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Winter is half over,

If you get tired of wearing overcoats and down jackets,

Try the “wool coat”, which is particularly popular this year.

With the elegant fashion statement of coats,

And have the warm, casual feeling of a down jacket,

Beauty and substance

It’s easier to wear layers and still look fashionable,

An absolute necessity for a winter wardrobe.

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Parker coat

The parka coat,

Attractive and beautiful,

Its design is simple and chic, with a fur collar,

Compared to the puffiness of down jackets and the sophistication of overcoats,

Not only will it withstand the cold, but it will also be tasteful,

Can easily create a stylish street style,

Note: Army green is the most classic shade.

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Parkas came in more and more diverse colors,

Because of its shape profile,

Suggestion: the principle of “loose and tight”,

Like little black pants and ankle boots, jeans, sneakers,

The ensemble with coat says effortless chic.

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Parka with coloured wool collar

From handsome and elegant to romantic and charming,

Let winter style stop looking boring.

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Fur Coat 12

Parker coat style selection

There are three coat styles, of which the waistline can look slimmer,

Waist style:  Flaunt your tiny waist and long legs,

Short: Clean and sharp, not pear-shaped,

Medium length loose style: suitable for fairies with a fleshy waist or a plump body,

It won’t look bloated and will keep you warm and stylish.

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Underneath a sweater or hoodie

A little more on the stylish side,

Is the turtleneck, and in addition to being chic and retro,

It can also enhance the overall mood by a notch,

Pair it with jeans for a retro girly look,

Note: Pair it with a scarf to add layers.

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Black parka jacket and trousers

It’s cool, it’s atmospheric, it’s very thin,

Match the skirt, show the playful casual style,

That provides a dainty look.

Note: Do not choose a wide hairy brim,

Coats should be just below hip length.

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A coat of leather and wool

It has a broad and strong leather material,

But also fluffy and soft and comfortable,

It reduces the overall feeling of swell,

It looks simple and neat, very cool and handsome.

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Pair a coat with pants

Keep warm and have an aura,

Suggestion: Choose a slimming style that won’t make you look bloated,

Note: With white pants, it’s refreshing and elegant,

Can take away the weight off the coat,

It’s elegant and feminine.

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Pair it with a dress

Can reduce the heaviness look of the coat,

Show a different style and elegant charm,

There’s also a kind of retro feel to it,

Do not provide amorous feelings of some lasting appeal.

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The choice of clothes inside

The color is the same as the lapel of the coat.

They echo each other and look cleaner and fresher,

Note: Use bright colors to make your outfit more eye-catching.

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Camel + black

A camel coat with anything black is low key in a bit of lazy grandeur feeling,
It’s impressive and it’s amazing.

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Full plush coat

Definitely the king this fall and winter,

Neutral smooth, not bloated,

The double warmth will bring grace,

Suggestion: Try to choose slim and thin style,

To avoid looking too heavy,

Note: Do not choose dark colors for small people.

As it might make them look shorter.

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Wear it with jeans

Handsome and short, good option for staying warm,

It can enhance the body line, lengthen the proportion of the legs,

Note: The lapel should not be too thick, which can easily reveal a short neck.

Showing your neck more, can reduce overstuffed feeling.

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Pair it with leather pants

Be spontaneous and capable without too much embellishment.

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Pair it with plaid pants

Try this Retro style, to show the British literary feel.

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Match it with the same color

It’s not only light but steady and reserved,
It will also balance the skin.

Fur Coat 46.webp
Fur Coat 47.webp

With cropped pants

Very young, very tall,

Suggestion: The length of the coat is better in the calf.

Not short, but sharp,

Note: The scarf embellishment will also add vitality.

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Wear it with a dress

Can reduce the weight of the plush coat,

Show a different style and elegant charm,

Tip: Skirts just cover the thickest part of your thighs,

This way, the whole thing won’t look heavy.

Fur Coat 51.webp
Fur Coat 52.webp

Choose the same color scheme to match

A low key style for with an elegant touch.

Fur Coat 53.webp
Fur Coat 54.webp

During the cold winter months,

As a smart woman,

The pursuit of fashion is only to please yourself,

Try winter’s most popular coats,

So you will stay on the trend and fashionable.

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