2021/22 Autumn/winter prints & Patterns: Forest Gathering

Printing Pattern 2.webp

This issue focuses on prints and patterns for autumn/winter 2020/22: Forest Gathering.

1.Action points

Use the autumn/winter 2020/22 as an opportunity to revamp existing outdoor adventure prints and patterns, using winter pine and reunion motifs that can be used for both daily comfort and holiday wear.

|| reviews nostalgic classics such as the popular #teddybear teddy

As highlighted in our key Prints & Patterns report for autumn/winter 2020/22, teddy bears are making a comeback with big brands, as consumers want to buy products that make them feel close to them.

|| use the happy reunion mood to create a versatile slogan pattern

Adopt a wider range of positive slogans and choose slogans and patterns that are not limited to specific festivals.Design styles that are suitable for all families, and create revealing slogans of parent-child clothing that are suitable for social networking sites like Instagram.

|| creates landscape drawings for eye-catching party attire

The oversized Forest # Scenics landscape is perfect for updating innovative jumpsuits.Interesting and peaceful natural scenes are especially effective because outdoor themes are still associated with children’s health.

| | with # mushrooms mushrooms mixed design to build the whole piece of full printing

Replace fruit and vegetable prints with Vermilia mushrooms and add them to forest plant prints to create a repetitive pattern full of magic.

Printing Pattern 2.webp
Jillian phillips

2.The tone

Why it’s Unique: Growing consumer interest in # TheGreatOutdoors will be an important driver for the design going forward this year.WGSN predicts the theme will be popular for several seasons, evolving with climate change and based on a sense of nostalgia.

Prints and patterns that capture a sense of harmony and the dynamic nature of the landscape will play an important role in the infant and child market as new winter products approach.

Design suggestion: Look for key patterns and representative animals from the winter forest to update this season’s design.Depending on the consumer group, look for organisms and plants in different areas, and if it’s difficult to determine, choose pine and pine trees.

Refer to foraging activities in evergreen woods, patterns of hairy small animals, patterns of mushrooms.

The # teddyBear teddy pattern is an essential element of the collection.In addition to the retro intimacy, the theme creates a key opportunity to blend in with the craft.

Slogan design continues to retain the theme of reunion, with a neutral palette to expand the appeal.

Printing Pattern 3.webp
Pan & Pixie
Printing Pattern 4.webp
The Mini Forest
Printing Pattern 5.webp
The Mini Forest
Printing Pattern 6.webp
Printing Pattern 7.webp
Bebenca Organics
Printing Pattern 8.webp
il Gufo
Printing Pattern 9.webp
Baby & The bear

3.Original works

Printing Pattern 10.webp
Jillian phillips

Business Director at Shanghai Fumao Clothing Co.,LTD

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