What’s it like to own a hoodie made out of 22 plastic bottles?

Environment Friendly Hoodies 1

People who like to wear sweaters bring their own qualities of “freedom and valour”.

Along with the sex does also bring the hair with unique temperament;A face that even without makeup can recognize at a glance, a well-worn hoodie that looks comfortable;A pair of jeans that have been worn so many times that they have become soft and portable.

“A wild, unfettered, youthful quality of freedom.”

We made a hoodie out of 22 recycled plastic bottles, which fits in perfectly with the casual youth.

Environment Friendly Hoodies 2

No matter you have what kind of style background color, little not a simple hoodie.
When the seemingly monotonous but free plastic meets the seemingly random but infinite inspiration youth, let us release our purer self together and realize the infinite possibilities of the future!

A hoodie can be worn with any outfit

“What to wear today/tomorrow?”Usually, everyone will go through this kind of “soul interrogation” in the early morning or late night.When thinking runs out of time, people are more likely to make a quick decision: “Just wear a hoodie.”

Environment Friendly Hoodies 3

Needless to say, when you open your wardrobe and decide to mix and match among the dazzling assortments of bright, modern and retro clothes, hoodies are a kind of “dressing elixir” that can solve the dilemma of the century.
So we’ve come up with a special eco-friendly regenerated hoodie that we hope will inspire you more about your life and make it a perfect choice for your everyday wear.

Environment Friendly Hoodies 4

Fabric with “plastic” texture

Although it is an environment-friendly regenerated hoodie, comfort and style is still its background color.We choose a blend of 45% recycled polyester and 55% organic cotton, which combines the performance benefits of both materials with a sustainable lifestyle.The outer fiber is fine and strong, and the inner ring is fluffy and soft.

Environment Friendly Hoodies 5

Let’s start with recycled polyester, a new eco-friendly fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.It is essentially the same as the polyester fabric that often accompanies us, but it has experienced a magical regeneration journey.
These recycled bottles have to go through 12 professional procedures, such as sorting, cleaning, slicing and weaving, and pass the double test of international recycling standards and national quality inspection standards before they can finally become a trend environmental protection commodity.

Environment Friendly Hoodies 6.webp

The organic cotton in the fabric bears the excellent quality of flexibility, breathability and comfort.Organic cotton in the process of cultivation “care”, completely do not use chemical agents and artificial compound fertilizer, is a real pure natural pollution-free fabric.

Environment Friendly Hoodies 7.webp

Living in the city surrounded by steel and cement, we seldom touch the natural touch. We hope to present people’s wear and use in front of you with a simple and true core, and feel a simple, relaxed and comfortable beautiful state.

A pattern of character

Details decided the soul of hoddie, each hoddie has his little gout, design is the most direct reflection.We designed this eco-friendly recycled hoodie with a simple, hand-painted design.Deliver a sustainable lifestyle that can also follow nature.

Environment Friendly Hoodies 8.webp

The pattern on the chest acts as a kind of “social language”, which enables people wearing two similar hoodies to understand the convenience when they meet.

Environment Friendly Hoodies 9

Traceable carbon reduction

We share carbon emission reduction data issued by industry authorities for you who love sustainable lifestyle.There is a QR code on the label of each environment-friendly recycled sweatshirt, which you can scan with your phone to find a surprise.Not surprisingly, these small actions, which we think of as small actions, add up to make a big difference.

Environment Friendly Hoodies 10.webp

Although we are in an era of rapid consumption, we still call for responsible purchase and trial.Thank you for every one of you who cherish the environment and live seriously.

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The details are original

Cuffs and pockets reflect the valiantly neat “hoodie spirit.”Small items such as mobile phone door cards also have temporary “resting places”.Casual hands into the bag, small movements can also show attitude.

Environment Friendly Hoodies 12.webp

After repeated testing and adjustment of the fabric ratio, in the details of the line also dare not relax, taking into account the comfort and tenacity.In order to keep it with you for a long time, these pain points about hoodies have been carefully considered for you.

Environment Friendly Hoodies 13.webp

The classic hooded design provides a small safety cushion in the unexpected wind and rain.Oh, and the same goes for those moments when you really need your space.

Environment Friendly Hoodies 14.webp

Match with the same color drawstring.Tie knots, fasten buttons, tighten, get creative, and “make a little change” on small details to bring unexpected freshness.

Environment Friendly Hoodies 15.webp
Environment Friendly Hoodies 16.webp

When you go out for the weekend, grab whatever you can and go.Undistracted relaxation during weekly cabin cleaning hours;In the shuttle in the city of the busy time, no restraint of the display of boxing;On a park bench full of leaves, soft and empty…These wonderful moments that you can have effortlessly are sustainable.
Just like the environment-friendly regenerated hoodie that are also born because of sustainability, I hope these 22 bottles can be reborn as your good friends in these wonderful moments and inspire infinite inspiration in life.


Business Director at Shanghai Fumao Clothing Co.,LTD

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