These winter clothes, so you can clean them!

Winter Clothing Cleaning Tips

Winter troubles can be said a lot

Don’t want to get up, static electricity, cold don’t want to go out…

But let’s talk about the biggest headache

Than winter clothing is not easy to clean

It’s thick and heavy, and it all goes in the washing machine

Washing out of shape can be annoying

Today, I will teach you a few tips for cleaning winter clothes

You must need it

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The sweater is best washed by hand. If you want to relax, use the gentle mode of the washing machine to reduce tension on the sweater.

Also try to avoid dehydrating with a dehydrator, if necessary, within 30 seconds or so.

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Cleaning steps

(1) After patting the dust, soak it in cold water for 15 minutes, then add washing liquid and gently rub it, then rinse it out.

(2) sweater more easily out of shape, after washing can be put in the net, dry in the shade.


Put in the tea soak 15 minutes can make the sweater does not fade.

(2) wear long deformation of the sweater, can be put into the deformation of 45℃ hot water soaked for 1 hour or so out of the air.

Cashmere clothing

Cashmere clothes must be dry-cleaned or hand-washed at low temperature.Dry cleaning can restore the bright color and rich feel of cashmere. Pay attention to the following aspects when hand washing:

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Cleaning steps

First add special detergent in 29℃ warm water, soak for 10 minutes, then gently rub with water for two or three minutes, then rinse.

(2) squeeze out the water, then use a towel to absorb residual water, flat air.


Add a small amount of conditioner to the water to help protect the soft cashmere.


Cashmere clothes should not be stacked with man-made fibers and should not be in direct contact with any insect repellent.

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Corduroy kind of clothings because contain cloth wool, and easy fade, unfavorable wash together with other dress or soak.

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Cleaning steps

(1) Soak in the clear water first, then put in the warm water below 40℃, add laundry detergent immersion for 10 minutes or so, gently rub and wash with your hands.

(2) when drying avoid exposure to the sun, try to turn the clothes to dry.When drying to half dry, it is best to use a soft brush along the direction of the nap brush a few times, make the nap full and round.


If corduroy accidentally sticks to the paste, wash immediately.If it has been set, it can’t be pulled out hard, which will make the villi fall off. Soak it in warm water and then wash it away.

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Suede clothes

Suede kind clothes are actually suede clothing, their appearance, hand feel and leather suede similar, or even better than it.This kind of clothing has poor wear resistance and is suitable for hand washing.

Cleaning steps

(1) Stir the gentle detergent on the stain, clean with a soft brush.

(2) after washing with a semi-dry wet soft cloth wipe clean, finally with a hair dryer can be dried.


(1) encounter mild stains, can be scattered on the stain baking soda powder, and then brush off with a brush.

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Fur coat

Woolen cloth is a high-grade clothing fabric made of animal hair fiber and artificial wool fiber. Now many people like to wear woolen coat.

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Cleaning steps

(1) Put the soap into the 30℃ water to rub out the soapy water, soak the woolen coat in it, and gently scrub.

(2) After washing the coat spread on the table, with a dry towel to dry dry.


(1) To avoid soap water residue, you can add vinegar in the clear water.

2. Wash darker stains with a small amount of lemon juice.

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Down Jacket

The down jacket basically will be marked with the sign of dry cleaning by all means, because the dry cleaning with potions can affect the warmth of down jacket, also can make the fabric aging.

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Cleaning Steps

Put down jacket into water soak for half an hour, first eliminate the dust stuck on it.

(2) Then add the special washing liquid into 30℃ warm water, put the down jacket into it, soak for about 15 minutes.Rinse well with warm water.

(3) after washing along the lines of both hands to squeeze, hanging to dry.Then gently pat flat, so that the down to restore fluffy.


The down jacket is stained with oil and can be cleaned with toothpaste.

(2) when cleaning, in order to avoid soap residue, can add vinegar in the clear water.

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Keep in mind that you won’t have to worry about washing your clothes this winter.


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