What is it like to wear a suit in 30-degree heat?

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In a 30-degree heat environment, you will choose a loose casual T-shirt or a formal and solemn suit? I believe most people will choose T-shirts for comfort and coolness, but in fact, there are always occasions that need a suit to manage.

As a representative of men’s senior sense and texture, suit regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter will be favored by some men, after all, the suit can reflect the ordinary single product difficult to achieve the gentleman and elegant, so that the whole person looks refreshed and senior. However, what would it be like to wear a suit in 30-degree heat? In fact, it is not necessary to sacrifice comfort and freshness, follow the fashionable celebrities to wear this, easy to harvest fashionable and exquisite and comfortable.

In the 30 degrees heart of Florence, this year’s spring and summer men’s fashion week is in full swing and preparation, many fashionistas arrived at this fashion gathering place to open the leading fashion model, through the form of street photography to convey the fashion attitude. Even if the weather is hot, there are still many hipsters who choose the suit as their fashion match, but with the season is not at all incongruous, I have to say that the suit is indeed a timeless classic in men’s match.

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Although the suit represents a gentleman’s style and solemn elegance, in Florence, a fashion gathering place, most of the trendsetters choose to match the suit in a more fashionable, more casual, and comfortable way, not only to make the suit no longer look dull and bound in the summer, but also to add more fashion effect.

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A. Suit pattern and style selection

When choosing a suit, a smooth cut and line seem to be one of the signs of success, and unlike women’s fashion where a blazer is a fashion item, people tend to let the suit come in the form of a suit in their daily lives. However, after looking at the street photography of Florence fashionistas, you will find more ways to open up about the blazer version and style.

It is true that a suit that fits the curves of the body will make the whole person look more formal, but for the summer, it will also add a bit of constraint and dullness, even if the trendy people in the choice of conventional style suit will also cooperate with the form of pulling up the trouser legs, untie the lapel to relieve the dullness and add a sense of leisure.

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In fact, loose blazers are already widely available in women’s fashion, and this slightly loose line is not out of place in menswear. Especially on the streets of Florence in 30 degrees, a loose blazer will make the whole person look much more comfortable, and the visual constraint will be cleared away, and the fashionable atmosphere.

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A variety of pants can relieve the dull sense of constriction

In the same way, the pants version and style can also be more diverse, you do not have to stick to the western pants, refer to Florence Men’s Fashion Week street photography, I believe you will get more inspiration.

The first thing is that pants with loose effect and pleated feeling will make the whole person more casual, sweep away the traditional western pants formal, the whole person will look more energetic and fresher.

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The lighter the material is, the more casual and handsome the person will be, so that the inherent solemnity of the suit will be balanced, and the gentleman will be elegant while not losing the trend. The fashionistas on the streets of Florence chose to pair their blazers with thin, wide-legged pants, which really looked fresh, comfortable and stylish, and did not go against the hot weather.

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Since the pant’s material and shape can make a big change, it is also worth trying a novel match of shorts with a suit. Although shorts are not suitable for many formal occasions, a blazer is enough to start a fashion trend.

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Second, accessories with diversity

On the basis of the suit, each fashionista chooses a new and unique collocation to make the fashion degree increase greatly, eliminating the suit and the summer defiance, making the collocation more seasonal characteristics.

Simplify the inner wear, white T is more manly

Just like the pants are not the only choice of suit pants, the inner suit is not bound to the shirt and tie, many of the fashionable people in street photography have chosen a more simple white T as the innerwear, both to simplify the overall line, but also to highlight the manly taste through the body-fitting inner-wear.

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Multiple types of shoes to transform the overall style

Shoes also exist a variety of options, nine-quarter pants with Louboutins to reveal the ankle, so that the overall sense of dullness is relieved, but also for the suit of elegance added a few “wild”, the overall transformation into a yuppie style, more fashionable.

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The addition of sneakers will be more dynamic, the whole temperament will become lively, if coupled with more vibrant color with, will be a few more age-defying effects. However, in the choice of sneakers need to pay attention to the synchronization of trouser style, do not cut too big to produce discord.

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Third, say goodbye to the traditional color scheme, see how the trendsetters with

Another reason why it’s hard to associate suits with the summer heat is the color scheme, which is often dark in tone, while the cool tone of summer is often based on a fresh color scheme.

The lighter tones can largely alleviate the dullness, and pure white is too formal, beige and khaki is the best choice between the two, many hipsters will also be in the combination of the two colors, highlighting the layers without showing heavy.

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In addition to solid colors, patterned or patterned designs are also a good choice to ease the solemnity of the suit’s shape. The striped design is simple yet stylish, and the multi-color combination makes the match more layered.

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Even if the overall tone of the suit is mainly dark, adding bright stripes on top of this can effectively add layers and make the match more dynamic. If you are bold and trendy enough, you can also choose to add personality and uniqueness with a colorful design like fashionable celebrities.

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The more “exaggerated” pattern design is the combination of print and clash of colors, I have to say that this can greatly shift the visual center of gravity, so that the presence of the suit to reduce the attention to the color of the flowers, through such a flamboyant color scheme, the summer atmosphere is completely mobilized, directly highlighting the avant-garde fashion.

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Thirty degrees of heat to wear a suit does sound “sweaty”, but in fact is not so bad, Florence Men’s Fashion Week street photography emerged in such a stylish and handsome suit with has said it all, follow the fashion big shot so wear, let the suit and summer-perfect blend!

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