Sample test clothing to find carcinogens!How do garment enterprises achieve product quality supervision?How do consumers choose to trust products?

Fabric Quality Security

Not long ago, the Market supervision bureau of Guangdong Province conducted a sample inspection of clothing sold on the market, with samples from manufacturers in 14 countries.Results found that up to 487 companies products detected is unqualified, unqualified project involves: formaldehyde content, can decompose carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, pH value, color fastness, acid alkali fastness to perspiration, colour fastness to perspiration, dry/wet rubbing fastness, etc., the vast majority of chemicals was detected are OEKO – TEX ® international textile and leather ecology research and testing association (hereinafter referred to as the OEKO – TEX ® association) restrictions on the use of the material.

Fabric Quality Security

1. What do these tests refer to specifically?

1. Formaldehyde: anti-wrinkle agent, color fixing agent, or adhesive for pigment printing used in the production process of textiles, if not completely treated, there will be residual formaldehyde.Once absorbed by the body through the skin and respiratory tract, it can cause great damage to the nervous system and skin, and long-term exposure even has the risk of cancer.On October 27, 2017, formaldehyde was included in the list of carcinogens released by the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization (WHO).According to the requirements of the OEKo-TEX ® Association, free and releasable formaldehyde is not allowed in products for children 3 years of age and younger;The limit value of formaldehyde content in products with direct contact with skin is 75mg/kg.

2. Decomposing carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes: that is, we often say “banned azo dyes”.Azo dyes are widely used in dyeing and printing because of their wide chromatographic range and good color and light quality.In the environment of human wearing, banned azo dyes can produce carcinogenic aromatic amines if they are lysed and reduced.According to GB/T17592-2011 Determination Standard for Prohibited Azo Dyes for Textiles and regulations of OEKo-Tex ® Association, the content of resolvable aromatic amine dyes shall not exceed 20mg/kg.

3. PH value: the pH value on the normal skin surface of human body is about 5.0-7.0. If the pH value of textiles does not meet the requirements, the balance of the skin surface will be destroyed during use, which will then cause skin problems;According to the requirements of the OEKo-Tex ® Association, the textile pH should be controlled at 4.0-7.5.

4. Color fastness: includes color fastness to water, acid and alkali sweat, dry friction, saliva and sweat.If the color fastness of textiles is not qualified, in addition to the problems of decolorization and dyeing caused in the use process, if the shed dyes are absorbed by the human body, the harmful substances in them will also cause harm to the human body.

2.How should textile enterprises guarantee and control product quality on earth?

With the increasingly strict requirements on textile safety in the international market, how to ensure product quality is a difficult problem for textile enterprises.Oeko-tex ® International Textile and Leather Ecology Research and Testing Association is the world’s most authoritative and influential textile ecology research institute, since its establishment in 1992 has been committed to the detection, certification and research of a variety of textile products.

As its official representative office in China, TESTEX has issued more than 100,000 certificates and has rich experience in textile chemical analysis and testing.With TESTEX certified to STANDARD 100 by Oeko-Tex ®, the company can not only ensure the quality of products, but also reap more benefits:

Oeko Tex

1. Detailed product test report, including more than 20 major items and 300 minor items at most, to prove that the product has passed the test of harmful substances;

2. Authorized to use STANDARD 100 by Oeko-Tex ® label, which can be hung on the product in the form of woven label, printed label or tag, or directly printed on the outer package of the product, consumers can identify safe and assured products through the special sunflower logo;

3. To be included in the procurement guide on the official website of OEKo-Tex ® to increase its influence. Buyers from all over the world can retrieve from this list and contact you;

4. Experienced auditors go to the factory to provide professional advice on how to control the supplier chain and ensure high quality and consistency of products, so as to meet the multi-dimensional needs of brands and consumers.

3, How should consumers choose safe textiles?

With the increasing living standard, people pay more attention to the health and safety of products.As a consumer, how can you purchase safe and assured clothing in the market?

In fact, it is very simple, after the certification of the product will have a label, when buying clothing, if you find the product hanging sunflower logo on the product, you can rest assured to buy!


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