Can you wear shorts in a decent way? These ways of dressing make both men and women excited

The hot weather has always been the “natural enemy” of men, due to various factors, many times have to wear stuffy clothing, just for a little decency and respect.

The good thing is, with the aesthetic diversity and openness, the previous casual and comfortable items are now breaking the restrictions, into more occasions, and not making people feel that there is a loss of decency.

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In summer, apart from the occasionally forced pants, more men want to wear comfortable ‘shorts’ with modesty and ease.

This article is perfect for men who like shorts.

The following article will explain how to find and wear the right style of shorts for many occasions and more exciting.

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The style of shorts

The weather is hot to wear shorts, in fact, there is not much can be said about the skill, more important is in the choice of single product combination.

Generally speaking, the most common way for most people to wear summer is to add a T-shirt.

Especially black and white T-shirts mostly, although comfortable and refreshing, but in the end also simple, want to stand out more or rely on the individual’s own body conditions and temperament to support.

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If your shorts in a pure black and white tee did not get a more wonderful degree.

We suggest that you try more logo and font t-shirts.

Compared to solid color T-shirts, they may not be as clean, but they can do “focus”.

The focus of the simple modeling, different design patterns, more representative of different tastes and humor, giving shorts modeling more layers of connotation.

The problem of complexity is also taken into account here.

The actual font or pattern, want to wear a sense of freshness, T-shirt pattern area should not be large or exaggerated, simple embellishment, there is white, can show more male summer refreshing and interesting, the burden is not large.

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Beyond the T-shirt, there is the short-sleeved shirt.

It is just as comfortable in summer, but with much more design and structure than a t-shirt.

For example, simple solid color, romantic Hawaiian shirt, Camp open collar, normal lapel, etc., can be a colorful choice for men in the heat in addition to T-shirt.

(Solid color) Camp open-collar short-sleeved shirt, naturally, is a comfortable and free short-sleeved model, soft fabric and open collar type is not only heat and breathable, but also brings a spontaneous and spontaneous style tone.

And the color can also be very diverse like blue is more a fresh and quiet style quality.

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The common closed lapel short sleeve, although not too formal shirt, still looks a little more serious than the open collar.

The shorts are paired with the shorts, so you don’t have to worry about wearing them with the rustic feeling of an “old leader”.

The following “box” cut silhouette, especially with a pair of shorts of your preference, will be more three-dimensional, which is a very rare point in the summer style, with neat and sharp modeling lines and structure.

shorts 10

As the standard of summer, who can not forget the Hawaiian shirt.

Compared with the solid color Camp open collar, the advantage of the Hawaiian shirt is definitely the complex warm print, it can be a passionate island, rich retro, mysterious art ——

A variety of prints to choose from, making shorts look bursting with passion.

However, with the T-shirt, if you like the romantic Hawaiian shirt, the reality is that you are worried about driving it, you can add a piece of inner wear and wear it openly.

The best white T-shirt, especially white, can also create a white vision in the shape, so that the print is no longer aggressive, good on the body, will also become rich in layers, can be worn out of a sense of freedom of detail.

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As the change in menswear intensifies, shorts are becoming more and more common in the spring/summer collections of major brands this year, and have been reshaped with a new look and features, no longer the “shabby” items that were previously frowned upon.

One of the most noticeable is the ‘Bermuda shorts’ with a revolutionary shape.

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While retaining the length of the classic Bermuda shorts, they have been relaxed in shape and cut in a more square silhouette, while also incorporating pleats, both single and double.

These shorts are one of the fruits of a modern, smart-casual lifestyle loaded into the structure of a classic piece, and are no longer seen as “unflattering”, with a neat, sharp fit and pleats that make them more like shortened “suit pants”.

In addition to comfort, it gives men a certain degree of decency and can be worn with a more elegant style.

The actual fact is that you’ll be able to find a pair of shorts that are too casual in the summer.

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In addition, white shorts are also a very common form of shorts seen on the spring/summer shows this year.

What is different from other color shorts is that white shorts are able to give men a clean and offbeat image whether it is under a t-shirt or a short shirt.

It is very good to enhance the overall permeability of the look and warm up the casual-chic atmosphere.

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Outside of modern chic, there’s the vintage Gurkha Short.

It is also not a casual short, and although it is not fashionable, the special thing about the Gurkha Short is that even if it is short, it can be worn with the quality and tone that is only found in traditional menswear, without the need for a suit.

It is a pair of shorts with a high sense of style and playfulness, which can be paired with a pair of favorite sneakers to blend modernity and classicism.

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However, although Gurkha Short is good, it has one thing that is very picky.

It is not very suitable for the pear-shaped body with strong hips and thick legs.

With the high waist design, if you tuck the top inside the Gurkha Short, the shape structure will look more and more heavy lower body.

The actual fact is that the actual people who are in a position to wear the shorts are the ones who are in a position to wear the shorts, the color is better to choose a little bit of stability, such as the black, blue, military green, etc.

It’s also important to remember that the shape should also be wide and loose, so as to better modify the leg line.

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Of course, if your legs are in good shape, it’s your “fault” to be conservative at this time.

You can boldly choose “flower shorts” and just keep the tops neat and tidy.

The combination of traditional and simple, under the avoidance of “wow”, but with a low-profile top opposite punch, do not have to worry about too out of the ordinary and attract strange eyes, calm with a testy, who have to boast a few more, in the summer can also wear a special personality and unique taste.

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In the long summer, the combination of short sleeves + shorts may not be enough to give us more novelty.

Therefore, Yezi also suggested that men can occasionally wear long-sleeved shirts for their shorts.

Indeed, I know that this will increase the heat, but it brings excitement to the shorts that the short sleeves can’t match.

The long-sleeved shirt and shorts create a “long on top, short on bottom” combination that has very strong proportions and a more pronounced structure that enhances the regularity and rigor of the shorts look.

The most classic and fresh combination is the white shirt (long sleeve) and black shorts, so naturally, you can also use different color combinations to enrich the performance of the “top long bottom short”.

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The last thing is the shoes that go with the shorts.

Different shoes are added in, certainly also can form a different style feeling, sneaker sneakers need not be said, is the vast majority of people’s choice.

It is recommended that you get tired of wearing sneakers, but you can also try more leather shoes + shorts.

But with leather shoes with the shorts must not be sweatpants, but cut fabric more strict and quality style to match.

The difference with sneakers is that although leather shoes are not comfortable, they can strengthen the smart sense of shorts and also a more appropriate style.

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