of dedicated operation, with outstanding r & D team and rigorous technological process, first-class plant equipment, automatic production line, fabric warehouse, sample clothing board room center and other efficient R & D and production system, for the product from fashion feel functional extension provides a strong support.

Fashion design as a major feature of our company’s textile fabrics, more towards the young groups like cool, interesting.To this end, our company has implanted the “gene” of fashion technology in a whole set of processes, such as raw materials, weaving, dyeing and post-finishing, to reshape the new fashion of down clothing.”Fashion is more about colour and finishing.”Different dazzle degree, light sense and saturation of fabrics can most directly reflect the fashion attitude. New materials are selected in dyeing of the company’s products to increase color stability, richness and ductility.In the aspect of finishing process, there is more room to play, using colorful printing transfer process, release paper process and so on to enhance the aesthetics of fabrics, width and fashion.In addition, horizontal, vertical, oblique, grid, and other different weaving textures can also add color for fashion.”This year’s newly developed sharkskin and lizard skin plaid fabrics are very popular in the market.”

The functionality of the product is another highlight of niobium down jacket fabrics, which is more reflected in the application of new materials.This year, in response to the COVID-19 epidemic, a “fashion campaign” fabric developed by our company added graphene into the raw materials, which enhanced the anti-static and warmness of the fabric, and also had antibacterial, anti-mite, anti-ULTRAVIOLET and other functions, greatly improving the added value and competitiveness of the fabric.

Down Jacket Factory

In recent years, our company has been in line with the international fashion frontier, effectively connecting the fashion trend and creative design, and leading the market with fashion functional products with great sense of design.On the one hand, the company promotes the fashion trend in the communication and practice through the designer exchange meeting, fashion trend release conference and other activities, explores the new space for product development, and shares the achievements of the fashion trend.On the other hand, based on the trend analysis of the development direction of fabrics, analyze the fabric style and comfort performance of current fashion fabrics, and focus on the innovation from the aspects of raw materials, yarn, structure design and finishing process.

Down Jacket 3

Nowadays, more and more people go outdoors, walk into nature, and enjoy the fun brought by sports.As a result, a set of high protection, high adaptability of the movement of clothing has become the essential outdoor talent.Our company actively caters to the needs of this kind of consumption by means of research and development innovation, adopting international advanced textile printing and dyeing technology, greatly extending the functionality and elasticity of products, and meeting the changing needs of the complex outdoor environment.

The waterproof function is one of the most basic functions of outdoor sports fabrics. Our products can reach the waterproof level of nanometer level, and are also anti-ULTRAVIOLET products. Generally, we can only achieve anti-UV10 +, 20+, and our products can achieve anti-UV40 +.In addition, the light-sensitive and temperature-sensitive fabric, floating fabric and cool fabric have powerful functions, constantly bringing rich choices and comfortable experiences for outdoor people.

Down Jacket Fabric

This year, in view of the consumer demand for light fashion protection in the post-epidemic era, our company’s newly developed protective clothing fabric and anti-virus four-sided elastic fabric are very impressive.The protective isolation fabric can be used not only for medical protective clothing, but also for daily outdoor sports wear. It has anti-synthetic blood penetration function, can block the source of disease, and has anti-static, waterproof and moisture permeability.The antiviral activity rate of antiviral four-sided elastic fabric is up to 99.9%, and the bacteriostatic resistance rate is more than 99%, which can form effective protection.

“Based on the professional research and development of waterproof, breathable, moisture permeable, easy finishing, easy decontamination and other outdoor high-index functional products, the company is based on the innovation of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.”From the customization of raw materials, to the collection of high-tech waterproof coating and paste layer, splash water, press light and other finishing processing technology, the company aims to maximize the product functionality, to bring consumers a full range of body protection.


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