Rather than the shirt brands, I would like you to know these brands of shirt fabrics

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There is, of course, a lot of knowledge about shirts.From the design, production, cutting, pattern, craftsmanship and details (neckline, cuffs, buttons, etc.), to the style of shirt and the occasion suitable for attendance, etc.

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So when you buy a shirt, I think a lot of people will pay attention to the brand of the shirt, the craftsmanship, whether the cut is suitable for you.One very important thing that is more or less ignored is the fabric!I don’t think you would have noticed, or even known, what the shirt was made of unless it was specifically marked.

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Maybe for the ordinary shirt, the fabric will not use anything particularly excellent fabric, after all, need to consider the cost.But what about big brands, fancy shirts?If you can figure out what they’re made of, or what brand they’re from.Even if you can’t feel the texture of it, at least you know you paid for the “shirt” is worth it!

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So, let’s take a look at some of the big brands and high-end shirts used in the fabric!

Britain Thomas Mason

When it comes to shirt fabric brand, Thomas Mason must be the first one. After all, it is the most familiar fabric brand, which should be seen in the “fashion brand” most often.Thomas Mason is a textile brand originated in the United Kingdom. It is the fabric supplier for the British royal family and many big brands like Gucci, Armani, Prada, Zegna and so on.

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Thomas Mason

Thomas Mason insists on using Egyptian cotton from the banks of the Nile in order to produce extremely textured cotton fabrics.Its Goldline series of products represent the highest level of brand craftsmanship and technology.It is worth noting that Thomas Mason was still produced in Italy in the traditional English way and is considered one of the best textile products.At the same time fabric comfort and color, pattern diversity, even after more than 220 years, to today is still a classic unbeaten brand.

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As an aside, Thomas Mason is used not only by some of our favorite brands, but also by men’s clothing brands like Septwolves, but no one seems to care.N.Hoolywood’s “Thomas Mason” shirts are hot, while Septwolves’ “Thomas Mason” shirts are not mentioned.Maybe sometimes, the shirt brand seems more important.

Shirt Fabric 6

Scottish David & John Anderson

David & John Anderson was founded in Scotland in 1822, called Anderson&Lawrie at that time, and later renamed as David & John Anderson. He started with the production of handkerchief and umbrella, and then developed women’s and children’s wear, with soft and comfortable fabrics as the biggest characteristic of the brand.

Shirt Fabric 7

Today, David & John Anderson is made of Giza 45 super long staple cotton and Barbados Island cotton with very low yield, which is featured with high yarn quality and top quality fabrics. The soft, comfortable and deformable characteristics make David & John Anderson a very representative brand in high quality shirt fabrics.

Shirt Fabric 8

Italy Albini

Thomas Mason and David & John Anderson, both of which are now owned by Albini Group, the Italian fabrics Group.As an old fabric manufacturer, Albini Group also has its own brand that it is proud of. Albini 1876 is one of the few fabric brands that are 100% produced in Italy.Albini focuses on the selection of raw materials and the research and development of patterns. Up to now, there are more than 2000 patterns to choose from.Albini has become one of the most successful shirt fabric brands in the industry due to its high quality and variety of colors.

Shirt Fabric 9
Albini Group

The shirt fabric developed by the company can be spun with 300/2 counts from Egyptian cotton, and the yarn fineness is only 1/3 of that of ordinary cotton yarn, so that it has excellent luster and soft touch.

Shirt Fabric 10
Albini Group

Italy Monti

Can be said to be the earliest research on long-staple cotton fabric brand MONTI, full name Tessitura MONTI.Together with Albini Group and Canclini, it is known as the three top fabric brands in Italy.Founded in 1900, the company is famous for its professional production of 120, 170 and 200 high yarn fabrics.Monti is the selection of Egyptian cotton as raw material, each season will launch nearly a hundred popular patterns, fabric color, durability and design sense are top of the shirt fabric industry.

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Shirt Fabric 12

Italy Canclini

Canclini, one of the three top shirt fabric brands in Italy.If ranked by year, Canclini is the youngest.Founded in 1925 in Italy, until the 1960s began to focus on the development of shirt fabrics.However, Canclini’s fabrics are still favored by big brands such as Hermes, LV, Gucci, Hugo Boss and Zegna.

Shirt Fabric 13

Like David & John Anderson, Giza 45 Egyptian cotton is also used in high-end products with 120, 170 double strands.At the same time, CanClini also covers classic, pop, casual, jacquard and print patterns, can meet the needs of a variety of shirts.

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Almost all of the above are Italian brands, if not of Italian origin, bought by Italian companies…In the end, let ALUMO from Switzerland end it!Compared with the Italian brands mentioned above, Alumo is definitely young. Although the history of the brand can be traced back to 1918, when it comes to shirt fabrics, it is only 50 years in fact, but this does not prevent its production known as the world’s top shirt fabrics.

Shirt Fabric 15
Shirt Fabric 16

All the fabrics of ALUMO are produced in the factory in Switzerland, although we use the same Giza 45 Egyptian cotton, but ALUMO is based on the geographical environment, can use the clear high mountain spring water to produce (is it like Evian water from the Alps?Hahaha ~).Of course, the most powerful place of the fabric of ALUMO is to rely on ALUMO’s comprehensive understanding of their machines and debugging. The water source and finishing technology are to make the fabric achieve the best “ALUMO quality”. It is no wonder that some people say ALUMO is the king of shirt fabric.

Shirt Fabric 17

Okay, so that’s a look at some of the fabric brands commonly seen in big-name shirts, including Thomas Mason.Of course, the article only mentioned a part of it. There are many other fabric brands for shirts, such as Testa, S.I.C., and Lutai in China.Introducing these fabric brands is also to let you can better buy the shirt that has workmanship, texture and detail assurance.Or when it comes to customizing a shirt, you can have a few more options in the fabric.


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