The woman who can wear a shirt is really fashionable!

shirt 25

A light body to encounter the blossoms.

I went through my entire closet.

I still think the shirt is the most suitable.

shirt 1

Summer shirts have the right amount of thickness.

Whether worn alone or layered

It allows the skin to breathe freely.

It looks simple and simple.

But it can be worn in a variety of ways.

shirt 2


Let’s take a look at it.

How to wear this shirt belongs to the summer.

shirt 3

Shirt worn alone

1.waistband wearing method

It is a shirt tied into the waist of the pants or skirt.

shirt 4

Half Corset

Tuck part of the hem of your shirt into the waist of your pants.

shirt 5

The arc formed by the front and back hem of the shirt

The front and back hem of the shirt form a curve that not only visually shows the length of the legs.

You can also make your shirt look fashionable immediately.

shirt 6

Full Girdle

The full corset method.

As the name implies, the hem of the shirt is

The hem of the shirt is completely tucked into the waist.

shirt 7

Choose a slightly loose-fitting shirt.

A pair of high-waisted pants/skirt.

Together, it not only adjusts the proportion of the upper and lower body

You can also make your whole outfit more relaxed.

shirt 8

2. Appropriate exposure of the collarbone

When wearing a shirt alone

You can unbutton the button closest to the collar to

The neckline and collarbone are slightly exposed.

shirt 9

Since it is showing the shoulder and neckline.

You should wear a necklace.

With a necklace, the shirt look

It will also have a higher quality.

shirt 10

3. Tie a knot

Grab the hem of the shirt and

Tie a knot in it again.

A bow at the waist will give you more shape.

shirt 11

And the originally dignified and formal shirt

can instantly become casual and lazy.

shirt 12

Shirt Stacking

For all the fashionable people

For all the fashionistas, dressing is always a “seasonal blur”.

Even so

The beauty of the layers of clothing should not be lost.

shirt 13

Although it is already early summer, the

But it is still a little bit cooler in the morning and evening.

You can use the shirt stacking method cleverly.

shirt 14

1. Shirt + blazer

When choosing to wear a shirt in this layering method

Be careful to avoid a sense of tiredness.

shirt 15

Remember the rule of dressing loosely on the outside and tight on the inside.

Try to choose a slimmer-fit shirt.

shirt 16

3. Shirt + knitted vest

An oversize knit vest.

with a shirt.

This is a great way to wear a shirt.

It can also reduce the age and show playfulness.

shirt 17

If your knit vest is a solid color.

Just let the shirt that is used as an inner layer stand out a bit more.

Pair it with a shirt with a little thoughtful design.

You can also wear it with a brighter color shirt.

shirt 18

3. Shirt + knitted shirt (shawl wear)

If you feel that wearing a shirt alone will be slightly monotonous.

Then try to find a thin knitted

Put it on your shoulders

shirt 19

Then it was wrapped around the bodice and tied in a casual knot.

The sleeves of the knitted shirt drape right over the chest and

It’s a nice touch.

shirt 20

Shirt as a jacket

And besides wearing it alone or layered, the

The shirt can also be worn as a jacket.

shirt 21

1. Shirt jacket + pants

Choose a slightly more fitted style of undershirt.

The shirt can be worn open or with the buttons closed.

The shirt should be slightly exposed.

The overall look of the shirt should be slightly exposed to give it a more layered look.

shirt 22

2. Shirt jacket + skirt

Or change the pants into a half-skirt.

shirt 23

In order to avoid bulkiness.

The same goes for the bustier skirt, which also tries to be as flattering as possible.

The outer looser and inner tighter way of wearing.

It can also be very good to cover fat, thin.

shirt 24

When it comes to shirts, we may still label it

“formal”, “dignified” such as the label.

But what will not change is that

It is always able to perfectly interpret

The unique temperament of each of us.

shirt 25 1

No matter what style you belong to.

there’s always something in a shirt.

or in the way, you wear a shirt.

You can find the one that suits you best.

shirt 26

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