Coat + hoodie, the most hot style winter mix and build wind

Coat and Hoodie

“Coat + fleece” has always been to ensure the best combination of “manners” + temperature in winter, the coat don’t need to say more, of course, is the most elegant temperament winter coat and fleece is belong to one s tide, youth fashion and reduction of age, can give a coat in the elegant temperament in some street leisure feeling, mix the wind, so it is a current fashion trend, serious and lively, not too formal, also not too casual.

Winter coats come in understatement neutrals and earthy tones, but there are plenty of other colors as well. No matter what color your coat is, you can always find a hoodie to match.

Black is the most classic, the most common, also the most versatile, the temperament of black composed atmosphere, also can have mysterious feeling, still can play cool, still can show thin, as winter outfit coat is very resistant to dirt, benefit is great.

To express cool and handsome, then a black is the most powerful, there is no other color redundant, visually seems low-key, other more intense.

Coat Hoodie 1

If the inside use other colors for the combination, the figure ratio will be more obvious, this time can use short hoodie to create a waist line.

Coat Hoodie 2
Coat Hoodie 3
Coat Hoodie 4

The contrast between a black coat and a white hoodie is strong, making white eye-catching in winter.

Coat Hoodie 5
Coat Hoodie 6

If feel white is too dazzling in winter, so gray is softer, gray is more autumn and winter season “advanced color”.

Coat Hoodie 7
Coat Hoodie 8

Black is on match color, it is to do not have restricted area simply, tie-in a few bright color is fastened, also very give colour, although these colour are very bright-coloured, dare not wear outside at ordinary times, but as take inside, show the area less, so, as the colour of the ornament, express oneself style appropriately, need not worry too make public again.

Coat Hoodie 9
Coat Hoodie 10
Coat Hoodie 11

White also is absolute joba color, at the same time it itself also can show skin white, similar the action that makes smooth board, but serve as winter coat, pure white is less, basically still too marked.Therefore, for winter coats, we tend to choose more white colors in beige.

White coat always has a kind of noble and cold, the visual sense of independence, so if hope to continue this kind of temperament, inside build sweater is to be able to increase whole expensive gas.And inside build hoodie, it is to reduce alienate feeling, appear more youth and street style a few.Also can build the hoodie of chromatic department inside, let integral style a few more lively, appear not so qing Leng.

Coat Hoodie 12
Coat Hoodie 13
Coat Hoodie 14
Coat Hoodie 15
Coat Hoodie 16
Coat Hoodie 17
Coat Hoodie 18
Coat Hoodie 19

Gray is qiu Dong season “advanced color”, gray is used in sweater, coat this kind of more downy fabrics especially, advanced feeling is more apparent.

Gray low-key and gentle temperament, so it more suitable to match some of the same low-key color, although it is a versatile color, but with too bright color, will reduce the elegant texture of gray, so, with gray, we usually choose neutral color, or gray color morandi color.

Black hoodie is built inside gray coat, more composed on temperament, the black hoodie that wears a hat also can increase a few fashionable feeling, city feeling and cool feeling.

Coat Hoodie 20
Coat Hoodie 21
Coat Hoodie 22

White hoodie is built inside gray coat, more friendly to yellow skin girl, white wraps around facial ministry, can have the effect that brightens skin color.

Coat Hoodie 23
Coat Hoodie 24

The collocation of dark gray and light gray, it is one of the skill that makes advanced feeling, so, arrive winter, always can see different tonal gray, mix the dress method that builds together, the dress method that this kind fastens with color, very comfortable on the vision, extremely simple not drab.

Coat Hoodie 25
Coat Hoodie 26
Coat Hoodie 27

Gray plaid coat is a big category in plaid coat, most of the plaid coat is based on gray, black, yellow brown, gray plaid coat is more than pure gray, more of a retro temperament.Color matching techniques are indistinguishable from pure gray.

Coat Hoodie 28

The advanced sense of camel is different from gray, which is a kind of cold tenderness, while camel is a kind of precipitation tenderness.

In terms of color matching, camel coats are more inclusive than gray coats. Although gray is a versatile color, it sometimes looks unmatched with bright colors, while camel coats can harmoniously match red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and violet.

Coat Hoodie 29
Coat Hoodie 30
Coat Hoodie 31

Of course, the camel coat is more low-key with neutral shades of black, white and grey.

Coat Hoodie 32
Coat Hoodie 33
Coat Hoodie 34
Coat Hoodie 35
Coat Hoodie 36
Coat Hoodie 37

Camel coat with camel hoodie, the same as gray with color matching, to maintain a certain color difference to show the difference, such a combination is no problem temperament.

Coat Hoodie 38
Coat Hoodie 39

Plaid coats are also becoming more and more popular today. Plaid coats usually use black, gray, yellow and brown as the base colors, and white, light gray or other colors together to form plaid coats.These color plaid coat, usually very versatile, color matching can refer to the base color matching skills.

In addition, for example, a pure gray coat with bright colors is sometimes inconsistent, but gray plaid, if there is a corresponding color stripe in the plaid, so with a hoodie of the same color, it will be more wonderful.

Coat Hoodie 40
Coat Hoodie 41

Black, white and gray are the least distracting interior designs for plaid coats, which don’t steal the show and don’t seem too complicated.

Coat Hoodie 42
Coat Hoodie 43
Coat Hoodie 44
Coat Hoodie 45
Coat Hoodie 46
Coat Hoodie 47
Coat Hoodie 48
Coat Hoodie 49

Winter coat color or more rich, in addition to the most common neutral color and earth color, all kinds of color department used in the coat may be very wonderful.

For example, light pink, light blue, although a warm color and a cool color, but very gentle and romantic, can reduce the age and increase the sense of cuteness.

Coat Hoodie 50
Coat Hoodie 51

Red coat bright and colorful atmosphere, the Chinese New Year or need to prepare a style.The hoodie of neutral color such as black, dark blue, white department is appropriate.

Coat Hoodie 52
Coat Hoodie 53

Various shades of blue are widely used, and different shades of blue show different charm. Light blue is more fresh and soft and lovely, while deep blue is more composed and atmospheric.

Coat Hoodie 54
Coat Hoodie 55
Coat Hoodie 56

Green coat also can not be despised, choose the right green, can let temperament double, but can be more colorful than other colors.Army green and dark green are great colors for winter coats.

Coat Hoodie 57
Coat Hoodie 58
Coat Hoodie 59

Brown and caramel coats, which are darker than camel, are also very popular in winter. They are more low-key in colour and calm in temperament, which are also very versatile in colour.

Coat Hoodie 60
Coat Hoodie 61

Coat + hoodie, can keep warm already, fashionable show temperament again, such combination is enough your beauty go up a winter!


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