Haven’t mastered what to wear for Christmas and New Year’s?Come in and get it. Whoever wears it will look good!

Dress For Christmas

Christmas falls on Weekends this year, so you fairies must have planned parties and dates.

All you need to make Christmas Eve and Christmas more ceremonial is a fashion item that has a great Christmas vibe!

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Red & green as the main color of Christmas, the most natural Christmas atmosphere, but carelessly choose the wrong items will be easy to wear a human Christmas tree.
So today to recommend suitable for Christmas with simple red and green pieces, let you easily become a fashion icon this Christmas.


December continues to cool down, Christmas wants to face the cold wind to go out necessarily, the little fairy that is afraid of cold can take the lead at this time with a warm and windproof overcoat or coat, winter also can hollow out fashionable model.

Worry about all red or all green too blink of an eye, can use the neutral such as black and white gray tone clever synthesis, also can choose the sheet that different material pledges is tasted will highlight administrative levels to feel.For example nowadays very popular leather pants, BV shoe.

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1.Fano Studios Christmas Red wool double-faced tweed coat

The first was Fano Studios’ latest double-faced woolen coat.The wool coat in poinsettias is very flattering and looks like a winter elf.

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As the original women’s clothing brand, the products are very unique, the design concept is clean but not simple, so seemingly ordinary clothes are actually full of all kinds of design details.

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The coat has a variety of features, including a navy collar with a large lapel design that is fun and has a Christmas elf vivacity.

The color is not low sweet cherry red, like ripe cherry droole, reduce the red coat often tacky feeling, all of a sudden advanced up, very suitable for Christmas and even wear all the way to the New Year!

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The resin buckle that fastens with color breaks pure color depressing, also be very good coat ornament.Pure hand sewing edge can also see the craftsman spirit, fine and uniform, absolutely not outside the cheap goods can be comparable.

Only the top button will give you a cloak look. Both styles are very stylish and will give you the look you want for Christmas.

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2.Fano Studios green round collar jacket

The second recommended coat, again from Fano Studios this year, is this green, round-neck jacket.

Look at the retro and literary, green and black contrast color is very special!

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This coat is a small fragrance popular in recent years, elegant and expensive.
The unique low-saturation green has a fresh feeling of winter, and the fabric is also carefully selected Sheryl, with fluffy down texture. Who says you can’t wear small and fresh in winter?

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The cuffs and pockets are sewn with black velvet, with a high degree of color contrast.

The style is also superior, with a round neck that accentuates the face, elongates the neck and keeps the scarf warm.And look really expensive gas, did not expect the price is so beautiful, is a excellent quality and reasonable price coat single article.

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For those who want to keep a low profile and don’t want to go for a red/green coat, opt for a top or red and green undercoat to give a surprise.

Christmas is a time to wear an “ugly sweater.” Don’t delve into the tradition. A red/green sweater is a good choice.

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Dresses are also a good choice, especially red, for a high profile and regal look.A waistcoat that can be folded to add points is also a practical choice.

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3.HOWL European Jacquard coat

HOWL is the worn jacquard vest. HOWL is a single item of clothing that can be worn for various purposes, which is a favorite item for the collocation expert.

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HOWL, a designer brand based in London, is a graduate of Central Saint Martins and has collaborated with designers at various brands in Paris.

Its main struggle to design, practical.HOWL’s new vest is a typical HOWL new coat. HOWL’s irregular wools in oil paint can be used for several different coats.

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The three-piece waistcoat design imitates the standard suit, and the splicing design illuminates the shape.The colour with general wintry snow scene and red main body match very much, it is festal move modelling sharp implement simply, fold wear shirt, bottom unlined upper garment, dress to have no problem.

Tie-in skirt can appear faery and full, and tie-in pants outfit is American restore ancient ways cool girl, the different type button on the detail also has design feeling very much.There are adjustable buttons at the back that fit any figure.

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4.Rayna.g Red Bordeaux velvet dress

The fourth item to recommend is the new rayna.g., a Bordeaux red velvet dress.

Dignified and elegant, like a palace princess at a ball – like luxury.

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The designer brand Rayna.g is also one of the fashion buyers’ favorites. The simple style is not outdated, and the clothes are full of artistic sense, which looks like something out of a movie, which appeals to the girls with taste.

This dress is a bonus for the holiday party season, with vintage bordeaux velvet and a glamorous sheen that flows under the light.

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The shorter version of the high-waisted line elongates the leg ratio, Narrows the waist and makes it super slim, while the retro pleats make it elegant while walking.The shiny drill button brightened the dark color of the dress itself, which really made every detail beautiful!
No matter be sheet is worn or it is tie-in white coat very give colour, the winter boots that crosses a knee shows absolute domain, sexy with easy pick up come.

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5.Rayna.g Cherry red sweater

The fifth item is also from Rayna.g.

Don’t think of sweaters as old-fashioned. This one from Rayna.g is full of design and can be used as a party outfit for the holiday season

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Cherry red is just right in saturation, not as rough as bright red, not too dark like rose, and also very white, a great savior for our yellow skin.
The V-shaped neckline reveals proper skin and collarbone, making it sexy rather than sleazy. It also highlights new necklaces given to Christmas recipients.The lapel neckline also shows a long neck, which is really not a person’s version of oh.

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The superior mohair material is warm enough that it doesn’t puncture the upper body, so you can wear it alone.

It’s up to you to decide what style you want to show for Christmas.

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6.EELMOOR Qingtan Green texture primer

Who said outerwear is only basic, EELMOOR this new style with texture outerwear strength tells NONONO, outerwear can also be fashionable and outstanding.

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EELMOOR is a niche women’s wear designer brand founded in 2016.

Designer Bel is a graduate of The Italian School of Fashion and Design, Maranoni.The product is superior and pursues a balance between design and wear, usually with musical and artistic inspiration.

And this one really gives you a “wow!” look, it turns out there’s such a good look.

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Spring, summer and fall can be worn as a single top to highlight the S-shaped figure, while winter can be worn as a base for the whole year.

And only one, no semicolon, imitation dare not use such expensive fabric, so to start the little fairy can not hesitate.

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Colorful bottoms will make other people’s eyes scroll down and are ideal for fairies with long legs.

And when the bottom choose red or green, it liberates the choice of jacket, no matter black, white or contrast color can follow one’s inclinesto create one’s favorite style.

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7.Fano Studios red plaid long half skirt

I have to say that Fano Studios’ seasonal and stylish new collection is a hit with me. It is both retro and modern, and classic designs are not afraid to go out of season.
So the first dress to recommend is this pliform hemline from Fano Studios.

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Red plaid has always been a classic design in the fashion industry.

For example, Burberry and Alexander McQueen have captured the hearts of many consumers by plaid.

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But plaid patterns tend to be tacky and can be laughed at as “curtain cloth”, so be careful when choosing a single item.
Fano Studios’ plingham half dress is Chic Girl on the Champs-Elysees, Chic and classy, just right.

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Although the version is a straight tube cut, but not tight, it is a good modification of the leg shape, the length just shows the slender ankle, slimming seconds get!

Red plaid is also really easy to match, with many different styles.Pair it with white and a coat to create a literary goddess, while pair it with a black coat and bag for a clean, urban look.

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8.HOWL Corduroy green wave dot low waist trousers

HOWL’s production is so cute that any cute, funny girl might want to consider the green dot pants. HOWL is another style worth trying.

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The little red book’s matching talent has already worn, with a white top is very special.

Green pants itself is enough to absorb eyeball, can regard modelling as leading role, a few solid color sheet are tie-in a little already very give colour.

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A yellow wave point strength grab mirror, watercolor general diffusion texture inspiration from chips.The folds of corduroy are full of retro feeling.

The classic version of father pants is very suitable for work shoes, the trouser legs are made of deliberate furring technology, free and casual.If you want to stand out from the crowd of red dresses for Christmas, this pair of trousers is really a good choice.

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If you don’t want to go overboard with red or green, start with Christmas accessories and add some red or green to your daily look.

Because be bright-coloured color, break the depressing feeling of modelling of black and white ash very easily so.Whether it’s jewelry, bags, or the usual red scarf you’ll see at Christmas, it’s a great way to feel relaxed and festive.

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9.Pure cashmere long tassel small scarf

A colorful scarf is enough to brighten up Christmas and winter.This pure cashmere long tassel small scarf is very good, every detail is commendable.

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It is an original designer brand in China, taking the quality and refined route, suitable for working women who don’t want to be pompous.The design is simple and elegant, and you can wear it on the street.

This scarf comes in a variety of colors, of course, the bright red and dark green is recommended today.You can wear them to work in the morning to feel good about Christmas, but it’s also appropriate to go on a date after work.

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This jewel-like dark green scarf is a true example of understated luxury.

And literary style is full, not too publicity, but also enough.On a street with a white background, it’s hard to miss wearing such a dark green scarf.

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As for the confident girl, go for bright red, a flamboyant color that can be worn from Christmas to Spring Festival for a festive glow.

The shape of the small scarf is also very convenient, take off can be put into the carry-on bag, will not appear cumbersome.

And don’t think it’s very thin oh, from the Inner Mongolia white cashmere soft warmth, reduce the shape of the bulky feeling depends on it.

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10.13DE MARZO little bear doll fisherman’s hat

Christmas season of course not only red and green two colors so simple, lovely small animal decorations like Christmas tree decorations generally lovely, also very consistent with the fairy tale atmosphere of Christmas.

Take, for example, 13DE MARZO’s doll-like fisherman’s hat, which literally hit me in the heart.

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The three-dimensional bear is not convenient to wear a coat, so the bear is lying on the fisherman’s hat is very suitable for winter modeling!

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The black fisherman’s hat can be versatile, but also can decorate the face shape.A little fairy who doesn’t have time to fix her hair can also cover it with a hat. With a little bear perched on top, it will melt each other’s heart.

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11.C&C Resplendent Christmas ornaments set of three pieces

Then I recommend C&C’s three-piece Christmas ornament, called Brilliant Christmas.
From the name you can see the festive styles designed for Christmas, there are two Christmas trees and elf hats, each one is very attractive!

Dress For Christmas 45.webp

C&C is a design brand founded in Italy in the 1990s, which covers various products such as clothes, hats, bags and jewelry, and focuses on fashion and simple life aesthetics.

This Christmas gift box is really beautiful, I especially like the Christmas tree series, especially the tree earrings, feel you can look at the gesture, in this Christmas is really particularly attractive.

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If you think it’s too special, you can choose elf. The pattern of Santa hat and silver white stone are the special foil to highlight your good taste in a low-key way.

This package is beautifully wrapped and can be used as a gift for yourself. It looks like a red gift box, and when you receive it, it will feel like something from Santa Claus.

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12.Bella. L retro metallic bag

Bella. L: This electric green vintage bag looks so good!

A bag is an essential part of a woman’s look. It represents your fashion attitude.Grab this BLINGBLING bag, it will blow up parties from Christmas Eve to Christmas day!

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The bag is a familiar sight for fashionistas, but with five colours to choose from, bloggers have mostly opted for the more well-matched silver or black.

But I would say this green is my favorite and is the perfect vintage look.

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Inspired by the classic Kelly bag from the 1950s, it uses new environment-friendly metal paper as its material.

Yes, you read it right. It is metal paper, which feels close to leather, light, waterproof, environment-friendly and durable. It won’t hurt any small animals.

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The classic shape matches the color of the future wind, and gives a sense of fashion. The electric light green of the metal extraordinary is really nice. It has a kind of emerald general sense of time and color.

This bag will definitely make you the Killer Queen of the evening as the lights go down.

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13.SANZEN red green metal socks

In addition to clothes, socks are also not allowed to ignore the modeling sheet, a pair of Christmas style socks can match the red and green clothes above very well.


Finally, I recommend SANZEN’s new pair of socks with metal texture.

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SANZEN is a brand founded by designers Hongyan and Tuya in 2016, which focuses on the exquisite Chinese handcraft, so its handcrafted products are very exquisite and worth the price.

Dress For Christmas 53.webp

There are two types of socks in this gift box, red and green, which are suitable for this Christmas mix.

Exquisite workmanship does not need me to say, the luster that metallic color brings is strong, not be common socks can be compared.The sock head design of double horizontal line just can show, make tie-in small detail.

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Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day are really suitable for the shape of the holiday, the main color of red and green is more special than other times, and with the snow and the fairy tale atmosphere, it is easy to think of wearing theme.
This holiday, must do the street the most beautiful fairies.


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