No Girl Can Say No To Leather

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Even the sweetest girl has her moments when she wants to look cool. Not to mention the city girl who strives every day in the workplace. And if you need a windproof jacket to stay warm, trust a leather coat. There is no reason why you can’t.

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When it comes to leather, the first impression should be the biker jacket, which has a superb quality. Even the shirt underneath looks a bit playful.

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But too much casualness can be sloppy, especially when it comes to biker jackets. That can quickly turn into rebellious teenage rockers’ looks. Pair it with a white T-shirt and leather shoes. Then add a few metallic accessories for a casual yet detailed look.

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If you think leather is just a biker jacket, it’s natural. But, leather suits have been gaining momentum in recent years.

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With slick cuts and shapes, a little oversized, and casual, add a little texture to an already drab suit. Pairing it with sexy black silk stockings can be a little provocative.

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Of course, versatile jeans work well with leather. High heels, a shoulder bag, and tie-up hair are what urban fashionistas wear out on the street.

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If you want a relaxed look, dad shoes are your best option. But it’s best to stand out from the leather colors and opt for contrasting or bright colors.

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The long style will also do.

Leather Clothes 8

A hollowed-out style with a sense of design might be more impressive. Although I mentioned earlier that there are more to going all black, the reflective nature of the leather coat adds layers to the look. Hence, it makes it worth a try.

Leather Clothes 9

Tired of looking at black leather, brown is also a better choice. It won’t give an excessively high-profile look. Instead, you will have the low-key luxury feeling. Cover your legs casually with black leggings when you go out.

Leather Clothes 10

A lighter one, like Bella’s, can be worn with a light beige interior to give a retro vibe.

Leather Clothes 11

For a more stylish look, you can also stack them. Try cascading layer of high collar bottom, shirt, leather garment for a more modern style.

Leather Clothes 12

With a bit of boldness, anyone can, of course, opt for a different color of the leather. It can be eye-catching as you show your experimental style.

Leather Clothes 13

Or simply put on the longest leather windbreaker with the clothes inside all wrapped. No one will know what you wear inside, which can be a mystery.
Tips: If you are going for a long leather coat, add some belts or accessorize your waist.

Leather Clothes 14

And lastly, not only girls, but even boys can say no to leather!


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