The first thing I did during the holiday shopping was to buy an easy-to-wear underwear

Underwear 5

While clothes are easy to buy, it’s not always easy to choose the best style for your underwear.Despite different materials and designs, everyone’s size may change over time, and the more you wash your bra, the harder it is to keep it in the same shape, so it takes some work to keep it on.Here’s a look at which of these bras are essential and how to wear them.

Underwear, what are the points of attention?

Underwear 1

Spring is coming, and many girls like to wear a tight tank top or a slim blouse as a base.If you don’t want to highlight the material and avoid embarrassment, choose a traceless bra.Especially white and other easy to penetrate the style, it is best to match with their skin color similar to the nude color of traceless underwear.

Underwear 2

If you wear an off-the-shoulder style, the two straps on the bra will be a little awkward, this is the time to choose a strapless bra, can choose a special material that is not easy to fall off.Of course, you can also choose to wipe the chest, compared to underwear, the chest without steel ring gathering effect is slightly less but also a lot of comfort, also very applicable.

Underwear 3

Sports underwear is also essential when exercising. Compared with ordinary underwear, it will ensure comfort and have high strength support, light weight and breathable.Edit very like to use sports underwear to do a direct base when autumn, outside a suit, super cool!

Underwear 4

The last thing to recommend is the breast paste, our small breast girl’s welfare.Recently, when we go out to play, we can wear skirts, whether it is backless or deep V, breast stickers can be held, and it is basically equivalent to not wearing underwear, a light paste is OK, it is too convenient and comfortable.

Underwear Recommendations:


Smooth surface no trace small chest micro gather no steel ring underwear female collocated T-shirt bra


French Lace Bralette Bralette Bralette Bralette Bralette Bralette Bralette Bralette Bralette


Flat breast lace underwear without underwire thin French bra sexy small bra set


Simple vest type running sweat-absorbing sports bra without underrim comfortable breathable ultra-thin cup

The underwear that wears outside collocation method

Underwear 5

Underwear can only be hidden under clothes?!Who says?

Today’s corset style is diverse and modern, no matter be lovely lace edge or extremely simple design wind, can become you whole body collocation make the finishing touch.

Underwear 6

Actually corset not only can be worn outside, tie-in V gets jacket appearance also is right choice, small ornament lets whole collocation immediately pure and fresh fashion and style is unique.

Underwear 7

If you want something simple but still want to show off your unique personality, use underwear as an undergarment to add layers to your T-shirt.This combination is bold and stunning, and you can never go wrong with a white T paired with a black lace bra.Pair it with a pair of biker boots and a necklace for a cool spring!

Underwear 8

If you can match a T-shirt, you must have a shirt, too!And button shirt outside build underwear to be able to have layering feeling more, build appear sharp modern female wind of avant-garde.In order to ensure that the matching is not wrong, when wearing, the underwear must not choose lace or too complex “real underwear”, otherwise it will weaken the structure of the shirt itself.

Modern, minimalist and silhouetted bras are the best choice.For the same reason, other collocations should also follow the simple principle, focusing on the upper body.

Underwear 9

If you have plans to go to the beach recently, you can use underwear as an undergarment under your shirt, and then match some metal jewelry for a whole vacation style.

Underwear 10

Underneath a suit is a fantastic and bold choice, and you’ll look the best on the street for a night out.

Underwear 11

As the suit jacket itself is more loose and neutral, you can choose some soft material underwear to match, increase the sexy charm of women and cool.If you feel too exposed is not very comfortable, appropriate to increase the length of underwear, or half button up the coat, will have unexpected results.

Underwear 12

It would be a mistake to think that your style is more comfortable than bras.In contrast to the formality of a shirt, a knit jumper is perfect.It’s early fall season for knitwear, so don’t just wear your shirt with it!Subtle reveal underwear is very scheming, reveal oneself comfortable wind at the same time do not break sexy.

Underwear 13

You don’t want the knit coat to cover the whole shape of the dress, but you want it to be eye-catching, you can choose a low-necked vest as an inner frame, slightly exposing some edges, PERFECT!
Finding so many different ways to match a plain bra, why don’t you try it out?

Recommends for underwear:


Adjustable bra


French bra thin bra with no underwire and no padded cup


The Picnic Plaid Bra without underwire


Alba Cocktail Party Calm Black Silk Naked Pink V-neck Crossed Back Vest


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