Polar Fleece To The Rescue This Winter

Polar Fleece 1

Leather clothes and pants are handsome, but winter depends on furry pieces when it comes to comfort. Polar fleece made a huge raid on bloggers’ closets last year, and it looks like more people will be going out and wearing it.

Polar Fleece 2

Polar fleece is still one of the items I feel like wearing. Although it doesn’t look very thick, it gives you the courage to wear a belly-revealing outfit inside, soft to the touch. Of course, this is a southerner’s benefit. But it’s more realistic for those in the north to opt for a long fleece coat in the depths of winter.

Solid Color Polar Fleece Coat

Polar Fleece 3

A solid color grain polar fleece coat outfit is relatively easy to wear, making it suitable for lazy people. An example is a brown, a common color. One can just wear a turtleneck underneath.

Polar Fleece 4

If you like to look younger, you can also match a hoodie. However, when you wear a hoodie in winter, the editor suggests adding a turtleneck like the one above. You get to layer your attire with a hoodie that is generally very loose.

Polar Fleece 5

Beige is another popular color. And while it’s not a warm color, it always feels warm and comfortable. It also matches your skin tone.

Polar Fleece 6

Bella really pays attention to matching the color of her polar fleece with the pants. The interior is the same color with the small details on the clothes. The necklace and earrings gave extra points. So even if the style of each item is typical, overall, it looks extraordinary.

Polar Fleece 7

Both she and the blogger above chose brown and tan pieces to match their beige jackets. It’s like seeing milk meet coffee.

Polar Fleece 8

Polar fleece pants are super comfortable. But it can be hard pairing it with other clothing items. And the beaver set is a perfect example.

Polar Fleece 9

Fashionistas like to wear bright colors and refuse to wear dark winter coats. And these bright colors match the character of the polar fleece, perfect for street style.

Polar Fleece 10

Sure, you can have polar fleece in any color, but do try lovely pink and light blue hues. These fleece coats obviously offer a lot of fun.

Polar Fleece 11

It is suitable for the small cute jumping dress style at ordinary times. Polar fleece is paired with leopard print riding pants.

Splice Polar Fleece Coat

Polar Fleece 12

In addition to the conventional ones above, the recent trend is the patchwork style of the polar fleece coat. It comes in different colors and different materials. When mix together, it looks much cooler.

Polar Fleece 13

Try suede material for some contrast. Besides, it provides a glamorous vibe. Feel natural and unrestrained when you pair a polar fleece coat with a leopard grain bag. It shows your fashionable taste.

Polar Fleece 14

Polar fleece and denim go together beautifully, as if the two colors were meant to go together. The lady paired it with jeans, Martin boots, and leopard-print beret. She looked cute and sweet.

Polar Fleece 15

Once a favorite of skateboarding boys and girls, fashion bloggers are starting to wear them outside the catwalks.

Polar Fleece 16

If you think a pure beige polar fleece top is a little run-of-the-grain, opt for a style with a different variation to the zipper and chest. This look will indeed make you look eye-catching.

Polar Fleece 17

A multi-color polar fleece coat can be a bold choice. And more than a few usually dare not wear single bright colors.

Polar Fleece 18

Chessboard style looks cool. The girl wearing it looks confident. Who will not love this design?

Polar Fleece 19

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