10 Things Women Find the Most Attractive in Men

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“Dress to please others and yourself” is the original intention of everyone who loves beauty. But what women think men should wear might be a little different than what you think. You don’t have to live in someone else’s shadow, but for some men, especially those dating, paying attention can improve your chances of success. The right items and ideas in men’s clothing can make or break romantic pursuits.

I have looked through relevant books and articles, researched and analyzed, and found that most girls have particular common preferences for men’s clothing. I don’t know if this is a coincidence or the fundamental perspective of women.

Perhaps half of these things you’d have already guessed. The other half may be unexpected. It is similar to a past media street survey on whether girls like muscular men or not. Most of the girls actually have no preference for muscular men. This result may be a little surprising.

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If you’re married, this information will still be relevant to you. After all, love needs to stay fresh, and proper choices in men’s clothing and style will help keep it that way. As for those looking to do some flirting, well, I don’t have anything to say about that.

You may think that the whole effort on men’s clothing is boring and requires too much thinking, but it is the truth. Ladies look for particular things in men’s clothing and fashion sense, but they won’t necessarily say it aloud. If you lack that appeal, then you may need to work harder.

So, you want to know what women want in men’s clothing and style? Just look at the following.

1. A properly fitting suit

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We know that the suit’s primary function is to be a high clothing standard for business and upscale events. Suits aren’t the most common choice for a first date outfit, but that doesn’t stop women from appreciating them. It may have something to do with the mature style of the suit itself. Once you wear it, it’s as if you naturally become tall and straight. It’s similar to the feeling that women get when they wear high heels.

I think no woman will reject a mature and dapper-looking man. When you wear a suit on a special occasion, such as a wedding anniversary or a formal event, it will give your partner a lot of pride and self-esteem.

However, your suit must fit right. Psychology tells us that a classic “V-shaped” body is associated with excellent health and increased testosterone. Therefore, wearing a suit can also serve as a reminder for you to maintain your overall condition.

Besides, nowadays suits can be worn by anyone, not just people in an office or workplace. The boundary between suits and fashion has become more blurred, so no matter what kind of style you wear, you will always be giving people a positive impression. So gentlemen, investing in this item of men’s clothing you should definitely consider.

2. A nice watch

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These days, most people are used to checking the time on their smartphones. Tapping or flipping the wrist is a more polite manner to check the time, especially when in social situations. Therefore, every mature man needs a proper watch. I even would say that any decent collection of men’s clothing must include a proper wristwatch.

A man’s watch is a bit like a woman’s purse, and its significance is self-evident.

Another apparent reason is that women pay a lot of attention to details in men’s fashion and style. So if you are wearing a nice watch, it will catch their eye, and they can define your status, wealth, and personal tastes through that watch. That sounds a bit materialistic, but it is the truth.

3. The perfect perfume

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Whether a man smells good is often the number one consideration for women when exploring potential relations. Researchers in Europe published a study in the journal Personality and Individual Differences that took a look at what makes men and women choose a mate. It suggests that women’s evaluation of olfactory cues actually has more significance than visual cues. So don’t neglect women’s sense of smell. They are very remarkably sensitive.

Chinese men generally don’t have the habit of wearing perfume because they think it is “effeminate.” But that was the past. China has already changed dramatically and has done away with outdated and irrational social ideas, including those on men’s clothing.

Your objective should now be to find the scent that matches your style and provides you the best fragrance. It’s all up to your personal preferences and your own body, but be sure always to keep your body clean and healthy. Don’t try to mask the lack of hygiene habits with perfume because it will only further complicate things.

You may have to experiment with a few samples before finding a fragrance that will work well for you. Like choosing men’s clothing, as with others, also involves a bit of trial and error.

4. Wear pink

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Many men scoff at the idea of wearing pink as being too “sissy.” Having pink items in men’s clothing would be out of the question for them. In truth, being “feminine” is more related to personal temperament. Even if he is wearing armor, will you still think he is feminine?

For a very masculine man, pink merely adds warmth and charm. A man who wears pink (preferably the soft shade and not bright) must be very cheerful and confident in himself, which works quite well with women.

Of course, not every man is fiercely masculine in life, nor is he the only one who should wear pink. Most men actually do wear clothes of this color, for example, shirts and hoodies.

Pink is also seen to evoke positive emotions. Back in 2104, a group of researchers at the University of Poitiers studied the color pink. The results show that people who wear pink seemed happier than before they started wearing it. These days, pink is a common color option for various men’s clothing collections.

Pink, as well as green and white, somehow alleviates the less happy faces. It is helpful to keep in mind that women respond positively to good empathy and energy.

5. Fitted jeans

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No one can argue that jeans are a timeless classic, and it’s undoubtedly an essential item in men’s clothing. People of all ages and sizes need to have at least one decent pair of jeans in their closets.

Jeans have always been a part of American pop culture and men’s clothing. Just look at the denim style worn by western movie and music icons like Bruce Springsteen in the ’80s. The style of men’s clothing fashion he followed was so masculine that women went crazy.

Those guys in Hollywood may look great in jeans, but people in the “real world” aren’t quite that way. Searching and getting the perfect fit can be complicated. You have to consider many brands and styles, so some trial and error are required before finally finding and purchasing the right pair.

The trick is to slim down or experiment more and avoid baggy jeans altogether. In any case, jeans will continue to be a staple in men’s clothing.

6. Fashionable footwear

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They say the eyes are the windows of the soul. But shoes are definitely a window to one’s style. It’s why many people say that if you want to get to know a man, you have to look at his shoes first. The same goes for women – they analyze things about you based on your shoes.

Floppy shoes make you look sloppy and cheap. Shabby shoes make you look like you don’t pay attention to your looks and condition.

Sleek, refined oxfords, monk belts, moccasins, and others will show good taste in men’s clothing. These are all types of footwear that are worthwhile to spend on. Women love them because there’s so much information on personality and men’s clothing in them that you have to take it seriously. Shoes express a lot about men’s clothing and fashion sense as much as that of women.

Keep in mind that the type of leather is also vital. In general, suede works well for casual and social occasions, while calfskin is suitable for more formal occasions. The basics must always be kept in mind when showing off one’s style and a refined sense of men’s clothing.

7. Cashmere sweaters

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Cashmere is a good winter material that offers good heat insulation. Compared with conventional wool, it is lighter, more practical, and more fashionable. Of course, because its raw materials cost many times more than wool, its value is also relatively high. It adds a lot of flexibility to men’s clothing style, and women generally enjoy touching it.

Cashmere wraps men in a warm, sensitive way that is the opposite of masculinity. A foreign health magazine once did a survey on the texture of clothes. One of the most interesting findings was that men wearing cashmere sweaters attracted more women than those wearing other types of material such as leather, silk, and plain wool. It sounds pretty astonishing, but then it’s not really hard to understand.

Cashmere is more expensive (mainly due to its limited supply), but it adds texture to your outfit. When it comes to cashmere, the best way to go is to choose a classic one that you will keep forever.

It comes in handy when you’re wearing a cashmere sweater on rainy or cold winter days, as well as moments when you want to spend tender moments with a woman. You can use it to make her feel safe and warm. The more she feels the fabric in her hands, the more she’ll enjoy being around you. Such a wonderful reward for understanding the basics of men’s clothing!

8. V-shaped collar

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The V-neckline style is not common in most people’s view of men’s clothing. The V-neckline is very versatile – you can go with a plain white V-neckline shirt or a sweatshirt. This shape will also make your cheekbones look wider than your chin.

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Women like to find the perfect balance between casual and dressy in men’s clothes, and a V-neckline sweater can easily do this. A bright V-neckline tee can be worn for summer, while V-neckline sweaters in various colors and styles for fall and winter.

In most cases, a V-shaped neckline is a good choice in men’s clothing ensembles. But be careful to avoid plunging the neckline too low and exposing too much of your chest. Such drastic decisions in organizing men’s clothing may cause some reluctance among women on how they judge them.

9. Boxers

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First of all, we can’t absolutely say that underwear designs are comfortable all the time.

However, a survey by Men’s Health magazine found that 58 percent of women prefer boxers to other types of underwear. It’s not clear why, but this really came out in the data.

Many people still vividly remember Mark Wahlberg’s underwear campaign for Calvin Klein in the ’90s that shocked millions of women around the world. It was a bold marketing campaign for an article of men’s clothing that isn’t normally strutted around in public.

10. A bright smile and fresh breath

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Now, this is not something you store in your closet, but it has everything to do with your face, especially your mouth. Also, it has a significant value in the practical approach to completing a selection in men’s clothing.

In 2013, a study in the journal Cognition & Emotion demonstrated the effectiveness of smiling. Research shows that smiling is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make someone more attractive.

Smilers were rated as more likely to be healthy, open, and trustworthy than non-smiling people. Whether they were truly happy did not matter.

Women are more likely to be attracted to men who smile. So don’t forget to brush your teeth regularly, keep your lips and face clean, and drink plenty of water. Use mints whenever possible, too. Men’s clothing puts focus on the body, but a smile is a ribbon on top of the whole package.

Noteworthy mention: Confidence

Confidence is essential in men’s clothing and fashion. You may be wearing fabulous clothes, and your smile may look warm. However, if you lack confidence, then everything else will be compromised.

If you are confident enough, you will appear more naturally relaxed, and you will exude a special aura that will attract and affect more people.

So there you have it. These things are what women see and appreciate in men’s clothing and fashion sense. Having these elements in your style will guarantee that you will catch the eyes and curiosity of the ladies. Women are perceptive to these things. It is necessary to know the right details and ideas to follow men’s clothing and fashion. It’s an effective way to stay interesting and attractive to your partners or potential lovers.


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