The enduring style of pants is the straight leg pants

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Recently, every day before going out, I would struggle with what to wear for a long time, after all, it is too difficult to wear both warm and beautiful clothes?In addition to the jacket and interior, pants are also the key to the overall look?

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But actually want to wear a slimmer look is not to rely on the number of subtraction, but the version of the pants, the material plays a decisive role.
I’m going to introduce it to you today
Pantsuits suitable for cold winter weather
Commuter & casual
If there’s one type of pants that’s going to last forever, it’s the straight leg pants.It starts at the base of the thighs (knee to calf the same width), and it’s not easy to go wrong with casual pants when you don’t know what to wear.

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Straight leg pant version is very friendly for girls who want to embellish their legs with imperfect lines!Can contain knee is not straight and slightly thick crus, eyeful is straight leg!

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A classic wardrobe must-have is denim straight pants. Plain blue can also be worn for a neat look.

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While white pants tend to be puffy and bulky, white straight pants don’t look fat, but clean and high-class.

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Straight pants in the material pattern is more and more, corduroy, wool, suit fabric take turns on the battle.

Corduroy material and autumn and winter very match, with a little casual sense, vertical corduroy lines will have a visually thin effect.

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And wool, suit fabric straight pants will be a little more formal.The single pleat at the front also adds shape to straight pants.

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Product recommendations

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Straight Leg Pants 9
Dress trousers in navy blue with fine wrinkles
Straight Leg Pants 10
Straight Leg Pants 11
Corduroy high-waisted hem pants

As the pear-shaped figure I was not little to pick pants worry, a little careless can magnify the buttock big, thigh thick shortcoming.But it’s hard to make a mistake with tapered or turnip pants!

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What they have in common is a strong tolerance for the body, “wide at the top and narrow at the bottom” version of the design can skillfully embellish the crotch and thighs, just enough to cover the awkward parts.

Take a look at the same blogger wearing wide-leg pants versus tapered pants, and the slim-leg effect is immediate.

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The width of the legs of tapered pants decreases from top to bottom. Compared with radish pants, the width below the knee is narrower and the range of the legs is larger. It is suggested that students with relatively slender legs should choose tapered pants.

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Friends who have not tried must try, tie-in pointed boots or high-heeled shoes, more tall and straight figure, and pointed shoes can elongate the line.

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For those who like a casual, street-style look, you can slip loose turnip pants into your boots, and the colors of your tops and boots will look cool.

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Belt trim tapered pants
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Straight Leg Pants 19
Forride high-waisted turnip pants

This year all the major brands are offering woolen knitted trousers, whether they are bound or wide legs, which have become a must-have item for fashionable and sophisticated hands.Exquisite fabric material lets a person bring languid to feel lazily.

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A classic is Total Look’s complete knit ensemble.It’s convenient and stylish to wear together. Getting out in 5 minutes is not a dream!

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Bunched version of the knitted trouser suit is especially suitable for small people, show the figure does not pressure the height.But the soft texture is not suitable for crotch big star person.

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Pair it with a top in the same color

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Straight Leg Pants 24
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Knitted wide-leg pants
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Straight Leg Pants 27
Wool knitted sweatpants

In recent years, autumn and winter leather pants are particularly popular, and the design is more and more “close to the people”, color, edition are a hundred patterns.

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Leather leggings aren’t very pear-friendly. Everyone can tell you’re pear-shaped.It is recommended that you choose straight, tapered, loose-fitting leather pants.

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Leather pants are best worn in Soft Leather. While lacquered leather is a bit more eye-catching, it’s not as crisp and durable as matte.

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Animal pattern leather pants come with a sense of chic and cool, double magnify the air field, with solid color items cleverly put the visual focus on the legs.

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Daily wear even if only with a simple solid color sweater, “one soft and one hard” material can enhance fashion.

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Straight Leg Pants 33
Straight Leg Pants 34
Rice white trousers in imitation of lamb skin
Straight Leg Pants 35
Straight Leg Pants 36
Fake leather wide-leg pants

In fact, only clear his body features, leg advantages and disadvantages, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, ability will not choose wrong when choosing pants, online shopping is not afraid of mistakes.


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