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The 2020/21 autumn/winter will be the first autumn/winter fashion season to be fully affected by the coVID-19 epidemic, which has changed consumers’ lifestyles and consumption patterns.At present, the focus of the sportswear market is gradually shifting to more practical and versatile durable products, focusing on functional, comfort and cross-monsoon at the same time, to explore the diversified USES of products.In addition to the update and iteration of styles and fabrics, the application and presentation of colors in turbulent times are more likely to arouse the emotional resonance of consumers.Athleisure clothes thus show a considerate, friendly and colorful multi-faceted charm.

Leisure Clothes

Is the result of natural tone neutral colors are the present situation of the uncertainty of the most secure color series, also therefore become the colour of this season autumn winter sports leisure market is the most important trends, such as khaki, brown earth and sen is olive green wait for color, and the selection of seasonal fashion hue after melting, realize appearance and practical function refresh upgrade;The cheerful and healing inter-seasonal colors bring out a soft, harmonious or bright and cheerful atmosphere of vitality, effectively achieving consumers’ expectations of comfort and flexibility in the post-epidemic era;At the same time, the consumption value of “less but better” continues to heat up, refreshing the fashion connotation, bold and fearless luxury sports style for this winter, rich dark tone and minimalist gray level embellishment by gloss, set up a sophisticated high-quality sports style.

Leisure Clothes 2

The emotional response of consumers to the crisis of the new Crown will continue to influence the color selection in the next few seasons. The key seasonal colors under the new normal should be selected as the main line, and the theme style, version style, fabric material and innovative technology and other factors should be combined to explore more leading and valuable products in the future market.


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