How To Pull Off A Fishtail Skirt

Fishtail Skirt 10

A fishtail dress is indeed glamorous. Its most prominent feature is its scalloped hemline which is flowing. And often, the back is longer than the front, and some styles are knee-length and floor-length. But because of the bodice of the dress, some fashionable women have a love-hate relationship with fishtail dresses. It can be hard to pull off the style because it’s close-fitting. One must have the right body shape.

But if you are longing to try a beautiful fishtail style, try the fishtail skirt.

Fishtail Skirt 1

This floor-length fishtail dress can cover up chunky legs, but it might not be the right one for short girls. Try wearing a pair of high heels to look better.

Fishtail Skirt 2

A fishtail skirt is much easier to pull off than a dress. The low saturation color complements the skin tone, making the woman looks sophisticated. Because of the bright surface design, it has a super tone. With a short top, it is time to show your abs. A high waist style and good legs will make the lower part of the body slimmer. Hence, the body proportion looks perfect.

Fishtail Skirt 3

During the Victorian era, the fishtail dress was introduced. Affluent ladies wore them both as evening and day wear. Imagine them in flowing trains. Designers have been reinventing and creating new versions of fishtail dresses. This lady wore a fishtail skirt, and with sunglasses, she looks modern and stylish.

Fishtail Skirt 4

The girl paired her fishtail skirt with a sheer polka dot blouse. The whole attire provides a relaxed, cool-girl attitude. She even looks playful when she chose a pair of sneakers to go with her not too formal look.

Fishtail Skirt 5

The lady achieved a demure aura when she paired her fishtail skirt with milky white knitwear. She definitely pulled off an effortlessly chic look by flawlessly combining every perfect style and detail. Anyone who sees her would think she is indeed an elegant socialite.

Fishtail Skirt 6

Wearing a sweater with a skirt is super classic. But when there are two women, and one of them is wearing a simple A-line skirt while the other wears a fishtail skirt, who will get more attention? A blue sweater with floral embellishment is sweet and fairy, and a beige skirt is warm and unique.

Fishtail Skirt 7

The attire of the lady above achieves a perfect color combination. Anyone can wear a sky-blue sweater and pair it with a short skirt. The look is very western and chic. With a short fishtail skirt, you get to display your impeccable knee. And the mid-leg boots make the legs look sleek. The hoodie on the shoulder is very stylish. The zebra-print boots indeed reveal the confidence the lady has.

Fishtail Skirt 8

In addition to the solid color fishtail skirt, the plaid style looks lighter and riper. Pair a classic pullover with a plaid version to look retro and stylish. In addition to very feminine high heels or boots, casual sneakers are also lovely. The color of the shoes matches the color of the sweater, and the overall look is very coordinated.

Fishtail Skirt 9

A leather fishtail skirt with a metal zipper is smooth! Pair with a pure white T-shirt, anyone will have a spontaneous, free and easy vibe. Short tees with high-waisted skirts can make legs look longer.

Fishtail Skirt 10

Anyone can also combine wild animal prints with a fishtail skirt for a stunning yet dynamic effect. The pure white scarf on the neck is the highlight of the whole outfit, giving a French romantic feeling.

Fishtail Skirt 11

While the fishtail skirt with leather material is sexy and elegant, pairing it with an off-the-shoulder top makes the look more charming. You also get to show your delicate collarbone for a sexier appeal. And with the best pair of high-heels, you are ready to rock your style.


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