Zara’s new, incomprehensible collections have become “cool” to wear

Zara'a Clothes

Zara, as the leader of fast fashion brands, can become hot style in new styles every season.But in numerous new fund, also always can have so a few “stand out”, let a person call directly “do not understand”!

One of the newest arrivals this winter, When I went to the store, I really didn’t understand how it worked…

‬ today with me have a look at, whether this season and you don’t understand?

Zara Clothes 1

The first glance is attracted by this “jellyfish” like dress, the pompous wave dot net gauze and fine skirt contrast rises, a sense of incongruity comes…

Zara's Clothes 2 1

When I got home, I saw that a friend sent me the upper part of this dress. I regretted not to try it at that time.The upper body is full of expensive retro feeling, slim and slightly flamboyant effect can become the annual meeting dress.

Zara S Clothes 4

I have to say, the ZARA website model pictures are sometimes too confusing.Who would have thought a model would want to show off a gorgeous velvet dress with a square neck?

Zara's Clothes 3

The upper body is simply to thin and tall sisters custom-made, wrap buttock drapey design is very bright spot, square get, a word get to switch at will, outside sets a cashmere coat to be beautiful to fry casually.

In fact, the knitted dress below is very Morandi, and the cut looks very smooth.But the overall gray tone always feels dirty…

Zara S Clothes 6

Later also happened to see the same official website model, really do not understand the long knit skirt with wide boots fashion…

Zara S Clothes 8

But look at the upper part, I can do it again!
Suit the girl with red lip of black hair very much, can highlight cool and cool style more downy and apparent.

Zara S Clothes 9
Zara S Clothes 7

I rushed to ZARA for the rhinestone collection, but I was attracted by the indigo velour skirt hanging like a ‘swimsuit’…

Zara S Clothes 10

The upper body effect is not inferior to the water drill series, the girl with a good figure to try must be able to wear the feeling of a high set dress.

Zara S Clothes 11
Zara S Clothes 11
Zara S Clothes 13

The last one was really the “wool sleeve” that was ridiculed all over the Internet.

Zara S Clothes 14

When I saw it for the first time, I really didn’t know how to match such pieces.No idea, but in fact many European and American bloggers have already started this fashion.

Zara S Clothes 12

Condole belt, skirt of condole belt inside, or slim knit sweater, it is no problem EurAmerican spice style.

Zara S Clothes 15

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