Come and look at!This designer is researching the future of clothing?

The Future Clothing

What should the future of clothing look like?

Designer Luo Lingxiao’s work brings us a new perspective.

1. Incremental manufacturing

Incremental manufacturing, usually referred to as 3D printing.Based on the principle of material accumulation, metal, nonmetal, medical biological and other materials can be quickly piled up and formed by software and NUMERICAL control system.Parts are made close to the finished product or require little post-processing.
You will find that the ready-made principles of seamless knitting clothing seem to have a lot in common with incremental manufacturing: yarn is selected according to function and the desired shape is formed in the desired position.Although the oldest knitted structures are older than qin Shihuang’s Great Wall, thanks to modern machinery, knitting can bring us unexpected products as long as we open our minds.

The Future Clothing 1

2. Rigid and flexible materials

The world of materials is the manifestation of human science and technology and culture. Clothing materials have developed from a single natural fiber to now with various and complete functions.However, materials with different functions have their own characteristics, so that they can coexist harmoniously on a piece of clothing. It is necessary to make a reasonable weaving arrangement based on the properties of materials such as elasticity and tactile sensation.

The Future Clothing

With the right manufacturing methods and materials, luo Lingxiao, a designer, has pushed clothing further in the direction of intelligent hardware, achieving innovative results in 3D imaging simulation and sensor interaction.


Business Director at Shanghai Fumao Clothing Co.,LTD

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