It’s time for maxi dresses to match everything!

Long Skirt 2

A summer halter dress can be worn in the fall with a knitwear underneath, and a maxi dress can be worn with long Johns underneath. In short, you can match everything. It’s a great deal!

Long Skirt 3

First, though, we can choose to wear it alone.Long skirts like this leather fabric, compared with the wind and relatively warm, so you can choose to wear alone with boots directly, tall boots can also protect the calf, while exposing a little skin, this just right to expose the skin just right.

Long Skirt 4

If you want to relax a little, then sneakers are a good option.The original soft, feminine dress, in the match of sneakers, neutralized some of the gentle temperament, more unisex.

Long Skirt 5

Warmer knitted dresses are also very suitable for single wear. Due to the special material of wool, they have the property of warmth, and the draping texture is even more advanced.But note that this straight-cut knit skirt is easy to wear all over the body, so wear it with a belt that shows your proportion and figure.

Long Skirt 6

Of course, autumn and winter folding is more interesting, the first edition can use a long dress with windbreaker or coat, want to avoid mistakes, then choose the same color, skirt and coat hem slightly swing when you walk at the same time, increase the aura field.

Long Skirt 7

The pleated skirt with light material is quite like the spring rain on the earth in the relatively heavy autumn and winter, seemingly delicate but very effective.Simple sense is lighter, your whole person appears lighter, reduce weight effect is obvious!

Long Skirt 8

Silk dress is worth having, but careful girl must have noticed that when wearing this dress, will usually choose the design of open fork, appropriate modelling of exposing the skin to give more space and space, the whole people look is lightsome, lively, or wrap around the body, even if the proportions of again good, also very easy to pressure in clothes over.

Long Skirt 9

For students, the combination of sweaters and long skirts is simple and generous, and it is not easy to make mistakes. Originally, the sweaters are full of vitality. With long skirts, they can also bring some tenderness and loveliness, so it is completely appropriate to wear them on a date.

Long Skirt 10

A top of the same color will look more sophisticated and durable when paired with a long skirt.

Long Skirt 11

If you want something cool, you can wear it with a jacket, a strong jacket and a soft dress.What to watch for when wearing a shirt: Unbutton a few buttons to make your legs look longer.

Long Skirt 12

For office workers, it’s even easier with a knit top, but my advice for a maxi dress is to go for a high waist and add a belt for emphasis.


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