Silk this material, expensive and difficult to “serve”, but comfortable to wear ah!

Silk Cloth

Pure silk is probably the most precious material.

The only one, expensive and difficult to serve.

Silk Cloth

Pure silk is the only item in every girl’s wardrobe.

It has taste, elegance, leisure, intellectual expression,

A single silk item can satisfy all kinds of occasions.

It is comfortable and delicate to wear, and its material fits the curve.

It’s easy to wear a high fashion look.

Every move, all are myriad amorous feelings.

Silky smooth texture,

As soft as a woman’s heart.

Light and breathable, silk is the fabric that can breathe.

Mulberry Silk

Pure silk — made from natural mulberry silk,

Silks and satins made from mulberry silk

It has been a precious fabric since ancient times, a skin-friendly and silky material,

And innate comfort, combined with rare elegance expensive.

Silkworm silk is mainly protein fiber, composed of 18 kinds of amino acids. It is smooth and soft, full of luster, and has the feeling of warm in winter and cool in summer. Therefore, it has the reputation of “queen of fiber”, which has not been polluted in the process of mulberry planting, silkworm rearing and silk reeling.The whole fabric feels soft, smooth and plump, with good moisture absorption, breathable performance, good absorption to ultraviolet ray, form a natural skin protective layer, careful care of the skin.

Mulberry Silk 2

Silkworm’s life is only 28 days, a silkworm’s life by spinning only a few hundred meters long, silk hard-won, destined to its luxury and mysterious.

Cecilia’s green silk dress shines in the dark in Atonement, which has been hailed by critics as the most stunning costume of all time.

Silk Dress

In Scarface, Michelle Pfeiffer wears a silk slip dress that transforms her 1950s feminine charm into a sexy look.

Silk Dress 2

Marion Cotillard looks cool and elegant in a silk dress in League of Spies.

Silk Dress In Movie

This “elegant” quality is also favored by the big brands.

Cushnie Et Ochs
Cushnie et Ochs
Christian Dior
Christian Dior
Armani Prive
Armani Prive

The upper part of the silk is comfortable,

But the maintenance aspect is also so compelling that you can’t help but sigh,

It is real silk.

(1) real silk must not be washed with general soap, washing powder, washing liquid, because the alkaline substance inside will destroy silk protein, make real silk fabric become brittle, broken silk, draw silk, seriously fade.You must use professional silk laundry detergent.

After washing silk, also can not be exposed to the sun, the environment of high temperature will make silk shrink seriously, become brittle.So general silk clothes need to dry in the shade after washing.


(3) The characteristics of silk, it is difficult to fix the color, especially some dark, bright color fabrics, sometimes cleaning appears faded, or wear for a long time, the color becomes lighter and lighter, can be said to be a normal phenomenon.

(4) Those did not go through the pre-shrink silk fabric, the first time after the water will shrink.

(5) Silk is light and light. It should not be washed by machine. It is better to wash it by hand.

A lot of people do not understand these inherent attribute of real silk, washed real silk bad, shrink, faded, identify is quality problem, about this, actually business also is quite injustice.

Silk Dress 3
Silk Dress 4
Silk Dress 5

Although, real silk has so much “delicate and delicate disease”, but I feel personally, the most cool and comfortable fabrics in summer, still be real silk.It could even be said that once you wear silk, you will never want to wear chiffon again in summer, because the fabric feels completely different against the skin.Pure silk breathes freely, cool too much, even paper of a few facial mask, also be silk is made, because pure silk still has the effect that close skin raises skin.


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