Lace, the darling of the fashion world!But there are so many kinds, how can we do?

Lace Cloth


Sometimes, it’s a little embellishment on the hem that brings a more elegant silhouette

Sometimes it is an extension of the cuff, with a more elegant silhouette

Sometimes it appears on the side of the neckline, accentuating the attractive shoulder and neck lines…

As an ornament for women’s clothing, lace has been performing the overlapping amorous feelings of elegance, delicacy, sex appeal and purity in the fashion industry.

Lace Fabric
Lace Dress

The original fabric of lace is composed of patterns and interlining, and is generally made of pure silk, cotton and chemical fiber blended. The higher the silk content, the more precious the lace fabric is, because its luster is the most comfortable and natural, and it is also the most fragile fabric. It should be waterproof, anti-static, anti-aging and anti-alkaline corrosion…Sometimes, it needs to be nurtured just like love.

But there are many kinds of lace.

Many people don’t know much about some of its features,

Let’s talk about it today.

1. Distinguish by elastic force

1. Elastic lace fabrics (brocade, polyester, brocade, cotton, etc.)

Elastic lace, the composition is mainly nylon, so you can also use nylon combustion properties to identify lace.

Because nylon is not a natural fiber, it is chemically synthesized, so if you put the flame close to the lace, it is very fast shrinkage and melting speed, shrink to a certain degree will immediately burn, the speed is also very fast.

2. Elastic lace fabrics (all nylon, all polyester, brocade cotton, terylene, all cotton, etc.)

There are many kinds of composition ratio of non-elastic lace fabrics, which can be divided into full polyester fiber, whole nylon, brocade cotton, polyester cotton, whole cotton, etc., among which full polyester fiber, whole nylon, whole cotton dyeing is monochromatic, brocade cotton, polyester cotton can be dyed two colors.

2. Separate by composition

Lace is generally mixed with a variety of textile yarns, ranging from 3 to more than 10 kinds. The unique weaving method can form endless patterns.


The lace of general dacron feels slant hard.It’s pretty easy to pick up.

Lace Fabric 2

Nylon or nylon + spandex

From the handle, nylon is much softer than polyester, or texture.Plus spandex is more elastic and feels smoother.

Lace Fabric 3

Cotton (brocade cotton/terylene / 100% cotton)

Resolving fabrics is same, cotton qualitative still chemical fibber uses combustion method is the fastest most accurate.

Lace Fabric 4

Note: Of course, most lace ingredients price:

(low) polyester & LT;Spandex & lt;Nylon & lt;Cotton yarn (height)

3. Distinguish by production process

Car bone lace


Thick decorative pattern is rolled edge brings mellow qualitative feeling, tactility is like fresh cotton soft, have a little flexibility.Can show mature and sweet female elegant demeanour, and the luxuriant that it brings is low-key and substantial.

Embroidery lace

Lace Embroider

The lace patterns are all embroidered patterns. Through the texture and color of the embroidery lines, the lace can also possess the Chinese charm like ink painting.

Anaglyph lace

Lace Embroider 2

Lace fabric itself has multi-layer overlay three-dimensional pattern graphics, rather than post-production, such three-dimensional fabric technology is very elegant, the price is more than 1,000 yuan a foot.

French eyelash lace

Lace Embroider 3

Eyelash lace not only has delicate eyelash edges, but also the thin mesh lines of cicada wings.

Unable to clean, cicada wings are so fragile that any cleanup would be devastating to them.If you look closely at the proper texture of the lashes, you will see that they are strands, rather like a cylinder of cotton thread, rather than sharp strands of synthetic fiber.

The elastic lace

Lace Embroider 4

Blended with elastic fiber, it is most suitable to reflect the graceful posture of women.

Water soluble lace

Lace Embroider 5

Water-soluble lace is made by weaving lace patterns on a piece of lining paper with polyester thread or viscose filament, and then dissolving the lining paper with water at a relatively high temperature, leaving only the lace body, which is named water-soluble lace.Water – soluble lace needle number, the cost is relatively high.

Crochet lace

Lace Embroider 6
Lace Cloth 1

Use a crochet hook to pull out the lace with a perforated pattern.Better known as Irish hand-crocheted lace.

Drawnwork lace

Lace Cloth 2

A perforated pattern made by drawing and knotting the lace on a piece of complete cloth and weaving the remaining yarn after drawing part of the warp or weft from the base cloth.

4. How to distinguish the grade of lace

We can judge the quality of lace by the evenness of its color.

And then the firmness of the fibers.Strong or not directly affect the fine degree of this lace work, is to maintain the key not to break, carefully looking for the tightness of the thread head plus can judge the stand or fall of lace.

Lace Dress 2

Grade division:

High grade: the Rolls-Royce in bud silk is Levi’s bud silk.

The real French Nuoyang lace, the oldest and most complicated lace in the world;Advanced handmade lace, manual operation, ancient weaving, plus pure manual processing, the process is very complex.Long production cycle, low output, mostly for international top brands and luxury brands;The ones that the stars wore on the red carpet were basically Levis.

Mid-range computer lace (commonly used by first – and second-line brands) :

Easy to hook;Three-dimensional sense, layer sense, permeability are obviously inferior to Levis lace.The process is simpler, and the line is more economical.Structure firmness is general, color fastness is medium;A little better computer lace fabrics close to the skin wear less than 3 months will also begin to pill, deformation, a little worse lace is easy to become loose, spandex to run out, lose elasticity, feel is soft, lace mesh structure than the column Weiss sparse a lot.

Ordinary lace:

Soft and loose, elastic general, no three-dimensional sense, pattern is not clear, lace is not transparent.Basically once or twice you start to run out of the spandex.


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