The New Fashionable Take On Corduroys

Corduroy 1

Corduroy is really transforming. The look can be chic, elegant, formal, retro. Compared with the “Versailles” or the highly advertised luxurious fur, corduroy is the true rich style. But it is so low-key and pretends to be basic. The former has a vulgar vibe; if you are not modest. The latter is provides a subtle elegance.

Corduroy 3

The royal aristocrats use the predecessor of Corduroy, once considered an expensive luxury fabric popular in Britain and France. The English “Corduroy” is from the French word “cor-du-roy,” which means the king’s stripes. Look at the Corduroy worn by Diana in those days. She paired the grass green corduroy trousers with a pink print sweater. The result? Her innocence is outstanding, so pure and beautiful. The color of red and green from top to bottom from light to deep, unique color contrast is perfect.

Corduroy 4

In 2020, you can also wear Corduroy with a style that has the opposite color. The yellow vintage suit is paired with the military green corduroy coat and white vintage dad shoes. The vintage print Fanny pack and red PVC scarf inside add randomness to the overall attire. You can layer with different materials, so in the bleak winter, that can also be eye-catching.

Corduroy 5

Classic corduroy overcoat is also making a big comeback. Its thick fabric is enough to resist cold in winter. Match it with corduroy pants and an earth color shirt for a gorgeous look.

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Corduroy 7

Corduroys come in different colors, but earth-hue is the most popular. And just like a warm color filter, nude Corduroy is also engaging. The lady in the picture pairs it with trousers. And the outfit transformed to the 70s or the Bohemian era.

Corduroy 8

The orange jumpsuit enhances the overall waistline. The earth color corduroy coat added with the animal print details is a unique style. Even more so when it is worn with alligator print boots. And the overcoat color echoes the whole outfit. The zebra print silk bag looks a little bit wild. Accessorize with a chain necklace to achieve a perfect vintage vibe.

Corduroy 9

The freshness and youthfulness of lace with embroidery dress is a dainty fusion. It is a smart choice to add a corduroy sweatshirt. The high collar and loose version of the dress, where the lovely skirt appears gentle, is pretty fancy. With a pair of neutral dad shoes, it created a natural unique style.

Corduroy 10

Over here, the floral design somehow weakens the fierce and visual impact brought by the black and red pairing. This corduroy suit has a loose silhouette. By adding a belt, it accentuates the shape and figure of the woman. The earrings and scarf give a retro style of exotic taste.

The corduroy jacket may be oversized, but it highlights the unique charm and texture of the corduroy material. It also shows the unique personality of the lady, relaxed and carefree.

Corduroy 11

Corduroy also comes in different densities. When producing coats, shirts, dresses, and pants, one must consider the weight of the fabric. The fabric is firm enough for pants and coats. If you want a drapable winter dress, opt for soft corduroys, while lightweight versions are perfect for shirts. And although it is trendy during winter and one of the more popular choices for cooler months, pair it with a blazer made of other materials in winter.

Corduroy 12

American and British corduroys are easy to style with, but also Japanese ones, especially in soft light colors. Khaki color rice white beige is tonal and clean.

Corduroy 13
Corduroy 14

Recently, salmon color is also a trendy color of choice for corduroys. Pair it with clothes in a different color for a more vibrant look.


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