Put on locomotive leather, everyone is a cool boy/girl!

The Locomotive Leather 9

The weather is getting cooler, and many of you have been thinking about adding new clothes to your wardrobe lately.What to wear, but if you don’t have a biker leather in your closet, I can assure you that it’s not complete.

The Locomotive Leather 1

Motorcycle leather garment was invented in the 1920s, in the 1950s a movie “motorbike party” Marlon Brando it with fire, put on it you are indulged in uninhibited love of freedom of people, so motorcycle leather garment has been popular until now.
But a leather coat is not cheap, for the first time to buy leather friends do not know how to choose, fast and see next.

The Locomotive Leather 2

1: price: general leather is expensive, so if you want to buy a good leather clothes, you can choose a little better texture.Different material difference is very obvious, can invest so one or two expensive classic.What can take and keep warm, good maintenance, you can wear for a long time, this point is still quite high cost performance.

The Locomotive Leather 3

It’s very simple here. It varies from person to person.But newcomers are better off buying the basic model, which fits everything and never goes out of style.The color can be mainly black, after all, when people invented the original choice of black dirt and oil resistance.Like the kind of red yellow blue green really not match, buy a cheap play!

The Locomotive Leather 4

3: Size: Any clothes, the size is fit.If you think Anything but a mini is Anything but a mini, it can be Anything but a mini. If it’s too big, it can be Anything but a mini, but it can be Anything but a mini.

The choice of motorcycle leather clothes mainly looks at the sleeves, shoulder line should be flush with their own shoulder line, autumn and winter to want to take a few clothes inside can be a little bigger so lost, but do not small.The cuff should be neither tight nor loose, and the sleeve length should be neither short nor long at the wrist.

After introducing the motorcycle leather purchase guide, look at the motorcycle leather clothing in the end how to wear.

The Locomotive Leather 5

Although it is said that it can match any clothing, but there are some matching I advise you not to try.For example, this all-black leather, which only female agents in movies would look good on, is not desirable for everyday wear.But if you have a Catwoman body from Batman, forget it. You’ll look good in anything.

Then there are the stiletto heels, which seem to be the name of a good-looking person named Cara Delevingne.In addition, now popular “tight under loose”, originally the leather clothing is relatively tight, and then tie-in tight pants do not look good, even if good is a few years ago the trend.

No.1 motorcycle leather coat + skirt

Skirts, yes, just any skirt!However, when the weather is cold in autumn, I will only introduce the long skirt.

The Locomotive Leather 6

Gentle + Rude’s romantic flowers collide with the toughness of the locomotive, and the color pattern of flowers integrates with the heavy metal black of the locomotive, which has a unique flavor.
If you want EDGY, you can match it with sneakers. If you want small fresh shoes, you can match it with small white shoes. If you want strong gas field, you can match it with black leather Martins that match your leather clothes.Mira, just one floral dress, three different styles can come out, don’t try it.

The Locomotive Leather 7

Motorcycle leather itself is sexy enough to rock. If you want to be a little more sexy, you might as well match it with a leopard or animal pattern skirt. The unruly wildness will come.Don’t say anything. It makes you look sexy.

The Locomotive Leather 8

For girls who want to go back to the ’90s, a silk satin dress is perfect. Just look at Kate Moss, the soft, glossy satin with a retro femininity floats gently, and you can’t help but feel a little tinged, protected by a slick, edgy biker leather.

No. 2 motorcycle leather jacket + hoodie

The Locomotive Leather 9

Street style, a hooded hoodie + leather coat is the basic formula of every Cool girl.The hoodie is used as the interior, which is stylish and warm. The soft knit fabric also weakens the strength of the leather garment itself.

The Locomotive Leather 10

The skin garment that appears young and cool and handsome is combined, still can add wide leg pants together, along with sex free and easy.

No.3 Motorcycle Leather + White T-Shirt + Denim

The Locomotive Leather 10

These three elements can be said to be the classic of the classic, more ancient and eternal.Don’t want to make a mistake put on these three pieces of single goods, don’t move the brain directly with the end of the matter.If you want a stylish and low-key style, this is the best one.It can be worn in any situation, whether it’s out on the street to work or at an event.Elegant and agile much a pure and fresh feeling, basic money is not basic.

The Locomotive Leather 11

Of course, if you want to be a little more cool, you can wear gold heavy metal accessories to match the heavy metal style of the leather garment itself.


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